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Ford Bronco 2021, A Mixture Of Nostalgia And Tech By Ford;




Ford Bronco 2021

The arrival of Bronco Family

The Bronco family has finally taken an upturn. They are back with an amazing blending of nostalgia, technology, customization, and functional design by Ford.  After almost 24 years, Ford is back with Ford Bronco 2021. Ford resuscitating the highly developed Bronco 2021 in an ostentatious disclosing run, last Monday on ABC, ESPN and National Geographic.

Video clip of Bronco

Every video clip shows a different member of the Bronco Family. One has Bronco 2-Door, the other has Bronco 4-Door and some have Bronco Sport.

Revealing Ford’s Flagship Series

Ford’s Flagship Series, revealed something Spectacular in the form of Bronco Family. Bronco is the next generation Brand, having a perfect blend of new technologies, digital functioning, and much more. One of the most amazing features of Bronco Family is it has the ability to mapping its way and sharing all those activities and experiences performed by the Bronco Family to others via an app.

Introduction of First Bronco Member

The first member of the bronco Family introduced in 1966, which was a two-door off-roader. It was one of the best discoveries at that time. Now another member came out having powerful ancient qualities with new digital changes that enhance Bronco 2021.

Ford Bronco 2021 have old qualities

All three new members that come to Bronco Family also have qualities of ancient DNA embedded in them, that increase its demand out there. 

Bronco sport

The third member of Bronco Family is Bronco Sport, has smaller in size as compared to others and also very comfortable to use. It is specially designed to drive off-road and also is capable of driving on the highway and streets as well.

Launching of Ford Bronco 2021

Releasing of Bronco 2 and Bronco 4 will start from the year 2021. And they have already started taking reservations also with giving the advantage of over $100 to their customers. They will launch their first model next spring.  One member of the Bronco family, Bronco Sport is going to reach the dealership at the end of this year. All these three members will be constructed at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan.

Price of Bronco 2021

The price of the base model Bronco 2 will be $29,995 and of Bronco 4 will be $34,695. Whereas the price of Bronco Sport will be $28,155, including all other delivery charges also.

There are a lot of hidden things related to Bronco 2, Bronco 4, and Bronco Sport, related to their Basics. Firstly we are going to discuss its basis and then we will move toward its interesting themes including nostalgia, design, customization, and technology.

Basis of Bronco 2 and Bronco 4

Both models have outer steel covering with prominent front suspension. Both have major aims to enhance Control. The main focus is on its Gear, its gear has solid-axle design feature, fitting five locating links to provide complete control off-road and strength. The models come with two possible engines;

  •         2.7-liter V6 ( produce 310 horsepower and 400 lb. -ft. of torque )
  •         2.3-liter four-cylinder ( Produce 270 horsepower and 310 lb.-ft of torque )

While no estimation on gas mileage.

These vehicles are available in

  •         7-speed manual
  •         10-speed Automatic

Ford made Bronco with much advantages, which you may need in your daily life, including

  •         11.6-inch ground clearance
  •         A 29-degree break-over angle
  •         37.2-degree departure angle
  •         Water folding capacity of up to 33.5 inches

Besides all this, Ford designers added something more to be just on the safer side. They added modular steel bumpers, some steel body to protect their outer surfaces, engines, and fuel tanks.

Main Innovation

Ford made an amazing innovation by making tires 35-inch off-road available in Bronco 2 and Bronco 4.

Bronco Sport

Bronco sport is something different from Bronco 2 and Bronco 4. It would be used casually on a daily basis by any common person on highways and on-off streets anywhere you want to go on such a small budget. You can easily take advantage of this as it is kind of a small packet with many advantages.

The Bronco Sport has two main engines, you can use it according to the trim.

