Seattle Protester Dies During the Protest, City in Washington

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Seattle protester dies during the protest by a car, Summer Taylor,24, was one of them. He died on Saturday night and the other protester was in the hospital having a critical situation, a hospital spokeswoman said. Authorities said the driver was in custody by their police.

Summer Taylor, died in this incident

One of the two protestors was in a serious condition and died on Saturday after a car came into the closed section of Interstate 5 in Seattle, the authorities said. Summer Taylor was in a serious condition and died at Harborview Medical Centre, a spokeswoman said.  And the other one, named Diaz Love, at the age of 32, residential of Portland, was also hospitalized in a critical state, said the spokeswoman. Both were attending the live protest before they were injured.

Few people arranged a small meeting on the Saturday morning on the section of Interstate 5 that has no longer allowed by authorities to protest there, said Trooper Chase Van Cleave of the Washington State Patrol. It was organized after a long long time, since the killing of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis in May.

Identification of driver involved

Trooper Van Cleave said the driver continued to drive even after hitting the protestor through a blockade. He identified the driver, his named was Dawit Kelete, 27. He was from Seattle said The Seattle Times report. Arrested in charge of vehicle assault on Saturday morning, according to jail records. He was tested as a sober countryman according to the police report as he asked about the condition of those protestors who were injured.

Two Women Were Also Injured

On the same Saturday morning,  Two women were hit by a car and were seriously injured while protesting, said on twitter by Mayor Jenny Durken of Seattle on Saturday afternoon. All the cities were praying for these women and all who were there.

A GoFundMe Campaign

A GoFundMe campaign was also started on the same Saturday to help Summer Taylor. He worked at Urban Animal, a veterinary clinic. Keenan Camacho, a friend, and coworker of summer Taylor said when they came out as a transgender, Summer Taylor fully supported him. Summer Taylor was used to supporting everyone out there, who was in need, said Keenan Camacho.

Diaz Love, who was a colleague of Summer Taylor, also uses the nonbinary pronoun, was an animal lover, and always support the right of people everywhere, the page said.

Announcement of State Patrol;

The State Patrol announced on Twitter on Saturday night that Interstate 5 would be closed for the protestors, for the sake of peaceful present and future of citizens and the protestors.



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