Lawrence Franks Jr. better known by his stage name Huey is killed in shooting on Thursday night

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St. Louis rapper Huey was killed Thursday night in a double shooting in his Hometown of Kinloch, Police said Friday. The 32-year-old “Pop, Lock & Drop It” star, also known as Baby Huey, was shot at least once. Authorities received the death of Lawrence Franks Jr, after arrival in hospital. He arrived at the hospital near 11:00 pm and died shortly after his arrival.

He was shot outside a home in the 8100 blocks of Martin Luther King Blvd, authorities said. There was one more shooting victim thought to be connected to Franks’s incident, but not any single evidence was found between this young man and Luis’s death. The 21-year-old man was in the hospital Friday with non-life-threatening injuries.

Authorities still believe that two shootings that occurred in the same block of Kinloch are related and they are investigating their co-occurrence at the same location that has the same crime scene. Detectives conveyed to local authorities about the existence of 10 more people near the crime scene at that time.

Huey’s first manager said

“He was very happy about his life, You are talking about a young man who still has a lot of time to live”

Lawerence franks Jr better known by his stage name Huey born in Kinloch, a city in St Luis County Missouri, United States. He spends his childhood in Walnut park and St, Luis County. “I was grown up in a place where a lot of drugs going on and, of course, a little bit of violence,” Hueys said in an interview.

Hueys started his career at the age of 15 creating hip-hop beats. He was best known for his 2006 debut single “Pop, Lock & Drop It”

Hueys released his first debut album in mid-2007 named Notebook Paper. And 2nd album named “Redemption” in 2014. He was working on his 3rd album and released mixtape entitled Project H. However not much materialized from his signing to Brick Squad and Huey had been relatively quiet on the music scene in recent years

According to music executive William “Quayshaun” Carter, who worked with Huey in the 2010s. Prior to his death Huey had just started a business in upscale clothing, “and it was working out, and he was happy

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