  • 2.0-liter engine ( produces 245 horsepower and 275 lb.-ft. of torque )
  • 1.5-liter engine ( produces 181 horsepower and  190 lb,-ft. of torque )

Bronco sport also has paddle shifters with Steering wheels. This Bronco Sport has a big Spaced back in which we can adjust around 2 motorbikes in it. It also has an ability to lift up their gate glass. It has five trim levels,

  •         Base
  •         Big bend
  •         Outer banks
  •         Badlands
  •         First edition

The price of Bronco Sport ranges between $28,155 to $39,995

Ford designed Bronco 2021, having a mixture of old technology from 1966 with the new need for the future generation. It enhances the overall Bronco Family with highly developed Auto machines.


While making bronco Family at another level, ford never fails us to remember ancient bronco in it. Ford uses new technologies while having qualities of that old Bronco.  It reminds us of that Bronco that was discovered in 1966.  Ford is going to sell its new edition of bronco while making the old bronco its base. And this would be an amazing strategy to gain profit in all this.

The 2021 Bronco is very fabulous and designed on the basis of new needs but when you look at its exterior, you will surely miss out on the old Bronco while seeing this new bronco.

The Bronco 2 and Bronco 4 have these qualities that made it perfect for off-roading also.

  •         square proportions
  •         Short overhangs
  •         Wide stance


Here comes the best thing about 2021 bronco. Ford has set up various ways to customize the Bronco 2 and Bronco 4 and even Bronco Sport.

They offered almost seven different versions of Bronco 2 and Bronco 4, based on their color and trim combination. You have also an opportunity to choose a color from the eleven different colors they provide. There would be a limited edition on the launch of Bronco 2021 with a price of almost $35,000. But their ranges will fluctuate according to the trim levels and other options.  The Bronco producers have almost 200 accessories in their factories.

Bronco 2 and bronco 4 come up with different numbers of roof systems.

Bronco 2 models have three standard section roof systems. It has another premium that has four standard sections of the roof system, the extra one is on rear seats and cargo area.

Bronco 4 has an option to remove its roof by unlocking from the interior. The models are also available in the soft or hard roof or with the option of both.

The doors of bronco 2 and bronco 4 have an ability to remove. These doors are designed frameless so that you find no problem while removing it. Bronco 4 has much space to board all four doors in its backspace.

All these opportunities will be according to its price. The highest rate of this would be almost below $60,000.


The main focus of technology is on a four-wheel-drive system, the most favorite thing of the brand’s so-called Terrain Management System.

Ford is offering all Bronco models with a base setup and an advanced system.  The base system uses two-speed electronic shifts on the fly transfer case. It also has an available auto mode that enables the driver to select 2H or 4H.

Bronco 2 and bronco 4 have almost 7 modes to choose while driving off-road,

  •         Normal
  •         Eco
  •         Sport
  •         Slippery
  •         Sand

The other main technology, bronco 2 and bronco 4 come up with the option of mapping their trails and also could be shared with others via the app, either online or offline. It has also an amazing LCD option in it, with 360-degree coverage. It will be helpful for the driver to point out other vehicles without any hurdles.

Ford also added some attachment points to the front where you can place your phone, or other devices you are using during the drive.



The most notable thing about any vehicle is its design. The Automakers of Bronco 2 and bronco 4 have made its design so graceful. It has a trial sight on the front so that you can determine any type of canoes before facing any damage. It also has amazing floor settings.

 Bronco chief designer said about trial sights,

He said,

“You can swap them out or bolt-on extra lights or Go Pros,” Wrath said. And especially if you are shorter, you can simply use them to tell you where the corner of the truck is, which just goes to show that innovation does not always need a microchip.”

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YouTube downloaders are a savior for people who tend to download and save videos. Currently, YouTube is the largest video streaming platform where you can find videos about any aspect. Ranging from the educational videos to the art and craft videos, it is the home to all.

Sometimes, you don’t have an internet connection or you want to listen to a song or listen to a Podcast offline. To overcome that sometimes you have to save and watch the videos offline, many YouTube downloaders came into the arena to solve the problem. 

These downloaders make the process of downloading a YouTube video easiest and convenient.

Here we compile up the best YouTube downloaders that will help you out in choosing the best downloader.

There are many downloaders floating on the internet, many offer the best services. You just have to paste the URL of the video and select the format and the interface will do the rest of the work for you.


