Mia Khalifa has put her “Infamous glasses” up for auction for Lebanese Red Cross and it just surpassed $100k

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The ex-porn star, Mia Khalifa has been using her platform to spread awareness on the situation in Lebanon ever since the tragic explosion took place on August 4th. Mia Khalifa was truly stunned by the damage in Beirut, Lebanon, her homeland.

Ever since then, the ex-adult film star has been finding ways to donate to those in need, she’s been relentlessly active in helping out her people and raising her voice against the corruption killing the Lebanese citizens.

She auctioned her trademark “glasses”

The ex-adult film entertainer has decided to do her part in the devastating Beirut explosion which took almost 200 lives and injured thousands.

If you know Mia Khalifa, then you would also know that she wears a special pair of glasses and these glasses are NOT cheap. She decided to auction the glasses on eBay and the title of the auction is:

The Infamous Mia Khalifa Glasses- Auction to 100% Benefit Lebanese Red Cross

All the money of the auction would be donated to the Lebanese Red Cross and she is even up for adding personal items when it hits every 25,000 dollar milestone. The top bid for the iconic glasses had reached $100,000 on Tuesday just after the few days that the star had posted the link to the auction on eBay.

Mia Khalifa’s Instagram Announcement:

The ex-porn star has been very active on her social media these past few days trying to raise as much many as possible for her homeland, Beirut. Mia shared a new image on Monday in which she highlighted her “used and abused” glasses that have generated over 190 bids. 


The ex-adult film star wrote on her social media profile,

The Lebanese Government has resigned.”

Parliament is next. By choice or by force, either way, Lebanon has had enough while simultaneously having NOTHING.”

6 days left on the auction for the original Mia Khalifa glasses to 100% benefit the @lebanonredcross. Head to the link in the bio and let’s try to make a positive difference. Keep bidding, keep sharing…..” she added.

Mia’s surprised reaction to hitting $100K:

The 27-year-old told her fans that they had one week to bid on the “infamous glasses” that she wore during her brief porn career and described their condition as “used and abused” indicating her bad experience in the adult entertainment industry.


Mia Khalifa posted several videos regarding the Lebanon explosion on her Tiktok and explained the reason for the auction and also highlighted the issue of corruption in the Lebanese government. 

On Wednesday, the ex-adult film star shared a photo of herself acting surprised when she found out that the bidding had reached $100k again.

She wrote in the caption,

The moment when I found out the auction was at $100k again. LET’S GET EVEN MORE MONEY TO THE @lebanonredcross! Link in my bio for auction link and links in my pinned memories for dozens of other invaluable resources to share, as well as many reputable NGO’s in desperate need to donations right now (Do not donate to Lebanese backed gov’t orgs) 

Mia further wrote that, 

To the Thawra, we see you. Even if we can’t fight alongside you, we will make sure the world knows the chance you’re bringing to Lebanon.”

Mia shared on her Tiktok Profile:

 Mia Khalifa shared a video on her Tiktok account regarding the funding of Lebanon explosion. She started the video by striking various modeling poses to lure the people but then she told her 10 million followers that, 

Now that the algorithm thinks that this is for white Tiktok, I just want to let you guys know that there is a humanitarian crisis in Lebanon right now. They need our help because their government’s corrupt and not doing anything about it.”

Mia wrote in the description box of the auction that,

The novelty glasses are the best prop, I will sign them (if you want), and take one last Polaroid wearing them before sending them to their home!!!”


The ex-porn star also told the people to not donate to any government organization as the Lebanese government resigned at such a time of crisis.

 She wrote,

Keep sharing the links for fundraisers by the people, for the people and DO NOT DONATE A SINGLE PENNY TO THE CORRUPT GOVERNMENT BACKED ORGANIZATIONS. The ones who hoard relief money, medical supplies, and food- only to re-sell to the Lebanese people at a 150% mark.”

“Ban these pigs from every country in the world until they’re forced to live the same lifestyle they’ve imposed on the people on Lebanon.” She added.

The cause of the Beirut explosion was not clear but according to multiple reports, the blast was due to some 2,750 tons of confiscated ammonium nitrate that were being stored in a warehouse for the past six years by the seaport.



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