Top 10 Popular Indian TikTok Stars- Updated List 2020:

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Tiktok is a famous social media app and surprisingly, many people are making millions through it. This application has given every user a platform to express themselves by creating short clips and share it with their fans and friends. 

Before being named TikTok, the app was named but after being owned by the Chinese Parent ByteDance, all the accounts were automatically transferred to Tiktok.

The app has gained worldwide popularity over the past few years and is one of the most downloaded applications from PlayStore

Tiktok has spread its platform worldwide and it has also ventured into different languages. It’s not only popular amongst the youngster but even middle-aged and oldies have grown fond of using it.

Many users earn millions through the app on a daily basis by creating interesting content and they may not have a fan base like other actors or actresses but they are no less than celebrities. They have a world of their own.

Talking about India, here is a list of the top and highest-paid Indian Tiktokers as of 2020:


Riyaz Aly :

Followers- 27 million

Riyaz Aly is a popular Indian Tiktoker star with the main USP being his hair. He is also a fashion blogger, actor, and model. He is quite famous among his followers and fans. He started his career in 2017 by posting videos on Instagram and later gained immense popularity with his Tiktok videos. He has been featured in many music videos including “Yaari hai” (2019), “Superstar” (2020), and more.


Nisha Guragain:

Followers- 21.7 Million

This Tiktok sensation comes at second when it comes to the most followed Indian Tiktokers. The stunning Nisha Guragain is a rising star and is well-known for posting video content on TikTok. She got everyone’s attention after uploading lip-syncing clips and went viral. TikTok is quite famous on Instagram as well. 


Arishfa Khan:


Arishfa Khan is not only a Tiktoker but also a popular Indian Actor and model. The gorgeous star started her career as a child actor in 2012. After that, she appeared in numerous TV serials and played many roles. 

She has a popular YouTube channel on which she posts content related to fashion tips and beauty vlogs. Arishfa is famous for dancing and making lip-syncing videos on social media. Her song “Yaara” went viral on YouTube and now has 123 million views there. 


Awez Darbar:

Followers- 21.4 Million

The founder and the creator of the Ace production company, Awez Darbar is one of the most famous Tiktokers in India. His stylish persona and amusing talent made him the star of the show. He is social media influencers with millions of active followers on all his social media accounts and is primarily known for his dancing skills and saucy looks. 


Jannat Zubair:

Followers- 20.3 Million

Jannat Zubair Rahmani is a famous social media influencer and a TikTok star. She debuted in 2009 as an Indian actress and is a well-known television and film star. The stunning beauty gained massive recognition through Colors TV’s “Phulwa” in 2011 and was rewarded as the best youngest actress. 

She is involved with many brands and is very famous for posting dancing videos on TikTok.


Avneet Kaur:

Followers- 18.1 Million 

This stunning face is not only known on Tiktok but also on Instagram. This gorgeous actress and model has been a part of many television shows including “Dance Ke Superstars” and “Jhalak Dikhla Jaa

She also worked in SAB Alladin with Siddarth Nigam recently. The Tiktoker is well- known on Instagram for posting alluring and glamorous photographs leaving her fans in awe. 


Garima Chaurasia:

Followers- 17.5 Million

Garina Chaurasia is a Tiktok star and social media personality with millions of active fans and followers. The star is also known as Gima Ashi and Rugima on social media. She is known for her video “Bahut Hard Girl”. Garima along with her friend created a video on Emiway Bantai’s Machayenge song that took the internet by storm and got viral.

 She is also an Indian model and her social media is filled with alluring yet stunning photographs.


Sameeksha Sud:

Followers- 16.2 Million

Sameeksha has not only taken over the Tiktok world but is also a famous Indian model and actress. She has portrayed many roles in TV serials throughout her career and gained massive popularity due to her comedic skills and entertaining persona.

The gorgeous Tiktoker debuted in 2012 and is known for her dance and lip-syncing videos on social media. It is safe to assume that this stunning beauty earns decently given her popularity across many major digital platforms.


Lucky Dancer:

Followers- 14.9 Million

This handsome 18- year-old hunk is a famous Indian Tiktoker, actor and a model. He is active on various social media platforms and has gained a massive following at a young age. His real name is Arhan Khan.

He is a professional freestyle dancer and creates many dancing videos that have got viral. He has created a lot of Duets with Arihfa Khan and there is a rumor that the two might be in a relationship. He is also known for his quirky and fascinating hairstyles.


Manjul Khattar:

Followers- 13 Million:

Manjul Khatter is an actor, model, and famous Tiktoker also known as the “Male Crush of India”. In just a few years, this handsome hunk has gained massive popularity on his social media. He is a well-known YouTuber and his songs “Rits Badiani Mujhe Kaise” and “Pata Na Chala” have over 137 Million views on YouTube proving his popularity.

His comedic style, singing, and expression have made him a star.



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