Many sites are available that offer to download YouTube videos, but most of them have drawbacks as compared to Desktop software. They are not swift due to remote servers and poor internet connection.

Many irritated ads popped up on the screen and displayed newly downloaded videos thumbnail that is not much necessary.

Apart from that, video converters do not give many options to its users about the video, in terms of specifications. They do not allow multiple videos to download at the same time, and it is quite restricted to save full playlists. Video quality after the download is also questionable as only some support 4k format.


If you are thinking of downloading a YouTube video, you should know that it is forbidden to download videos from third-party apps as per YouTube terms and regulations.

YouTube allows video streaming directly from its servers; you can also encounter copyright infringement issues. Downloading a video is only allowed if you own the video yourself or it is in the public domain or you asked permission from the owner himself.

That being said, it is recommended to convert videos that are copyright free and do not violate the rules and regulations. YouTube rules also come under the US Copyright law, which means any person who watches it, has to abide by the law. 

According to United States Law, any sort of converting and downloading of content whether it is mp3 or mp4 is not permissible. Here we are talking specifically about the copyrighted content, a lot of content is also available that is copyrighted and you can freely download those videos.



The first on our list is a 4k downloader, known about its versatility and user-friendly interface. It is easy to use, fuss-free, and does not include any extra software; users are not interfered with by irritating ads either.

It can convert and download 24 videos at the same time and it adjusts the video resolution to 4k by itself where it is possible.

Select the video which you have to download, copy the video URL and paste it in the software and further choose the format, quality, and location for the video to be saved.

Many format options are available for both mp3 and mp4 and you can also download captions for the videos as well. 4k downloader not only supports YouTube but other video streaming websites too.

Although the paid version offers to download more videos and with better quality, the free version has all the features that anyone can ask for in a YouTube downloader.

Operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux

Key Features:

Multiple formats are available

Playlists can be downloaded

4k video downloader supports 3D and 360-degree videos as well

Supports multiple servers


WinX YouTube downloader is occupying the second spot on our list. The interface is user friendly and easy to use, it supports other video hosting sites such as Vimeo, Daily Motion, and Facebook, etc too for the video downloading. The process is quite simple, you just have to paste the URL of the desired video and then select the format and output quality, and the video is all set to be downloaded. 

Now the prominent feature of this downloader is that you can select the videos at once and then press the download button, all the selected videos will be processed at once and saved to the location of your choice. 

It can download the video in 4k when available; the only downside to WinX YouTube downloader is that it does not offer the option to download videos in a 3D and 360-degree format.

Operating system: Windows, macOS


Supports almost 30 video streaming sites

Multiple videos can be downloaded

Offers 4k resolution


No 3D and 360-degree format available


Any video converter makes it on to our list because it is one of the best free YouTube downloaders, as its name indicates that it supports multiple video streaming websites apart from YouTube. 

There are many format options available; it offers about 60 input formats to the desired output format. The process of downloading a video is not that difficult and it also has in-built software that can be used to edit or crop the video, adjust any color changes, and add any text, etc.

The whole process is fuss-free, some people may not like the interface but it serves the purpose quite accurately. The only drawback is that it just allows downloading of a single video at a time, apart from that this downloader is free and good to go.

Operating system: Windows, macOS


Supports various formats

Availability of built-in video editor


Extra software

Only one video at a time can be downloaded


Free YouTube download is another amazing downloader with a simple and compatible user interface. Paste the URL of the desired video and paste it in the interface, the video will be downloaded in just a couple of clicks. It makes things easy by providing an “auto-download option” that makes it more hassle-free to download a video.

It offers to download multiple YouTube videos into various formats. Availability of the formats depends on the quality of the video but generally, AVI, MP4, and MKV are there to choose from. If you do not want to watch a video, you can also convert the video into an Mp3 version.

The only drawback to this YouTube Downloader is that it just grabs clips that are not more than three minutes long, this mostly cuts out the music videos from the start. 

Operating system: Windows, macOS


Auto-download option

It can shut down the device after the downloading finished

Supports Batch downloading


Less than three-minute video limit


It is one of the most recommended YouTube video downloaders because it downloads videos swiftly and in an efficient manner. Apart from YouTube, this fantastic downloader also supports other video hosting sites.

