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Do you want to know Who Mike Tyson is? How old is Mike Tyson? Do you want to know about the Tyson fight? Who is Mike Tyson fighting? How rich is Mike Tyson? What is Mike Tyson’s height? Well, worry not are your queries about Mike Tyson and Mike Tyson net worth is cleared in this article.

TYSON Introduction:

Mike Tyson, full name Micheal Gerard Tyson (age 55) is an American former professional boxer who was born on June 30, 1966, in the U.S. Mike Tyson’s net worth is $10 million. He spent quite a lot of years in his boxing career and competed as a professional boxer from 1985 to 2005. They were the peak years of Tyson’s career, and Tyson fight he has given the nickname ‘Iron Mike’ because of his strong built and unbeatable performances through all these years of boxing. Some people also called him ‘Kid Dynamite’ in the early stages of his career, and later on, he was also given the title of ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’. 

Tyson fight

Mike Tyson is considered a legend in the boxing world and is known to be one of the best heavyweight boxers of all time to this date. Tyson has won several matches during his boxing career. From 1987-1990, Tyson was declared world heavyweight champion and won around 19 professional fights by the knockout technique. Mike was around 21 years old when he received his belt and he is one of the youngest boxers to be winning the heavyweight title. He lost all these titles in 1990 when he was knocked out by underdog Buster Douglas. Due to all his hard work and his struggle he was the 14th highest-paid athlete in the world and now Mike Tyson net worth is about $10 million.

Featured In Several Magazines:

Tyson lost both the titles of WBA and WBC in the same years and was disqualified later on due to foul play during the match. Mike is known to be one of the most fearless boxers out there and for that reason, he had been featured in many channels and magazines including The Ring magazine (ranked 16th on the list of top 100 punchers in the history of boxing), in ESPN (made it to the list of ‘The Hardest Hitters in Heavyweight History’), and in Sky Sports (for being the most fearless boxer to step inside the ring). Although his nature and attitude remain a controversial topic.



Tyson is one of the most famous heavyweights boxers out there and is known to be very fearless and ferocious. He did face many obstacles in his personal and professional life but fought through them strongly. His biography is quite simple yet impressive. 

1.mike Tyson ageThe full name ‘Micheal Gerard Tyson’, born on June 30, 1966, in the U.S.mike tyson age Age is 55
2.Spouse(s) Robin Givens(1988-1989)
Monica Turner(1997-2003)
Lakisha Spicer(Married in 2009)
3.mike Tyson children7 children (4 daughters, 3 sons)
4.ParentsJimmy Kirkpatrick, and Lorna Smith
5.Tyson’s nickname(s)Iron Mike Kid DynamiteThe Baddest Man on the Planet
6.Weight(s)Heavyweight champion
7.Mike Tyson Height5 ft 10 inches
8.Reach 71 inches (180 cm)
9.Stance Orthodox 
10.Number of total fights58
11.Total fights won by Tyson50
12.Wins by KO44
13.Number of matches lost6
14.Tyson’s websitemiketyson.com


Mike Tyson is a famous American former professional boxer who was born on June 30, 1966, in Brooklyn, New York. His parents, Jimmy Kirkpatrick and Lorna Smith were together until Tyson’s father Smith abandoned the family and moved on to live his own life. He left his wife, Lorna, along with the 3 kids which she took care of and raised as a single mother. Due to the financial crisis, they, later on, moved to Brownsville, Brooklyn which is known to have a high crime rate.

Tyson fight-early life style

Tyson got bullied a lot as a kid as soon as they moved to Brownsville, after which he started developing a passion for street fighting to protect himself from the bullies around the street. This certain ability made him fearless and vulnerable due to which he got involved in small crimes like robbery etc. He also formed a gang by the name of Jolly Stompers. He was partially involved in criminal activities at the young age of 11.

