Trump’s former adviser Bannon arrested in charge of defrauding in border wall fundraising campaign

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Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon, the former adviser of President Donald Trump was recently arrested by the Police in the case of fraud he is doing from the border wall’s fundraising campaign. Steve Bannon was very close to Donald Trump as he supported trump in all ways and advise many new things to trump when he was in need. After all, this, when trump came to know about his defrauding work, he showed a great sadness on this point as he was among one of the loyal persons to the Donald trump. 

Steve Bannon with his Partners

Not only the former advisor, Steve Bannon but also his three companions were also with him in all defrauding in border wall fundraising campaign.  They all were charged by the New York Federal prosecutor.

They illegally stole money from the funds they are using to make the wall of the border. The formation of this wall is started privately with the approval of Donald Trump and his adviser Steve Bannon.

From which Steve Bannon started to take money from the fund they are using to make this wall of the border illegally. In the charge of which he was arrested with his three partners on Thursday Morning at 7 am near Westbrook, Connecticut on the Yacht of exiled Chinese Dissident Guo Wengui. 

During the Hearing of Court

During the first hearing of court, he was set to free on bail with the $5 million bonds to be secured by $1.75 million in cash or real property. Besides all this, he is also able to use his private helicopters to go outside the country or for any other purposes. 

The appearance of Steve on Video call

Steve Bannon appeared on the video call with a white mask on his face, a down button shirt, and a sunburn. As he moved outside the federal courthouse, he removed his white mask from his face to wave his supporter in his surroundings before handling the reporters there.

Steve Defended Himself

All these four men including the former advisor of Donald Trump, Steve Bannon was starting to defend themselves by saying that they are making this wall on their personal expenses and they used that hundred of dollars for the sake of making this wall of the border. They used that money to fulfill the requirements in the formation of that border wall. They all defended themselves very well by saying all this. 

Brian Kolfage, founder of We Built The Wall

Brian Kolfage, who was the founder of the organization, We built the wall was also among those persons who were arrested yesterday in defrauding case. Kolfage is the air force veteran who lost both legs in 2004 during a rocket attack.

According to the reporters, it was said that Kolfage used almost $350,000 on his personal expenses including cosmetic surgery, a golf cart, payment towards the boat, jewelry, personal tax payments, and credit card debts from the fund they would have to spend on making this border wall. 

Steve Bannon, Brian Kolfage, along with the two companions named Timothy Shea who used many dollars in money laundering and Andrew Badolato all were arrested in this case on Thursday morning. Brian Kolfage, Andrew Badolato, and Timothy Shea had not given any kind of statement on Thursday immediately in this case. 

Trump feeling sad about this incident

Trump was feeling sad about all this happening incident. He said I feel very sad about this. Trump also explained that Steve Bannon was serving the trump from the start of his Government in August 2017. He further said that he was not aware of anything about this defrauding done by his former adviser including three other people. 

Investigation of Phone Records

Investigators checked the phone and messages record of Steve Bannon in which it was clearly showed that Kolfage was taking his monthly salary of about $100,000. And apart from this big amount Kolfage would be paid another $20,000 in a month. And that was all according to the secret deal done among these two. 

In October 2019

In October 2019, Steve Bannon and Kolfage started to keep their behavior secret when they came to know that the We built the wall is going to be under the federal criminal investigation. After this, Kolfage and steve started to use the option of encrypting messages on their phone to hide all their frauds. Kolfage apparently seemed that he was not taking any salary or other bonus and he showed that his pay would be stated from January 2020. They started to exchange money with each other secretly with no proof. 

Steve Bannon with Trump

Bannon was once the most closed person of the Trump with whom trump used to discuss his every matter regarding government in the white house as a powerful adviser. But then in 2017 August Trump expelled him from his white house. Bannon helped trump in running his government campaign a lot and he remained with the trump through every thick and thin situation faced by Trump’s government.

Before joining as the adviser of trump white house, he was the former executive chairman of Breitbart, a website giving news headlines. But after leaving the Trump Campaign he again went to the Breitbart but then again he left the Breitbart in 2018. 

We built the wall project

We built the wall project which is founded by the Kolfage, is now taking the attention worldwide after collecting millions from the GoFundCampaign, all over the world. They also launched the wall project in New Mexico and Texas. Both projects were constructed while using the private land which helped them to remain outsight the government so far.



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