Tiger Woods is at Ease and is in Contention After Give Up

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Tiger Woods unlocked his first round at the testimonial tournament with two birdies on his first three holes. He is about five strokes off the pioneer, Tony Finau.

After his round on Thursday, Woods said with a broad smile, “It’s been a while. I felt the same eagerness, edginess, and nervousness. And it was good. I was a little rusty, but overall it was a good start.”

Dublin Ohio stated-while playing his first hole on the PGA (Professional Golfs’ Association) tour, Tiger woods wrecked a driver 327 yards off the tee on Thursday. Moreover, he struck his approach shot from 145 yards to within 10 feet and then descended a curling, downhill birdie putt. 

He went out of the green with a confused impression that assumed to say it: What? Is it assumed to be such hard?

The comeback of Tiger Woods was a pleasure to him!

After that, two holes later, he started it again hitting a wedge shot from 107 yards that dropped down on a nefariously figured green and stopped 13 inches from the hole for another birdie.  Woods has been back to work after 5 months cut off due to the Covid-19 pandemic. His comeback was about 45 minutes old and two under par.  

The remaining day was not the prance at all to the top of the leaderboard at the testimonial Tournament, where the woods have been a champion for five times. But anyhow, still, it was a successful move especially since the time woods appeared more fit and relaxed. He ended his day at the Muirfield Village Golf Club with a one-under-par 71, better enough to hitch him for the 18th, five strokes behind the first-round pioneer Tony Finau. 

That was the first game for Tiger Woods in the outside environment the PGA Tour has imposed since the day it resumed play on 11th June after a 90 days deferral. 

At times, his focus was taken away due to the paucity of some distractions lying in elite golfs’ new setting. While playing in the serene environment of a Hollywood sound studio, where the din of the chirping birds would be covering the sounds of crisply struck iron shots. Furthermore, Woods constantly looked into the vacant hillsides next to the fairways as he was wishing for the scenes that mostly captivate him.

A few Fans of Woods accompanying him on the porch!

Fans of Tiger Woods accompanying him on the porch

Fans were usually not allowed to join this weekend’s Memorial tournament but somehow succeeded to have a glimpse of his opening round. When about 9 people appeared on the back porch of a home next to the eighth fairway, called out to him loudly. For that moment, he stopped his stride long and smiled and waved at his fans with his left hand. 

He also encountered roughly two dozen tour officials, volunteers, and media. That was an unusual thing as he had never been accompanied by such a small crowd of people. 

Woods admitted; “It’s a different feeling. But a new reality”

He still had pride for his steely determination, Woods uttered further that he had not ignored his basic focus. 

He stated; “I didn’t have any issue with energy or not having fans’ reaction out there” he further added that he even enjoyed the noiseless walk between holes. 

He uttered with a loud laugh, “Usually, I am meandering roundabout”. 

Scoring details of Tiger Woods about walking18 holes! 

 Furthermore, that way the 18 holes of wood should be entirely encouraging to his troop of fans. The bulk of the Woods’ setbacks was or near the greens. 

After making two birdies on the first three holes, woods’ couldn’t have another birdie until the par-5 15th hole when he was near to holed his 3rd shot from 109 yards away but it was left away 4 inches from the cup. But to the next hole, a par-3, when he scrabbled to make bogey, hit the sand wedge from a greenside bunker that spilled over the green. 

Woods appeared to be happy on his comeback. He was asked about facing any difficulty in playing and making 18 holes for a second consecutive day. 

He said broadly and with a grin, “No, I’ve gotten ready for this.”



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