By the time he was 13, he got arrested over 30 times for the criminal activities he had been involved in. Tyson was quite a troublesome kid, which is why he was put into a reform school in upstate New York, called Tryon School for boys. During his time in Tryon, Mike met a counselor named Bobby Stewart who was an unknown boxing champion. He was fascinated by him and forced Bob to teach him boxing. Bob agreed on teaching him but only if he would behave in his time left in the school and work hard. He started learning all the boxing moves from Bob in his spare time. Mike Tyson has many collaborations with Myke c town.

Mike Tyson Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miketyson

Mike Tyson Twitter: https://twitter.com/MikeTyson

1992- Tyson Convicted Of Rape:

Tyson Convicted Of Rape

1992 was the year of downfall for Mike Tyson when he was convicted of rape and was even found guilty. He was given 6 years in prison with the possibility of parole after 3 years. Tyson was released after 3 years on parole in 1995, and he used this time as an opportunity to get back into his boxing career. He lifted himself through the tragic event he had been through and participated in many fights after which he succeeded in regaining his WBA and WBC titles and became one of the legends who managed to regain the title of the heavyweight championship after losing it.

Training Under Cus D’Amato:

Tyson Training Under Cus D’Amato

Mike’s mom died when he was 16 years old and she left him under the supervision of a famous boxing trainer Cus D’Amato. Cus became the legal guardian of Tyson and taught him all he could about boxing. Mike dropped out of high school to pursue his passion for boxing and received a degree of Doctorate in Humane Letters from Central State University in 1989.

Tyson careers:

Outstanding boxing career is best known for his Tyson fight. He won many matches throughout his professional boxing time and won countless titles throughout. He struggled throughout his childhood to pursue his dream of becoming a world-renown boxer, and he, sure enough, succeeded in becoming one when he became the youngest heavyweight champion.

Beginning Of Tyson’s Career:

Tyson fight. career

Tyson started as an amateur boxer and got a chance to compete in Junior Olympics (1981-1982) and won many gold medals throughout the game. During the competition, he won over Joe Cortez in 1981 and Kelton Brown in 1982 respectively. However, he lost twice in a match with Henry Tillman during his early boxing years, as a result of which Henry won heavyweight gold in the Summer Olympics, 1984.

Tyson fight:

Tyson fight:

Tyson’s professional career started at the young age of 18 in the year 1985 in Albany, New York. he first gained some popularity when he had victory over Hector Mercedes in the first round of TKO. After this, Tyson got countless opportunities to fight and he took them to fight against some of the biggest names. Through his hard work and fierce nature, Mike managed to gain victory in 26 out of 28 matches he fought, out of which 16 of them were his first-round wins.

Tyson’s popularity kept increasing in a very short period and he managed to make his way into the lives of very popular celebrity boxers at a very young age. On February 18, 1986, Tyson’s first fight was broadcasted on television in Troy, New York at Houston Field house. Tyson was competing against heavyweight Jesse Ferguson, he managed to knock him out during the fight in several rounds in the end the result was biased due to a settlement.

Mike Tyson fight

Tyson kept working hard and won six more knockout fights in July after which he got a chance to compete against a very famous title holder boxer Marvis Frazier in New York. A lot of people came to the stadium to watch Tyson fight. This fight was also covered and broadcasted by ABC Sports. Mike successfully knocked out Frazier and gained the victory which was his biggest win at that time which made him more popular in the boxing world.

First Title Fight- WBC Heavyweight Championship:

Mike successfully won the WBC heavyweight championship against Trevor Berbick by knocking him out in the second round on November 22, 1986. He is one of the youngest boxers to win a heavyweight title, and Tyson won this prestigious title at the young age of 20 years 4 months to be more precise. After winning the heavyweight title, Tyson also won WBA and IBF titles in 1987. 

One of the best qualities about Tyson was his powerful personality and fierce nature which used to scare many boxers as soon as he entered the boxing ring. He was taught many techniques by his mentor Cus D’Amato, one of them was the Peek-a-boo technique to punch the opponent which proved to be very useful for Tyson throughout his fighting career.

