Wizards end Pacers: clinched No.8 seed in playoffs, send Indian for packing

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The home team Washington Wizards not only win all three games but also wholly dominated the pacers who have completed their first-ever-play-in tournament and sadly it turns out feeble. Wizards reached the championship for the first time since 2018 by beating the Indian Pacers with an incredible 142-115 victory.

Wizards end Pacers

Bradley Beal and Russell Westbrook lead the wizards by scoring  19 combined assists and 43 points collectively. The most important thing about their game was their performance on the NBA’s most beneficial shots. 

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Against Boston, Washington scored 72 points in the paint and after shooting only 3 of 21 from behind the arc. On Thursday they made 50 percent of their 3-pointers in shooting 14 of 28 from long range.

On Tuesday they likely would have broken the record Indiana set for most points in a play-in game with 144.

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Pacers attempt to pick the pieces of a disappointing season and will now have to look at what went wrong both in the season and game. From 2015 pacers have not missed the playoffs, but they will rebound to the lottery and will make effort to reclaim the magic that they had made in the previous five seasons. Pacers have a long way to go, tonight’s performance has proven this.

For Nate Bjorkgren:

Before the play-in round, Nate Bjorkgren’s seat was already hot. Numerous reporters reported that he is struggling hard to build team relationships among players and also with them. But the journey of playoffs should prove that his basketball wisdom was worthy of a second chance next season. 

Under Bjorkgren pacers have played well. They have deal with countless injuries, but it is sure that tonight they will defense will going well against Myles Turner.


Who will play against Joel Embiid?

For a matchup against Embiid’s 76ers having three playable centers isn’t the worst thing. Apparently, you are going to need all 18 of those fouls against him. But balancing Robin Lopez, Alex Len, and Daniel Gafford continues to be a challenger for Scott Brooks in the playoffs. One of the most important attributes a team can have is confidence in its identity. They need to know how best they can perform.

The positive thing about this tournament that the playoff field undoubtedly motivated teams down the stretch to remain ambitious rather than tank.  Teams that make it into the play tournament actually deserve to be there.



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