Some adware bounds appear when you first start the installation, make sure to hit the cancel option, and then decline on the adware. After declining those ads, you are free to use this site to download your favorite videos.

The procedure is easy as well, just paste the URL of the video and select the options and the video will be downloaded. Videos can be converted to a number of formats that you can watch on any device. aTube Catcher offers to download multiple videos at once by widening the bandwidth; that feature is not available in all of the free YouTube downloaders. Some extra options as resizing the video or on-screen recording are also present. Overall, this YouTube downloader is a good one considering all the perspectives.

Operating system: Windows


Automatic conversion of the file

Supports Batch Downloading

Converts videos into several formats


Adware in the installer



This article is solely for the informational purpose and we do not support or endorse downloading copyright videos in any way that is in violation of YouTube’s rules and regulations. To abide by the rules, before downloading the video that is not in the public domain, take permission from the owner to download the videos in a legal way and without violating any rules.

Many people are downloading the videos and converting them into the desired format nowadays. For that purpose, it is essential to know about the pros and cons of some of the best YouTube video downloaders that are present on the top of the list. This article will help you out in choosing the best YouTube downloaders, compare the specifications of different downloaders, and choose what is best for you and serves the purpose right.

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Microsoft is one of the best running software of all time and has given a number of services over time like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Teams, and many more of well-designed programs like these to facilitate people officially as well as academically. It was initially designed and introduced by the Microsoft Corporation, and later on, in Las Vegas on August 1, 1988, Bill Gates announced it at COMDEX.

As far as the windows provided by Microsoft office are concerned, they are by far the most used and popular software typically used in PCs. It has launched many versions of windows for PCs including Windows 1-10 and the upgraded series of the. The working of it is promising and very efficient. Microsoft Office also offers a variety of apps for Androids and iOS. 


Microsoft office has been launching many windows over the years and that too good quality ones. Recently they released Windows 10, which is an upgraded version of the previous windows. Windows 10, without a shadow of a doubt, is of the most geniously coded software of all time and it comes with a broad variety of interesting features. Though the window has some built-in features and could benefit your computer in many ways, it still slows down your PC on several occasions.

Possible Reasons Behind Slow Functioning Of Windows 10:

Despite the great qualities of Windows 10, the computer could still slow down at times. The suspected reason behind the poor function and your PC lagging could be Bloatware Software that is pin packed with so many files and contents that it results in slowing down the whole functioning of your computer.

Another reason could be unnecessary and heavy files stored on your PC. This could easily lower the speed of the computer because of too much usage of storage space. Sometimes too many files can also do the same even if they are not heavy.

And the third possible reason could be low-quality hardware which are not as powerful to support the good functioning of your Computer. If the hardware is strong enough, they somewhat maintain the speed of the PC but in the case of low-quality ones, the functioning of the computer and windows is compromised.


Now when it comes to resolving these issues, there are many ways to do so. Some of them include decluttering and updating your device now and then. Good quality hardware can also help out in improving the speed. Right now we are going to discuss some of the best software available in the market to overcome this issue.

1. Driver Genius 20 Platinum (Price: $59.99):

The first software that is very effective and good according to the reviews is Driver Genius 20 Platinum. It is not as cost-friendly but has promising functions. Its primary function is to detect some of the best hardware available and check if your PC has the best and suitable one or not. The most convenient part of it is that the user doesn’t have to put much effort as it will do all the work for them.

2. Iolo System Mechanic (Price: $49.95):

This one helps in resolving the second issue, which was of bloatware and junk. It declutters all the junk and unnecessary files that are stored on your computer. It automatically clears out all the logs, browsing history, and RAM. It also helps in maintaining the privacy of the user. The software is cost-effective for the customer as it provides so many services.

3. IObit Uninstaller Pro (Price: $19.99):

IObit Uninstaller Pro is very useful in keeping a track of the software that has been installed in your windows. It also makes sure if the correct software is installed on your PC in the beginning. Another one of its abilities is to shred unnecessary documents. This one is the most cost-friendly and effective and users can easily afford it.

