Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2021

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Lonely Planet has released its annual Top 10 Countries To Visit for 2020 and with the current state of travel, we’ve extended it to include 2021. The list this time focuses on ranking their best destinations by focusing on sustainability and the respective countries’ positive commitments to the environment. Scroll through the list below and see how many of the list you still need to knock off when travel is back on!


On track to become the world’s first 100% organic nation by the end of 2020, Bhutan takes the top spot. Covered in rich pine forests that guard monasteries hiding deep in the hills and with hikes along breathtaking mountain trails, this is the perfect destination for any nature lover. Also unmatched, is the influence of Buddhist beliefs, which leaves makes nearly every tourist who visits Bhutan being left with an almost sacred aura.


You don’t think this looks like England? Think again. As the ‘English Coastal Path’ continues to be completed, with a full walk of 3000+ miles confirmed, this is going to become the longest trail in the world, and with views like this, how could you turn down the opportunity? Sometimes the old favorites continue to throw surprises.

North Macedonia

After decades of a political dispute with neighboring  Greece, North Macedonia has finally transitioned to becoming its own country with a makeover to match. If you’re after an authentic Balkan experience (with some of the best meals of your life), this really is the 2020 destination for you.


Aruba, also known as ‘Sunrise City’ is bursting with color and culture through its range of festivals that bring the place to life. Trying to work out which is the best palm to lay under, as you enjoy the breathtaking white sands which surround the country is also probably going to be your biggest worry. Aruba could be described as the perfect place to sit back and relax.

Eswatini (Swaziland)

After recently being renamed as the Kingdom of Eswatini, this country has traditionally been one of Southern Africa’s least visited countries. However, with a brand new international airport now operational, Eswatini is now able to provide visitors with an unmatched wildlife experience, including face-offs with rhinos (among others).

Costa Rica

Is sustainability your thing? If so, you’ve found the place that promotes the very essence of sustainable tourism. It is also the obvious choice for the thrill-seeking type, as a zip-line over idyllic waters and a range of volcano hikes are the main attractions. You should also get a sloth spot for a bit of fun.

The Netherlands

This world-renowned country is about to mark its 75th anniversary of gaining freedom post World War 2, which means there is about to be a massive set of celebrations across the country. With an advanced train network, anyone can get around all the ‘must-see’ spots in no time at all. The Netherlands is also set to host the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, which should have any music lover entirely convinced to book a trip.


Hosting a range of Africa’s leading surf spots, this proud nation is home to a number of unspoiled beaches and its famous Sapo National Park, which is the second-largest primal rainforest in the Western African region. Make sure you also check out Liberia’s native animal, the Pygmy Hippo.


After recently having Marrakesh crowned as Africa’s first Capital of Culture this year, it’s not surprising that this magical destination is starting to develop a bit of a cult following. This northern African country is bursting with picturesque landscapes, rich heritage, and lively getaways such as surfing and yoga. It’s also been unprecedented in becoming the continent’s first nation to launch high-speed trains, making domestic travel that much easier.


If you’re still tossing up which country to visit in South America, then start of the decade on your best foot by heading to this vibrant country which skirts the Atlantic ocean and is bursting with personality and breathtaking landscapes. Uruguay also has an underrated wine industry and has recently legalized weed.



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