World Emoji day: From the Covid-19 pandemic to Social Issues, Emojis say it all

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Does a World Emoji day really exist???.. 

New Delhi (Reported): Today is #WorldEmojiDay. Are you wondering about it? But why? Yeah! Such a day do exist. Enjoying this very special day, the whole media is buzzing intensely with all about Emojis. 

What is Emoji?

Emoji is a somewhat depiction of your own feelings befitted in a peculiar art of picture. In other words, an emoji can be defined as a digital form of expression of your feelings.   

Have you ever noticed your chat to be insipid without these digitals?

Yes! It’s true that you may have been noticed it many times. When you chat with someone and don’t use an emoji to disclose your emotions of love, hatred, anger, coolness, and many more. Consider a condition that you are being ferocious on somebody due to any reason or you are having a love feeling! Then how would you describe it? Of course by using a relevant emoji and sending it to the recipient to make him/her feel about you. We can conclude all this by writing a single line that;

“An effective communication in the virtual world of today is totally impractical without these”

Whatever the situation is, either it is a congratulatory message, a festival, happiness, or a condolence message, there is a related emoji always available to you. You don’t need the words anymore!  

How would you deal with the pandemic through emojis?

Emojis have helped you out even in this pandemic of Covid-19. Coronavirus-inspired emojis tends to be a hot favorite on twitter. There’s must be a question in your mind that how the emojis even could help you out by pandemic? Wondering???? Then there’s the answer that ever in lockdown if you are excited to hug someone, you can safely hug your friend by keeping the social distance. That’s what the emojis do for you, #Everywhere and Anytime. 

Google India tweeted on World Emoji Day!

Google India launching an Emoji Kitchen to combine and cook up your favorite Emojis your way!

What to send when you need to send a safe air hug? Launch a new Emoji from Emoji Kitchen by Google India!

This is something reminding a few of us who had to pack in household cleaning washing in between work from home during the lockdown situation. 

What does this Emoji remind of you? You may give your answer

Amul Company posted its excitation about #WorldEmojiDay through twitter!

UN Women’s Twitter tweeted:

The United Nations Women’s Twitter put a highly enriched message on World Emoji Day. It stated, “Happy #WorldEmojiDay. Here are six women issues that you should know about explained in Emojis”. This post covers every aspect ranging from inequality to racism, discrimination, and violence, the tweet expresses it all in a pinch!

Then! What’s your way of celebrating the World Emoji Day?? Since, Thanks to God, It’s an outing day, “Friday”. So, what are you waiting for? Wanna hangout? Immediately plan a fun evening with your friends and family and play a game using emojis. For more fun, you can also paint and draw Emojis with children. 

Here’s wishing you a very blessed #WorldEmojiDay



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