All these software are the ways to improve the speed of Windows 10, or for a matter of fact, any other windows and also help in improving the function of your computer.


Like software, there are many other ways that you could imply on a daily basis to improve the speed of your Windows 10. These ways are tested and proven ways that help you improve the functioning of your computer and windows.


The first most effective way is to restart your PC, which sounds like a simple and known step because we think that everyone does that but in reality, many people don’t focus on this aspect and leave their device on for days or weeks sometimes, which badly affects the speed of their Windows. Windows in this case, will go on a sleep mood but the tabs or apps that the user has been using will keep running even if the Windows are on a sleep mode.

This can highly destroy the speed and efficacy of your windows. But this problem can be easily avoided and solved if you religiously shut down your PC when you are done with your work. Believe me, it is not a lot of work! Also, this little detail may help you improve the speed of your PC. If you haven’t been doing this and the speed of your windows is severely lagging to the point that it is not even displaying the menu bar for you to shut it down, then turn it off manually.


The word update is self-explanatory itself and you all are quite familiar with the concept of updating your devices now and then. As we discussed earlier, Windows 10 comes with many built-in features that also include the release of the newest updates in it.  They are usually provided in the ‘check for updates’ section of the Windows settings. 

In case of the poor performance of your computer, just look for an update and start updating your PC which will help to fix bugs and viruses that are creating these issues. But before going for a big update, make sure to save all the important files you have on your computer, or maybe transfer them to a USB just in case. During the process, the PC will automatically restart a number of times to provide all the updates. So make sure to update it if you haven’t done that in a while.


In many cases, the software or installers command their PC to automatically start running different apps and programs when it’s turned on. These running programs can affect the speed of your windows and computer because the device is not given the appropriate amount of time to settle down on starting.

This problem can be fixed by doing some alterations in your startup settings. Just simply open your ‘Startup’ settings in the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del). From there for the ‘Startup Impact’ option and ‘Disable’ the activation of the apps you want to logging in. This will automatically improve the speed of your PC.


Moving on to the next step towards improving the speed of your windows. Another way is to clear all the junk from your computer that includes all the unnecessary files, pictures, videos, thumbnails, etc. To do so, just go on the Windows’ built-in option, ‘Disk Cleanup’. After clicking on this option, you will have to select the files you want to remove or delete. Select them and then click on the option ‘Clean Up System Files’.

This will help you improve the speed as well as free up so much space. Also, you will be able to download many important files, that you couldn’t before because of no storage space that was initially occupied by useless files.


In many instances, there is additional software installed in the PC that the buyers are not aware of. This software tends to be of very large size and they cover most of the space. Also, many users install a number of software that they do not use at all. This unnecessary software also covers up a lot of space and as a result lower the speed of windows and computers. 

In order to fix this issue, simply open up your install apps by clicking on ‘Control Panel’> ‘Programs’> ‘Programs and Features’> ‘Uninstall a Program’. This will help you to select the app or program of your choice you want to delete.


Windows 10 has a lot of built-in features and effects that come with it on installing it. Some of these extra effects are very useful in many ways, while the others are just a fancy addition that only contributes in lowering the speed, occupying large storage space, and make the battery run out relatively quickly. 

By disabling these effects, the speed of the windows will improve a lot, and do so just click on the ‘System’ in the menu bar. From there select ‘Advanced Settings’ where you will see a subcategory, ‘Performance Settings’, click on it and select the option ‘Visual Effects’, where you will see the ‘Custom’ option. Click on that and then go on selecting the effects you want to disable.


One of the other features of Windows 10 is the ‘Transparency effect’. This feature does not seem as complicated when in reality it increases the work of your windows and device by two times. Most people are unaware of the fact that this feature contributes to lowering the speed of your PC.

To eliminate this problem, the best option is to simply disable this effect. It can be done by opening the menu bar and searching the ‘Make Start, Taskbar, and Action Center Transparent’. By clicking on it you will see the ‘Color’ settings, and from there you can disable this specific feature. This will for sure improve the speed of your windows by decreasing the load of work.


