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Robert De Niro, 77, born on August 17, 1943, in Manhattan, New York City, is an American actor, director, and producer. De Niro has both, American and Italian citizenship. He is best known for the work he has done with Martin Scorcese, which is filmmaking and acting and has received a bunch of awards and nominations because of his great work. He also got an honorary award, Presidential medal of freedom, from Barack Obama, President of the U.S.

Di Nero is one of the most loved and popular Hollywood legends who took acting classes from HB Studio, Lee Strasberg’s Actors Studio, and Stella Adler Conservatory. The list of Robert’s amazing work goes on and on. Some of his work includes Greetings (1968), Bang The Drum Slowly (1973), Mean Streets (1973), The Godfather Part 2 (1974), Taxi Driver (1976), The Deer Hunter.

De Niro is the son of Robert De Niro Sr. who was an abstract artist and Virginia Admiral, who was also an artist, a painter, and a poet. His parents met at the painting classes conducted by Hans Hofmann and just clicked, but shortly after, when De Niro was 2 years old, the two of them separated because his father announced that he was gay. After his parents’ separation, De Niro stayed with his mother and she was the one who raised him, but his father also stayed in touch with him and had a tight bond with him.

De Niro’s Schooling:

As far as his schooling is concerned, De Niro studied in a public elementary school located in Manhattan until sixth grade. He was very passionate about acting from the very beginning and for that reason he played his first role in a school production, The Wizard of Oz, at the age of 10. He completed his seventh and eighth grades from Elisabeth Irwin High School. 

Later on, he got admission to the High School Of Music and Art, from where he started his ninth grade but left before finishing it because he got selected in another school. De Niro attended two high schools, McBurney School and Rhodes Preparatory School, but he said goodbye to his schooling career due to his passion for acting and to pursue it at the age of 16. After leaving high school, he joined HB studio to learn acting.


De Niro’s acting career is very extensive. He has done a big number of movies, starred in them and some of them are the ones he directed and produced. He is Hollywood’s biggest legends who have millions of fans. De Niro has done movies of all genres including Comedy, Fiction, Action, Mystery, and many more, and has given a number of masterpieces throughout his career.

Career Starting Roles And Breakthrough:

De Niro started off his career with not very big and acknowledged roles like his characters in Encounter (1965), Three Rooms In Manhattan (1965), and Les Jeunes Loups (1968), these were some of his early roles he started his acting career with. He wasn’t well-known back then but later he became popular when he appeared in his first big movie Greetings (1968).

Later on, De Niro was seen doing a number of projects including the drama Sam’s Song, The Wedding Party (1963). He was still not very popular at that time but the little roles he had done managed him to make his way in getting featured in The New York Times’ Howard Thompson’s review article. This was by far one of the biggest achievements for him.

After that appeared in many movies like Bloody Mama (1970), Hi, Mom! (1970), Jennifer On My Mind (1971), Born To Win (1971), The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight (1971), Bang The Drum Slowly (1973), and Mean Streets (1973). His roles in these films caught the attention of America’s finest magazines The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, so they ended up featuring him and from there he became a little more popular and known than before.

De Niro’s Work In Collaboration With Scorsese:

When De Niro became more popular in the film industry he got a chance to collaborate and work with an American director, producer, and screenwriter, Martic Scorsese. He did a number of projects with him including The Godfather Part 2 (1974), Taxi Driver (1976), 1900 (1976), The Last Tycoon (1976), New York, New York (1977), and Raging Bull (1980).

All these movies gained a lot of fame and the movies including De Niro were nominated for a number of awards and also won many of them. His movie, The Godfather Part 2 was a huge success and De Niro won an award for Best Supporting Actor which was his first award. He also got featured in many magazines and news channels after that due to his outstanding performance and movie’s huge success.

De Niro’s Drama Career:

De Niro is well-known in the film industry and among fans due to his outstanding roles in a bunch of movies and dramas. He has done a number of dramas and films including True Confessions (1981),  The King of Comedy (1982), Once Upon A Time In America (1984), Falling In Love (1984), Brazil (1985), The Mission (1986), Falling Angel (1978). The Untouchables, and Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam.  

These movies also managed to gain a huge success and became a source of making De Niro more popular and successful with every passing day. He received much appreciation and many awards for these films and dramas which are watched by many people to this date. His list of work doesn’t end here, after these projects, he appeared in a number of other successful projects.

De Niro’s biggest success at that time was his Cape Fear, which was in collaboration with Scorsese one more time. The film was a huge success and became the highest-grossing movie of De Niro at that time. The movie did a business of around $182 million worldwide. Also, many magazines and news channels interviewed him after that and De Niro got nominated for Best Actor Award at 64th Academy Awards.

