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Samsung Galaxy Live Event; Samsung Revealed Its Latest Devices Including Galaxy S20





Samsung, a South Korean Giant company is now launching its forerunner Smartphone with a framework of interconnected gadgets. 

Samsung is trying to snatch its leading position again from its rival Chinese Company Huawei, who became the number one selling mobile brand recently.

Samsung’s latest Smartphone, the Galaxy Note 20, was one of five devices that were revealed on Wednesday, alongside a Smart Watch, a Tablet, Wireless air buds, and a folding Smartphone. All of the devices were unveiled in a Virtual Live streaming event; that has become a standard in COVID-19 Pandemic.

Contrary to recent launches which were streamed without an audience. Samsung goes out of the box by choosing video conferencing in the event; as many of us are familiar with this feature nowadays.

Samsung Fans were displayed at a curved screen behind the event’s host, Samsung executive Federico Casalegno.

Samsung’s President who is also serving as Head of mobile communications, TM Roh said;

“We are depending on technology now more than ever. This is how we stay connected to each other and traverse the astonishing challenges all around the globe.”

He more significantly mentions that as people have to work and socialize from home now, the company’s new line of devices is designed “to work effortlessly” and with absolute ease and comfort.

Here’s everything you require to know about Samsung devices that were unveiled in the event;



Samsung’s recent Smartphone, Samsung galaxy 20 comes in two versions;

The 6.7 inches Samsung galaxy 20, priced at $999.99,

The 6.9 inches Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra, priced at $1299.9

The phone is available for pre-order from August 5 and will hit the stores on August 21.


Samsung is launching the phone in five colors;

Green, grey, and bronze for Note 20.

White, black, and bronze for the Note 20 Ultra


According to the Company, the Note 20 is packed with the fastest processor that was ever launched in a Samsung galaxy series. The company is describing it as “the best screen” ever.

It is also compatible with 5G, the feature on which Samsung focused on more. (Apple is yet to launch this feature in their phones.)

The Smartphone comes with the recent version of Samsung’s Bluetooth-enabled stylus, the S-Pen, which now allows more gesture controls and more faultless note-taking capability.

This Phone is also equipped with Nearby Share — Android’s version of Apple’s AirDrop — by which users swap files even just by pointing at each other, and another feature called DeX to connect wirelessly with Smart TVs.

Samsung is also making it hassle-free to sync messages and applications with PCs running Windows 10 and also offering almost 100 games through a $14.99/month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which is starting on September 15.



Samsung is launching two more 5G Devices; 

The 11 inch Galaxy Tab S7, priced at $649.99, and 12.4 inches S7+ that is priced at $849.99.

Samsung claims that they will be the “first tablets that support 5G in the United States of America.” The tablets feature productive and gaming tools the same as offered by S20, and equipped with add-ons such as an S-pen, a keyboard, and a wireless mouse that you can purchase separately.

Woefully, they will not be available until autumn.



The recent successive version of Samsung Smartwatch is more keen to focus on Health, new fitness tracking amplification. It in addition offers a feature that will notify your emergency contacts if you have fallen down on away. Although, the watch’s more intricate features as heart monitoring function, Electrocardiogram (ECG), and the blood pressure (BP) monitoring are exclusively available in South Korea as for now.

The watch will be up for sale on August 6 and has four versions; with the price ranging from $399.99 TO $479.99.



The final connected device in a line-up is updated wireless air buds, known as Samsung buds live. Samsung Air buds live comes with a bigger speaker than the last version that was released earlier this year. The buds are equipped with three microphones that can be used by its users to cancel the background noise more efficiently.

The Galaxy buds will be available from August 6 for $169.99.



Samsung also revealed the next generation of its folding Smartphone—the Galaxy Z fold2. The folding Smartphone looks alike with its predecessor that was launched at the start of this year.  But this phone is offering a more tremendous display; the 6.2-inches screen that folds out to become a 7.4-inches screen.

The Galaxy Z fold2 will not be up for sale until later in 2020, however, Samsung will share its launch details in September.

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6 best games for Android Operating System





6 best games for Android

The generation of today’s era is found very addicted to game playing. Either these are video games or games of any other version that appears on your phone through Google play. Especially children spend most of their time while playing these games and are always in search of finding the best. The games that most appeals to the children are usually thriller games for boys.

But girls usually like Barbie games. Out of all operating systems, Android is the most usable one in the world. That’s why in this blog we are targeting the best android apps that would not only leave the children adventurous and stunned but also the youth. These games are:

Top 6 Best Games For Android

1. Halfbrick studio games:

Price: Free 

Halfbrick studios work as a developer on Google play. They have launched a bundle of impressive game apps there. They have given some child favorite apps like:

  • Fruit Ninja: A classic Arcade
  • Jetpack Joyride: A classic infinite runner
  • Dan the Man: Decent Mobile runner/fighter

These games are really simple and work with quick mechanics and serve as excellent time killers. 