Losing To Buster Douglas:

Tyson faced the lowest times of his boxing career when he lost his title to Douglas in Tokyo on February 11, 1990. This was the biggest loss for Tyson as he worked day and night to win this fight but failed to do so. Despite the unbelievable defeat, Tyson did not let this get onto his mind and continued competing further with more enthusiasm and energy. According to Tyson, he needed this defeat to become a better boxer and person.

Mike Tyson lost all his titles before going to prison which was the darkest time of his life. He was sentenced for 6 years but came out after 3 years on parole after which he came back into the ring stronger than before and became one of the legends to regain all the prestigious titles after losing them one time.

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Tyson currently lives in Nevada, Ohio with his kids and wife. Mike’s personal life had not been a smooth one. He was brought up in Brownsville, New York, which had a high crime rate. Living here affected Mike’s personality in so many ways which in turn reflected on his personal and marital life. Tyson failed to commit to anyone for a long time even after getting married 3 times.

Married Life:

Mike Tyson with her wife

Tyson first got married to the famous actress, Robin Givens. They got married on February 7, 1988, and the couple called it quits and got divorced just after a year on February 14, 1989. According to the sources, the reason behind his marriage not working out was Tyson’s reckless behavior as his wife reported him violence, physical, and mental abuse. He had no children with Robin Givens.

The second time, Tyson got married to a pediatric resident at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington D.C., Monica Turner. They got married on April 19 and stayed together for 6 long years until Turner accused Tyson of adultery, which is an unforgivable act so she filed for divorce in 2003. Tyson and Turner had two children together; a beautiful daughter Rayna and a son, Amir.

Tyson Daughter’s Tragic Death And His Third Marriage:

Tyson’s four-year-old daughter, Exodus died in a tragic accident on May 25, 2009. She was found unconscious by her seven-year-old brother with a cord tangled around her neck. Her mother gave her CPR and sought medical help. The medical team pronounced exodus dead when they arrived at the scene. At the time, Tyson was in Las Vegas and he flew back as soon as he heard the news of his daughter’s death.

Tyson Daughter

11 days after the tragic death of Exodus, Tyson went on to marry his girlfriend Lakiha Spicer. They were both in a committed relationship and were together for a long time. Tyson married Lakiha in a small intimate wedding at a Chapel in LA where they exchanged vows. The couple has two children together. A daughter Milan, and son, Morocco. 



Tyson is one of the most successful boxers that are known in history. He had a very controversial background but that didn’t stop him from achieving his goal and pursuing his dream of becoming a boxer. He won countless fights and made a huge amount of money over the years.

Year Wise MIKE TYSON Net worth- Last 10 years:

Tyson is a legend of the boxing world who made big money through his hard work in all these years. He made more and more money with every passing year, increasing his net worth even more. MIKE Tyson’s Net worth 2021 is about $10 million and he was the 14th highest-paid athlete in the world.

1. 2012$3 million
2.2013$3 million
3.2014$3 million
4.2015$3 million
5.2016$3 million
6.2017$3 million
7.2018$3 million
8.2019$3 million
9.2020$3 million
10.2021$10 million

Tyson’s Earning:

Tyson is known to be one of the richest athletes of all time who worked his way through his boxing career and managed to make a lot of money in all these years. The main sources of his earnings were his boxing matches, purses, and endorsements. According to research, Tyson made around $430 million throughout his career.

Mike Tyson Real Estate:

Mike Tyson Real Estate

Mike Tyson managed to make many properties over the years. He owns some mansions including the Tyson Mansion in Southington, Ohio. Tyson also has a Mediterranean-style mansion in the suburbs of Las Vegas, Nevada, in which he is currently residing with his wife and kids. 

Bethesda state is another property that Tyson owned but has now been sold. Mike Tyson’s former Maryland home has also been sold recently.


Mike Tyson is a famous boxing figure who gained a lot of popularity through his hard work due to his passion for boxing and he has a net worth of $10 million. He has retired now but during his career, he made a lot of money and gained the respect of millions of fans. Tyson faced many obstacles throughout his childhood and during his boxing career but nothing seemed to stop him from pursuing his passion for boxing.



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