Yogi Adityanath, And Enthusiasts Offer Prayers To Lord Shiva On Their Auspicious Holy Occasion, ‘SAWAN SOMWAR’

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CM of UK, Yogi Adityanath and devotees prayed to Lord Shiva on the occasion of
‘Sawan Somwar’, which happened on the first Monday of Sawan, 2020.

Sawan Somwar, 2020; Mansarowar Temple:

On the first Monday of the month Sawan 2020, Yogi Adityanath performed a puja in a
sacred temple, Mansarovar temple, for Lord Shiva. All the believers across the globe
also offered prayers on this holy occasion.

Sawan, also known as ‘Shravan’ and ‘Avani’ is the fourth month in Hindu calendar that
starts today, and ends on 3rd August, which is distinctively allocated for the devotees to
offer prayers and fast for their Lord Shiva.

In religious calendars, it starts on the full moon and is the fourth month of the year.

Yogi Adityanath, Greets All the Believers:

On the sacred occasion of Sawan Somwar, Yogi Adityanath pays respect and greets all
the believers across the globe, that may Lord Shiva shower his countless blessings
upon everyone and end this pandemic soon.

ANI UP, tweet:

Furthermore, ANI UP tweets about the devotees who offered prayers at Delhi’s Chandni
Chowk temple, ‘Gauri Shankar temple’, on this auspicious occasion.

People of Varanasi performed rituals by taking a dip in the Holy water of Ganga. They
went together as a big group to perform this ritual on the day of Sawan Somwar.
And pujas at Mahakaleshwar temple and Vishwanath temple also took place, alongside
all the safety measures for #CORONAVIRUS.

It is believed to be a very sacred festival for the devotees all across the world so they
offer special prayers. The locals celebrated it in Saketri Shiva temple, Panchkula.
While in Amritsar, the devotees gathered ‘Shivala Bhaiyan temple’ to offer prayers and
worship Lord Shiva.

The fasts of Sawan Somwar take place on the following dates:
6th July,13th July, 20th July, 27th July, and 3rd August.
The month of Sawan Somwar holds huge importance in the Hindu religion. They believe
that Lord Shiva ingested poison on this day and this is when Goddess Parvati saved

According to mythology, on this day of Sawan, Lord Shiva chose Parvati as his
wife. So, devotees offer prayers and fast for them to get their blessings because of their
strong belief that Lord Shiva listens and fulfills all the wishes they ask for.

Significance Of Fasting In This Month:

This month arrives after the long hot months of May and June. As soon as the breezy, cold
months of July and August arrive, the devotees start fasting and worshiping as a sign of
respect and to bring happiness and prosperity in their lives. And to gain success and good marriage.
They fast on every Monday for Lord Shiva and for Goddess Parvati on every Tuesday.
The fast practices following rules;

  • The use of alcohol, milk, and non-vegetarian food is strictly forbidden.
  • Puja should be performed early in the morning. The early it is, the better.
  • Devotees should avoid the use of turmeric.
  • House should be clean throughout the period.
  • The devotees should not eat brinjal as it is believed to be impure by their



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