2. Monument Valley 1 and 2:

Price: $3.99 or $4.99 with $1.99 DLC

Monument Valley is an iconic game app developer franchise. It involves the M.C Escher style puzzles with fun graphics and mechanics. In these games, you play and win the levels to open new paths. The only problem with these games is that both are paid games with no advertisements.  Moreover, you can still enjoy them in that way. The second game may have DLC. Mekorama is the only game of the same genre available as free on Google.

3. Nintendo games:

Price: Free to play/ varies

Nintendo games cover the fame of the sky while running on your mobile phones. These games include:

  • Fire Emblem Heroes
  • Animal Crossing
  • Pocket camp
  • Super Mario Run

Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem are free games but Super Mario Runs earns a premium title with $9.99. 

4. Noodlecake studios:

Price: Free to play/ Varies

It is a growing developer on Google play and gives mostly fun puzzlers like:

  • Lumino City 
  • FRAMED 1 & 2; 
  • Along with shooters including Island Delta 
  • Arcade sports games such as the Super Stickman Golf series and; 
  • BMX series

Never forget to Play Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odessy on their platform. The games on its platform are unique and interesting to play. 

5. Pokemon Go and Harry Potter; Wizard’s Unite

Price: Free to play 

Pokemon Go is a very unique game platform with a requirement of versatile features. It demands GPS for in-game navigation, a camera for the capture sequences, and Bluetooth for the purchase of optional accessory. It requires roaming the real world to catch pokemon, pass gems conducting battles with other trainers, and collecting Poke stops. There are many other games on this platform including:

  • Jurassic World Alive
  • The walking dead: Our world 
  • Harry Potter; Wizard’s Unite in the world of Harry Potter

6. Ryark rhythm games:

Price: Free to play/ Varies

Ryark game developer involves the best rhythm games on Google play on your Mobile phone. The collection of this platform includes:

  • Cytus 
  • Cytus II
  • Sdorica
  • Deemo
  • Voez 
  • Mandora

These games include colorful game controls with appealing songs. The newest one is Cytus II. A lot of these games include the DLC as in-app-purchases with more songs. Ryark is a good franchise with a rhythm genre on mobile with few good competitors.

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WhatsApp web


WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp is one of the best American communicating applications which is very popular among people of every age and gender. Its original idea came from Brian Acton and Jan Koum and was released in January 2009. It is now owned and operated by Facebook, Inc. The app has many promising features like messaging facilities, video calling, and many other great features.

It also provides the users to share files, documents, images, videos, and audios with each other and their friends living all across the world. WhatsApp has made it very easy for people to communicate with their loved ones who live far away from them in different countries. It has provided the facility to talk to anyone and any time of the day. 

Just after years of its release, it became the most popular social media app of all times and it successfully managed to get around 2 billion users globally by February 2020. It is still to this date, the most frequently used app for communication.


Another amazing facility that WhatsApp provides is that you can also connect it to your desktop or Mac. Its other version is WhatsApp messenger which is already popular among people and is available on the iOS and Androids. It has made it far convenient for people to communicate through this messenger, but apart from this, people also prefer using it on their PCs, especially for business purposes.

The edition that can be operated on the desktop is the browser version of it. To connect it on the desktop, you can follow two ways. Either download the app on your windows and connect it or you can directly open it on your browser. The good thing is that there is no hard and fast rule to do so, all it asks for is your mobile’s WhatsApp QR code. Once it scans the code, it will automatically open on your windows or browser.

The account that opens on your window is the same as the one on your phone so it will automatically sync all the messages, videos, pictures, documents, etc, that you already had in your mobile WhatsApp so you can easily access all the information you need through your WhatsApp on desktop or browser.


The most feasible way of using WhatsApp for the people is to use it on their mobile phones, but in many cases, people prefer to use it on their desktops, mostly for business purposes. It can be connected in both ways, by downloading the app or by directly connecting on the browser.

To connect it directly on the browser, simply type the WhatsApp URL in the respective browser of your choice that could be any like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. After opening it in the browser, the next step is to sync it with your mobile WhatsApp account.


You need to follow these instructions in order to connect your mobile WhatsApp to your browser one easily;

Step 1:

The first and foremost step is to open the WhatsApp website on your browser by entering the URL so that you can connect your WhatsApp website to the WhatsApp account present on your mobile phone.

Step 2:

The next important step is to connect your mobile WhatsApp account to your browser one to open the app on your Androids or iPhone. To do so, just click on the WhatsApp web option to scan the QR code.

