Sanjana Sanghi Clarifies All Claims Against Late Sushant Singh Rajput

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Dil Bechara, the latest Bollywood movie, was released digitally on 24 July 2020. This movie made a record of the highest-ranked movie in no time. All his fans pay tribute to his demise by making his last movie so hit. This is the most-watched movie in the whole history of Bollywood in the shortest duration after releasing. 

Sanjana Sanghi, the female leading actress of the newly released hit, Dil Bechara recently posted on her Instagram. Sanjana clarifies all those claims from back 2018 during the shooting against late Sushant Singh. Back in 2018, on the set of shooting, some reporters claimed against Sushant Singh that he misbehaved in a wrong way with Sanjana during the shooting. After that, she took to twitter to clarify all those claims.

Sanjana Tweeted in 2018

Sanjana Sanghi wrote in her tweet, “I would like to clarify that no such incident took place with me. Let’s put an end to these conjectures.”

Sanjana clarified all this when reporters claimed about the misbehaving attitude of Sushant with Sanjana Sanghi. But now as you all know that Kangana Ranawatt, a famous Indian actress has been supporting Sushant after his suicide and gave several people its responsibility including Salman khan, Karan Johar, and some high-class personalities, having a great impact on all the Bollywood industry.

And now, Kangana questioned Sanjana why she took so long to clarify those meaningless allegations against late Sushant. After this Sanjana took her social media platform to clear that this is not the answerable question for me. No one is able to question anyone’s timing and that was all the random allegations from some reporters to Sushant which I did not need much interest to answer. 

Kangana Questioned Sanjana

Kangana Ranawat while supporting Sushant and blaming other harmful personalities in the career of Sushant said,

“Many blinds claimed that Sushant raped Sanjana, such news about her harassment were common in those days, why Sanjana took her own sweet time to clarify? Why she never spoke so passionately about her friendship with him when he was alive?”

Me too Allegations

After this, Sanjana Saghi took the topic to talk about the Me too allegations as she said nobody has the authority to judge if her response was fast enough or not. 

She said in the interview, she talked enough about this me too allegations and clarified all those claims with much proof and confidence.  Also talking about the Kangana Ranawat claim, she said that “nobody has the right to question what is late or not late. She said you do not fuel rumors. It’s not the responsibility or job to clarify rumors.” 

Sushant and Sanjana proved rumors wrong

Furthermore, Dil Bechara Kizzie said that she herself has been a student of Journalism and it is not the thing that we taught in it. When the rumors recently revolved around everywhere about this misbehaving behavior of Sushant with Sanjana during the shoot of their movie, Dil Bechara. They both denied these allegations and also Sushant when he was alive had shown some screenshots of his chat with Sanjana and proved all rumors fake. 



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