Titan’s Taylor Lewan goes berserk, chugs beers, and gets shirtless at the Predators game

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For Nashville, Predators city is going wild during the 2021 playoffs. Taylor Lewan was the ultimate hype man for Predators in the first round of the fourth game.

Last night during the second period Predators wins over the Hurricanes in double time. Titan’s celebration was an inspiration for the Nashville crowd when he quickly Wynne up and chugs beers and gets shirtless.At Bridgestone Arena, Lewan was seen with his wife and daughter. He got a loud ovation from the crowd as he was rocking Nashville gear.

While holding his daughter Lewan was looking domesticated and saluted the crowd. In 2018 Lewan chugged beers from a catfish now he repeated his style of celebration as the Predators Twitter account caught.

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Everyone was enjoying this incredible stuff from Lewan except one.

His daughter, Wynne didn’t like this. Lewan tweets while going back home his daughter doesn’t like this and compliant him about getting wet. In a tweet, this can be seen.

In 1998-1999 the catfish tradition started as a Nashville version of how Detroit REd wings fans throw an octopus on ice for good luck. Predators change this custom with a twist after the national anthem throwing catfish a local product. When the Predator wins.

As he started, a fan also throws a can towards it, Lewan caught this open and crushed it and the crowd gets more excited, in resulting he gets more cheers from the crowd.



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