RAM is the virtual memory of your PC, and if it has enough space and storage, it will help your Windows 10 and device run more efficiently without slowing down. And to run smoothly, Windows 10 has the requirement of at least 4GB. If the specified space is not available, the speed of the windows will automatically slow down.

To avoid this issue, you can either free up some space or install more RAM in your PC so that the windows can work properly. There are other slots built inside to install more RAM. By going to the ‘taskbar manager’ and clicking on the ‘Performance’, you can easily find out what type of RAM is your computer offering. You can install the RAM by yourself by taking certain precautions or you can get it done by professionals at an affordable price.


SSD cards are a very profitable investment as they allow you to perform your tasks ten times faster than the typical hard drive does. It is similar to a USB with flash memory and is expensive, but once you buy them, they can be of great use for a long time and will also increase the speed of your windows.

While buying one, make sure to keep in mind the right size of it and you can easily install it by yourself.


This is another aspect of making your windows work ten times faster than normal. Windows 10 comes with the special feature of system maintenance, which helps in keeping a track of all the viruses and fixes the problem if there is one in your computer. 

To initiate the system maintenance in order to improve the speed and function of your windows and computer, select ‘System and Security’ in the ‘Control Panel’. Then click on ‘Security and Maintenance’ and choose the option ‘ Start Maintenance’ for its sub-categories. The system maintenance will start and will improve and fix all the problems, resulting in increased Windows 10 and PC speed.

Did this article help you in improving the speed of your Windows 10 and PC?

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Google Adds DuckDuckGo As A Search Option





Google adds DuckDuckGo

Google is always found in inventing more advanced engines. Google has just enlarged the list of default search engines in an update to the chromium engine. Chromium engine powers the popular Chrome Browser of Google.  It gives its users more choice and approach when deciding how they want to search the things and explore the world. 

Google, the search giant has just multiplied its list of search engines to include more appealing options to its users such as increased privacy-focused search engines such as DuckDuckGo in over 60 global markets. 

Google has introduced DuckDuckGo for privacy seekers!

The changes that have done are the parts of the Chromium 73 stable release. It could help Google counter backlash over escalating privacy and antitrust scrutiny from governmental agencies. DuckDuckGo’s location services were handled and powered by Apple Maps later on. 

Through DuckDuckGo you can search anonymously and can access the required information and search instantly. It is the best option for people who are privacy seekers. 

A significant number of governments have started questioning many companies. They have been asking them that how these companies and other tech giants make it difficult and hard for smaller and developing businesses to compete at a larger scale on the ground by adding rival search products to its browser. On the other hand, Google being the largest search engine is showing its willingness to foster the competition in the space. 

Privacy-Focused Search Engines:

 Google is paying the utmost attention to the development and the advancement of the privacy-focused engines. It is because there are hackers and malware all around to destroy the public’s privacy and access. That’s why Google has added support for a substantial number of search engines e.g. DuckDuckGo. 

C:\Users\Daima Rajput\Downloads\1552535628_shutterstock_1121155649-1.jpg

DuckDuckGo is likely the most popular and renowned new addition as the privacy-focused search engine. It has gained a huge concentration and attention in recent months. Flow towards the popularity and increased usage of DuckDuckGo is the result of its increased privacy options. That’s the reason, why the people have started to use it more than ever as they have begun to value their privacy more.

Moreover, the French Search Engine “Qwant” has also been added as a new option to the search engine but only in its home country. 

Many changes have been made in the default Chromium engine just to enhance the privacy of the users. According to note about the changes made to the default chromium search engine lists on GitHub. 

The list of Search Engines was updated as a result of newly collected data and statistics!

Orin Jaworksi, who is Google Software engineer, explained that the list of the search engines was updated as a result of “recently collected data” and the “newly gathered usage statistics”. 

Google is struggling to advocate a more private search for its users. By providing the users with more comprehensive choices over which search engine they use, Google is shielding itself from the grown regulation while simultaneously helping to provide more and improved privacy. 

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