Step 3:

After clicking on the WhatsApp web option, a screen will appear. It will have a camera like a box that you have to take up to the QR code on your browser WhatsApp. Once that’s done, it will scan the code and your account will open on the browser.

Step 4:

For the iPhone, simply click on the settings and open the WhatsApp web. The same screen will appear. Repeat a similar process to scan the code and it will start working automatically from there.

Step 5:

To open it on the Androids, click on the WhatsApp web option that is given inside the three dots that you can see on the top right corner of your WhatsApp account. Once that’s done, take the screen that appears up to the browser to scan the QR code. When the scanning is done, the account will open on your browser.

Step 6:

You can easily operate it on your browser version from this point on. Just start chatting, sending videos, stickers, pictures, and much more as comfortably as you did before on your mobile phones.


Once you’re connected to the browser version of your WhatsApp, you can easily get access to the amazing features you already had on your mobile phone WhatsApp. Its promising features include;

1. It Will Show The Chat List, Your Previous Messages, And The Chat History Will Appear As It Is: 

So as soon as you scan the QR code, your account will open on the browser with the same features and specs. It will show your chat list as soon as it opens and you will have the access to all the previous chats and other documents if you haven’t deleted them. This is the best feature as all your personal stuff is still available.

2. Status, New Chat, and Menu:

  • Status: 

As we are familiar with these three features from the WhatsApp we use on our phones, the great news is that these are also available on the web version. You can view the statuses posted by your contacts and reply to them the same way you did on your phone, it also allows you to post status through the web version of WhatsApp.

  • New Chat:

Similarly, you have to follow the same steps for creating a new chat as you did on your mobile WhatsApp. It is done by clicking on the New Chat option which will show you all your contacts in the form of a list on the left side. From there you can start chatting with anyone of your desired contacts or can create groups as well.

  • Menu: 

The menu option is also presented in the same way. It appears in the form of three dots on the top right corner of your WhatsApp which carries different options in it like change profile information, view starred messages, change notification and wallpaper settings, create a new group, search archived chats, and log out from the account.

Allows You To Send Messages, Share Videos, And Pictures, And Documents:

This one also has similar properties. It has the same layout as WhatsApp on your mobile. The only notable difference is that now you are using the same app but on a bigger screen. You can easily chat with the people you wish to talk to by clicking on the existing chats or if you want to contact some new friend then click on the New Chat option and choose the person you want to communicate with from that list.

Similarly, you can also share videos and pictures with your friends in the same manner. And can share important documents with people all around the world. 

In order to do all this stuff, simply type in the message in the Type a message section given below. Or attach the pictures, videos, or documents you want to send. And then press on the enter key on your keyboard or click on the send option given on the side of the typing section.


As we have discussed earlier that there are two ways to operate the WhatsApp web on your system. One is to directly connect it on the browser, which is discussed in detail above. And the other one is to download the app on your system or windows. The app looks pretty similar to the one available on your mobile’s store. Just download it on the desktop or Mac and start using it.

On desktop or Mac, after downloading it, just drag the app icon to the main screen and then open it. After opening it, repeat the same process of opening WhatsApp on your phone; take it up to the screen and scan the QR code. The account will automatically open. It will stay logged in for as long as you want to. And wouldn’t log out until you do it by yourself from the menu bar.

Follow these instructions and enjoy WhatsApp Web on your Desktops and Mac. And let us know how your experience with the WhatsApp Web is?

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YouTube downloaders are a savior for people who tend to download and save videos. Currently, YouTube is the largest video streaming platform where you can find videos about any aspect. Ranging from the educational videos to the art and craft videos, it is the home to all.

Sometimes, you don’t have an internet connection or you want to listen to a song or listen to a Podcast offline. To overcome that sometimes you have to save and watch the videos offline, many YouTube downloaders came into the arena to solve the problem. 

These downloaders make the process of downloading a YouTube video easiest and convenient.

Here we compile up the best YouTube downloaders that will help you out in choosing the best downloader.

There are many downloaders floating on the internet, many offer the best services. You just have to paste the URL of the video and select the format and the interface will do the rest of the work for you.


Many sites are available that offer to download YouTube videos, but most of them have drawbacks as compared to Desktop software. They are not swift due to remote servers and poor internet connection.

Many irritated ads popped up on the screen and displayed newly downloaded videos thumbnail that is not much necessary.

Apart from that, video converters do not give many options to its users about the video, in terms of specifications. They do not allow multiple videos to download at the same time, and it is quite restricted to save full playlists. Video quality after the download is also questionable as only some support 4k format.


If you are thinking of downloading a YouTube video, you should know that it is forbidden to download videos from third-party apps as per YouTube terms and regulations.

YouTube allows video streaming directly from its servers; you can also encounter copyright infringement issues. Downloading a video is only allowed if you own the video yourself or it is in the public domain or you asked permission from the owner himself.

