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Who is XXXTentacion ? What is XXXTentacion real name ? How old is XXXTentacion ? When did XXXTentacion die ? How did XXXTentacion die ? Who killed XXXTentacion ? Which are XXXTentacion Famous Songs ? What is XXXTentacion Net worth?


Real NameJahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy
BornJanuary 23, 1998, Plantation, Florida, United States
DiedJune 18, 2018, Deerfield Beach, Florida, United States
Cause of DeathMurder
Resting PlaceGardens of Boca Raton Memorial ParkBoca Raton, Florida
ProfessionRapper, Singer, and Songwriter
Partner(s)Geneva Ayala (2014–2016)Jenesis Sanchez (2018)
ChildrenGekyume Onfroy
Net Worth$5 Million


Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy was born on January 23rd of 1998 in Florida. He spent his early life with his grandmother Jones Onfroy. His first encounter with violence started when he stabbed a man who attacked his mother. Tentacion’s music journey initiated via church choir and from school, he was expelled due to his attack on a fellow student.

He was later kicked out of middle school due to his violent behavior again and again. He was not much lucky in pursuing his studies, he was expelled from high school in tenth grade due to his battle with anxiety and depression. In that period, XXX found his passion for rock and nu-metal and started to play guitar and piano as well.  XXXTentacion net worth is around $5 Million when he died in 2018. 


Jahseh Onfroy dated Geneva Ayala, but they later separated because of the rise in conflicts that they had on accusations of assault by XXX.


In 2018, it came out in the news that Jahseh Onfroy was moving into $1.4 million before his death. The house was 6000 square feet and situated in Parkland, Florida, just minutes away from the place he was killed. The residence includes a swimming pool, four bedrooms and includes almost an acre of land. He was busy decorating and renovating his home in his last days. He was building a security fence around the residence, showing that Tentacion knew about the risk. 

Apart from that, Tentacion was also buying at least four homes for his family members before his death. He chose the house for his mother, she shifted in the house after his son’s death. According to Real Estate records, the rapper bought almost four homes in South Florida. All of the homes comprised of three bedrooms, he was killed in 2018 minutes away from his home. 



He released his first song “Gun/Flock” in 2013, he also came in contact with other rappers like Ski Mask the Slump God. He changed his musical name to “XXXTentacion”, meaning “Temptation” in Spanish. He started to release songs on the Sound cloud, Tentacion released his first EP in 2014 called “The Fall” when he formed a collective known as Members only.

He released more music tapes and started to focus keenly on producing heavy music. Tentacion worked on his debut album “Bad Vibes Forever” in 2016 in midst of fighting legal issues. Moreover, the single “Look at Me” in 2017 paved his path to success. He got a jail term that put music on a halt for him, In 2017 and continued to work on his music. He successfully Published more studio albums and music tapes in that respective year.

He began touring with his tour named “The Revenge Tour” in 2017. Again a lot of issues were raised during his tour like a fistfight, stabbings, etc. After he released his debut mixtape “ Revenge”, he launched the music video of “ Loom at Me”. His debut album got triple platinum status, his music is released even after his death.  


  • Moonlight
  • Hope
  • Revenge
  • Numb
  • Falling Down
  • Changes
  • Jocelyn Flores
  • Carry On
  • Guardian Angel
  • Whoa
  • Fuck Love
  • Sad!
  • Bad Vibes Forever
  • Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares


He was an American rapper. XXXTentacion net worth is around $5 Million when he died in 2018. He had a vast following who loved his unique music and voice. His music mostly manifests his depression and suffering to which many people relate as well. Tentacion music was a blend of trap, emo, indie rock, hip hop, nu-metal, and punk rock. 

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Even though he was quite successful in the music industry, he has been trapped in legal issues all his life. It started initially from the juvenile detention center that made him write songs. The continuation of legal issues throughout his career always ends up in prison, time and again. 



In October 2017, it was announced that he signed a $6 million contract. After the news came out about the contract, he canceled the deal without giving any explanation. It was finally revealed that Tentacion had signed a $10 million contract to release his music with a company known as “Empire”. 

After his tragic death in 2018, Tentacion’s half-brother Corey Pack filed a lawsuit against XXX mother Cleopatra Bernard over an estate dispute. He claimed access to the trust fund that Tentacion left behind for Pack and two other family members. Corey wanted to occupy $11 million in terms of damage, his mother Jodi Kanvey filed a lawsuit on his son’s behalf claiming that Bernard withdrew funds from the trust for herself.



As per the claims, Bernard was supposed to receive half of the money, Pack and XXX brother Aiden Kerr had to divide the other half of the money. Canvey accused Bernard of illegally and mysteriously transferring the entire money into her account. They are seeking $33 million in case they prove their claim of transferring money. In the lawsuit, ” ownership rights” are also mentioned, these rights guarantee XXX family members to release his music in the years to come. 


Tentacion’s first stint was in a juvenile detention center for weapon possession, he then keeps on fighting these legal issues throughout his life. After two years, he got arrested for charges of robbery, home invasion, and assault. He got charged with witness modification, increasing battery of a pregnant victim, and false imprisonment. 

Finally, he was released on the alternative of house arrest. A video got viral after being released in which he was hitting a woman in 2013. Afterward, in 2018, the audio was released that shows him confessing about his crimes, domestic violence, and stabbings, etc. The majority of his confessions involved Geneva Ayala, Tentacion girlfriend. She accused him of repetitive abuse, she reported that Rapper tries to commit suicide many times in her presence. 

When he died, people said that Jahseh Onfroy left a division about his role. On one hand, he was an advocate for mental health and depression. On the contrary, he was also accused of abusing and hitting many people without a blink of an eye. In many songs, he confessed to hitting a lot of people.


Jahseh Onfroy lost his life in Florida when two masked men attacked him in 2018. After killing him, they stole his expensive bag with $50000 cash as well. His death caused a huge outrage in the music industry and his fan base.   



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