Robert, the Younger Brother of U.S President Donald Trump died at the age of 71 (15th of August, 2020)

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U.S President Donald Trump had sorrowfully announced the demise of his younger brother ‘Robert Trump’ on Saturday (15th of August). 

His younger brother died at a New York Hospital “Presbyterian Hospital” at the age of 71”. 

Donald Trump expressing his grief on the loss of his brother!

U.S President, Donald Trump said in a statement, “It is with heavy and sorrowful heart I share that my wonderful brother, Robert, passed away tonight with peace. He was not only my brother but my best and dearest friend.  He will be greatly missed by us but we will meet again in the other world. His memory will stay alive in my heart forever. Robert, I love you more. May you Rest in Peace”

Maybe, Donald Trump will attend the funeral of his brother!

There are chances that Donald Trump will attend the funeral of his younger brother, Robert. But there are no more details around. Furthermore, there is news from a familiar source that President Donald Trump personally dictated the White House Statement on the funeral of his brother. 

Ivanka Trump, Daughter of Donald Trump expressed his desolate feelings on the death of his uncle!

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Donald Trump and Niece of Robert Trump posted her sorrowful feelings on social media and missed her Uncle ‘Robert’ after his death. She also called him to her memories with love and affection. 

She said on Twitter on Saturday night, “Uncle Robert, We all love you. You are always in our hearts and prayers with a deep love”.

Donald Trump headed to visit his brother in the Hospital!

There is news that President Trump might have called to his brother Robert just before death or at the time when the death was near. There’s no clarity in the statement that whether both brothers met or be connected on the phone because of Robert’s condition.  

But most of the people who reported Trump, have burst the NEWS that Trump could be seen saddened on Saturday by the at hand loss of his brother, Robert Trump. 

However, Donald Trump made a quick decision on Friday to go to New York City to visit his brother as he headed to New Jersey for the weekend. 

Robert Trump was admitted to New York Hospital!

Robert Trump was admitted to the New-York Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan. What happened to Robert Trump is not clear yet. But there is news that he had been ill for several months until his death. There is news that Robert Trump had been hospitalized since June with an untold serious condition of the disease. 

Trump refused to disclose his brother’s illness!

While briefing to Reporters in the White House, when Trump was asked about the illness of his brother, he refused to give any detail. 

When U.S President Trump was asked about his brother on Friday, he explained “I have a wonderful brother (Robert Trump). We both had a great relationship with each other for a long time, from day one, so long time ago. And he is in the hospital right now”. 

He added a moment later to his sorrow “Hopefully, he will be alright, but he is—he is very pretty, but unfortunately he’s having a hard time”. Later, on Friday, when he headed to visit his hospitalized brother, he told the reporters that “He is having a very tough time”.



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