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As the UK’s summer version got canceled in 2020 due to the Global pandemic of Covid-19, Australia’s version of the show Love Island kept us happy playing the 2018’s repeat, which originally aired in 2018. However, it had the Love Island fans glued to their screens eager to find out who would win the series this year. 

The Couple who won and their Prize:

The young couple, Tayla Damir and Grant Crapp seemed to be smitten when crowned the winners of Love Island Australia 2020 on 14th July 2020. The fans of the show were immensely surprised that the couple beat the finalists, Eden and Erin. 

The show shared a post on Instagram with the announcement of the winner, the second place and the third place with the caption: 

“Series one of Love Island: Australia= done and what a series it’s been! #LoveIslandAu”

Similar to the UK’s version of Love Island, the winner couple each chooses an envelope. However, one of the envelopes is completely empty while the second one has money in it. Whoever gets the $50,000 cheque in their envelope gets asked the question “Love and money” which means they get to choose if they want to split their money with their partner or just keep it for them. 

Tayla received the cheque and of,  chose,  both Grant and Tayla received $25,000.

Their Journey on Love Island:

Love Island Australia has been an emotional roller-coaster for all its fans and the most dramatic dating show on television, where the contestants live on a Villa and undertake a series of challenges to win the competition and find the love of their life. 

After a couple of episodes, Grant seemed to have fallen in love with Tayla and proposed her to be his Girlfriend, organizing a beautiful romantic skit on the show. Tayla was unable to hold back her tears as Grant proposed her with a commitment ring and a drink he made himself. The romantic gesture left no eye dry including Grant’s. 

They both had  toa long-way since their first day on the Villa as Tayla said, “When we both coupled up we were completely different people…and I knew I liked Grant when I got the tummy flutters.”

Grant Crapp accused of having a Secret Girlfriend whilst he was on a show:

The Beauty queen, Tayla Damir broke up with the 22-year-old Grant after she found out that he had a “secret” girlfriend prior to his appearance on the raunchy dating reality show. This whole time, he was in a relationship with his current girlfriend Lucy Cartwright claiming he was a single man. 

The drama began to sharpen,  the series wrapped up, Tayla found text messages from his “ex-girlfriend” on his phone claiming they are not in contact anymore. He was accused that he entered the show solely for the purpose of promoting his new clothing line which was managed by Lucy, his so-called ex.  Tayla told TheFix saying:

I finally got the answer that was the truth, he was on there to promote himself and he did have a girlfriend who was running his business while he was inside the Villa.”

The fans were quick to comment on the drama, “Grant we were hoping this wasn’t true about your girlfriend but looks like it is. Disappointed☹” and asking if they were together before the official split up. 

Sounding heartbroken, Grant revealed “Firstly, I didn’t think it was over and when I saw that…what are you going to do?” after he saw the post on Instagram that Tayla put revealing that the relationship is over. 

Grant Statement and Current Girlfriend:

Grant has claimed that he was single and they were never “official” as they both broke-up before he went on the show and now that Tayla and he broke-up, he picked off things where he left.

Lucy and Grant have been together ever since and have been posting loved up pictures on their social media and Instagram account with one another.



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