Directorial Career:

Alongside acting, De Niro has also directed some of the movies and dramas. His career in direction is not very extensive but some of the work he has done was loved by people very much. The first project he directed was A Bronx Tale (1993), which became a huge hit at was played at Toronto International Film Festival. It was featured by many reporters of famous magazines including The Austin Chronicle’s Marjorie Baumgarten and Variety’s Todd McCarthy. 

He reappeared with Scorsese with the film, Casino (1995), which was a collaboration of both. This one also became very popular. After that, De Niro was seen in many movies and dramas, especially in comedy and thriller. These projects also received a lot of appraisals and he became more successful.

Present work (2017-2020):

De Niro continued his acting career and kept on impressing people to this date. He was seen in many projects in recent years.

  • 2017:

After all his great work, De Niro came back in 2017 with his HBO movie, The Wizard Of Lies, which again received a lot of good reviews and successfully did a lot of business on box office. Because of his brilliant performance in this movie, De Niro earned a nomination for Primetime Emmy Award as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Television Movie.

  • 2019:   

Earlier in 2019, Robert received nominations from Primetime Emmy Awards twice for his roles in Saturday Night Live When and They See Us.De Niro, returned to the big screen after a year in Joker (2019), that became a huge commercial success and got nominated 11 times. After that, he collaborated with Scorsese again for The Irishman.

  • 2020:

The actor announced to be starring in Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon, alongside the famous actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, in 2020. But later on, it was delayed due to a tight budget. For that, Scorsese approached Apple TV and Netflix, and in May 2020, Apple TV agreed to co-sponsor the film and it is now under the process of making.


De Niro was involved in many other activities, like business and politics. He at one point opened a production company named TriBeCa Productions, and with that, he opened some hotels as well. He is the owner of a restaurant called, Tribeca Grill located in Manhattan and is also a stakeholder of a resort located in the middle of the island of Barbuda. 

De Niro was also very invested in politics and served for a little while in that area as well. He is not a very big fan of Trump from the very beginning and speaks against him quite openly without fearing anyone. He’s known as one of the most outspoken celebrities out there.


Robert De Niro married an American actress and singer, Diahnne Abbott, in 1976. Abbott already had a daughter from his first husband and De Niro adopted her daughter, Drena De Niro. The couple has a son, Raphael, together. He was also an actor but left it afterward. Later on, in 1988, the couple got divorced and he started dating a model, Toukie Smith from 1988-1996, and during that period, in 1995, De Niro had two twin sons through surrogacy.

De Niro married Grace Hightower, who’s also an actress. The two had a son together in 1998 and the couple got separated in 1999, but later on, in 2004, they got back together and after 20 long years of their beautiful relationship, they filed for divorce in 2018. Before they got back together in 2004, De Niro was also diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2003 for which he had surgery and got cured at that time.


As discussed above, De Niro has starred in a number of movies and has received many awards for his brilliant performances. He has done about 105 movies so far. His top 10 most hit and watched movies are;


Here are the top 10 movies of Robert De Niro;

  1. The Godfather: Part II (1974)
  1. The Deer Hunter (1978)
  1. Taxi Driver (1976)
  1. Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
  1. Goodfellas (1990)
  1. The Untouchables (1987)
  1. Raging Bull (1980)
  1. Cape Fear (1991)
  1. Men of Honor (2000)
  1. Meet the Parents (2000)


De Niro has received many awards over the years in his career. Some of his achievements include;

  1. Academy Award For Best Actor in a Leading Role: Raging Bull (1980)
  2. Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role: The Godfather: Part II (1974)
  3. Presidential Medal of Freedom (2016)\
  4. National Board of Review Award for Best Actor: Awakenings (1990)
  5. National Board of Review Award for Best Actor: Raging Bull (1980)
  6. National Society of Film Critics for Best Supporting Actor: Mean Streets (1974)
  7. National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor: Taxi Driver (1976)
  8. Boston Society of Film Critic Award for Best Actor: Raging Bull (1980)
  9. Christopher Award for Motion Pictures: Marvin’s Room (1997)
  10. Gotham Independent Film Award for Breakthrough Series Long Form: When They See Us (2019)

Robert De Niro NET WORTH:

De Niro has built his acting career on his own without any help. He worked hard to this date and owns a bunch of property because of the money he has earned in all these years. His estimated net worth of 2020 is over $500 million. Robert also owns restaurants and is a stakeholder of a resort that is also a big source of his income to this date. 


De Niro to this date is one of the most famous and successful actors to be working in Hollywood. Also, he’s among a few of the richest actors and is considered as the legend of the Hollywood industry. He’s still going strong and is waiting for his net project to release in the following year, 2020, which was delayed due to budget issues of the movie.



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