“Selling Sunset” Star Chrishell Stause Reacted After Christine Quinn Likes The Condemning Tweet Calling Her Sad

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Chrishell Stause a rising star portraying in the drama “Selling Sunset” on Netflix, is saying her fans to keep it sophisticated as they support her, even after being shaded by the Christine Quinn. 

Quinn expressed her sentiment about the Stause!

Quinn, 31, made her feel as clear as she could be to disclose about the Young & the Restless alum, 34, when given alike to the tweet calling the actress “sad” on the 8th of August, Saturday. 

Quinn expressed, “I can’t stand Chrishell I don’t know how ‘Davina’ could sit there so calmly when that desolate excuse of an ‘actress’ was like ‘I have a headache’ UGH I would have bygone through it,” the tweet had been perused about the Netflix series.

Stause’s said her fans not to bully against Quinn in response!

Stause’s followers become frustrated at the tweet and started bullying at the real estate agent through twitter. One of the fans of the Chrishell Stause said to Quinn that “Being envious is never a good look”.  While another one fan of Stause said to Quinn that “they were horrified by her actions”. 

 After perusing the comments and posts posted by her followers, Chrishell Stause posted that she respected the support of her fans but they should not condemn Quinn through negative comments. 

Stause said to her fans on twitter that “I so appreciate the love and support you guys have given for #Selling Sunset wow! That being said, some of you are attacking a specific person in defending me. I appreciate the emotions because certain things made me mad too. But I hate feeling like someone is getting bullied because of me”

Chrishell Stause and her estranged husband are signing divorce!

Selling Sunset' Star Christine Quinn Likes Tweet Calling Chrishell ...

Chrishell Stause informed her fans about the separation of her from her husband Justin Hartley.

The story behind the scene:

Chrishell Stause, an actress of serial “Selling Sunset” let her viewers have an insight into her personal life during the season 2 finale of the Netflix reality series “Selling Sunsets”. As the show focuses on her life as the realtor, so that’s why the final episode of season 2 previewed the Stause’s response to her unexpected divorce from Justin Hartley. 

The news of the divorce broke into public in November 2019 and the trailer depicts the reaction of the cast to the NEWS. Chrishell Stause faced a tough time on the wedding of Christine Quinn, which took place in April 2020. Stause married the Hartley in October 2017 after the dating of about 4 years.  But they couldn’t stand the marriage bond together and the actor Justin filed the divorce in November 2019 due to incompatible differences. 

Chrishell said about the divorce on “Selling Sunsets”! 

“Want to help and empower women and if my tweet has any say at all I just hope you can keep the passion but maybe minus the vitriol..? she said more to her fans “Love you guys so much though and love your enthusiasm at all more!”

One month before, Quinn was slammed by the Kentucky native for openly declaring the separation of Stause’s from her husband, Justin Hartley, which disclosed on the season 3 of Selling Sunset.

Quinn’s words about the inter-clash of Stause’s and Hartley!

Selling Sunset' Star Chrishell Stause SLAMS Christine Quinn For ...

Quinn gave a statement to the New York Post’s Page Six in July, “We all just thought maybe they were having communication problems for a time being”. She further uttered, “We heard that they both were having a therapy, so obviously there must be some issues going on in between them. I hung out with him many times and he was an absolute doll. He has been nothing more than to be nice and supportive to us”

What did Stause say to the gossips of Quinn about her divorce?

Stause’s uttered on Twitter, “I just came to know that Christine is giving the information to Press about my divorce. Let me be very clear regarding this. She is absolutely unaware of the situation and is obviously desperate to gain attention by doing such things. Anything that comes from her is either a complete lie or total conjecture on her part”. 

The “Another Time” star continued on saying about Quinn, “It’s so frustrating and unfortunate to be envious for someone that would use someone’s personal painful situation to get the attention of the press for themselves. I can’t say, I am surprised, but please do attention to checking the source. She has absolutely null knowledge of the marriage we had” But despite all these issues, the 3rd season of Selling Sunset is now streaming on Netflix.



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