That being said, it is recommended to convert videos that are copyright free and do not violate the rules and regulations. YouTube rules also come under the US Copyright law, which means any person who watches it, has to abide by the law. 

According to United States Law, any sort of converting and downloading of content whether it is mp3 or mp4 is not permissible. Here we are talking specifically about the copyrighted content, a lot of content is also available that is copyrighted and you can freely download those videos.



The first on our list is a 4k downloader, known about its versatility and user-friendly interface. It is easy to use, fuss-free, and does not include any extra software; users are not interfered with by irritating ads either.

It can convert and download 24 videos at the same time and it adjusts the video resolution to 4k by itself where it is possible.

Select the video which you have to download, copy the video URL and paste it in the software and further choose the format, quality, and location for the video to be saved.

Many format options are available for both mp3 and mp4 and you can also download captions for the videos as well. 4k downloader not only supports YouTube but other video streaming websites too.

Although the paid version offers to download more videos and with better quality, the free version has all the features that anyone can ask for in a YouTube downloader.

Operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux

Key Features:

Multiple formats are available

Playlists can be downloaded

4k video downloader supports 3D and 360-degree videos as well

Supports multiple servers


WinX YouTube downloader is occupying the second spot on our list. The interface is user friendly and easy to use, it supports other video hosting sites such as Vimeo, Daily Motion, and Facebook, etc too for the video downloading. The process is quite simple, you just have to paste the URL of the desired video and then select the format and output quality, and the video is all set to be downloaded. 

Now the prominent feature of this downloader is that you can select the videos at once and then press the download button, all the selected videos will be processed at once and saved to the location of your choice. 

It can download the video in 4k when available; the only downside to WinX YouTube downloader is that it does not offer the option to download videos in a 3D and 360-degree format.

Operating system: Windows, macOS


Supports almost 30 video streaming sites

Multiple videos can be downloaded

Offers 4k resolution


No 3D and 360-degree format available


Any video converter makes it on to our list because it is one of the best free YouTube downloaders, as its name indicates that it supports multiple video streaming websites apart from YouTube. 

There are many format options available; it offers about 60 input formats to the desired output format. The process of downloading a video is not that difficult and it also has in-built software that can be used to edit or crop the video, adjust any color changes, and add any text, etc.

The whole process is fuss-free, some people may not like the interface but it serves the purpose quite accurately. The only drawback is that it just allows downloading of a single video at a time, apart from that this downloader is free and good to go.

Operating system: Windows, macOS


Supports various formats

Availability of built-in video editor


Extra software

Only one video at a time can be downloaded


Free YouTube download is another amazing downloader with a simple and compatible user interface. Paste the URL of the desired video and paste it in the interface, the video will be downloaded in just a couple of clicks. It makes things easy by providing an “auto-download option” that makes it more hassle-free to download a video.

It offers to download multiple YouTube videos into various formats. Availability of the formats depends on the quality of the video but generally, AVI, MP4, and MKV are there to choose from. If you do not want to watch a video, you can also convert the video into an Mp3 version.

The only drawback to this YouTube Downloader is that it just grabs clips that are not more than three minutes long, this mostly cuts out the music videos from the start. 

Operating system: Windows, macOS


Auto-download option

It can shut down the device after the downloading finished

Supports Batch downloading


Less than three-minute video limit


It is one of the most recommended YouTube video downloaders because it downloads videos swiftly and in an efficient manner. Apart from YouTube, this fantastic downloader also supports other video hosting sites.

Some adware bounds appear when you first start the installation, make sure to hit the cancel option, and then decline on the adware. After declining those ads, you are free to use this site to download your favorite videos.

The procedure is easy as well, just paste the URL of the video and select the options and the video will be downloaded. Videos can be converted to a number of formats that you can watch on any device. aTube Catcher offers to download multiple videos at once by widening the bandwidth; that feature is not available in all of the free YouTube downloaders. Some extra options as resizing the video or on-screen recording are also present. Overall, this YouTube downloader is a good one considering all the perspectives.

Operating system: Windows


Automatic conversion of the file

Supports Batch Downloading

Converts videos into several formats


Adware in the installer



This article is solely for the informational purpose and we do not support or endorse downloading copyright videos in any way that is in violation of YouTube’s rules and regulations. To abide by the rules, before downloading the video that is not in the public domain, take permission from the owner to download the videos in a legal way and without violating any rules.

Many people are downloading the videos and converting them into the desired format nowadays. For that purpose, it is essential to know about the pros and cons of some of the best YouTube video downloaders that are present on the top of the list. This article will help you out in choosing the best YouTube downloaders, compare the specifications of different downloaders, and choose what is best for you and serves the purpose right.

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