The Measures, Meant to Protect Donald Trump from Coronavirus, Have Scaled Up

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The US is moving towards elections in the near future and it is time for campaigning for the presidential elections. Donald Trump is afraid of being infected as many of his close staffers have been tested positive. Trump said how he could appear in the election campaign if he would get infected by a virus. He seems to appear in only the most important events. And skipping events that could be attended by the vice president or any other representative. Trump has skipped his first white house task force briefing in months. And also moved the event out of the white house itself.

Officials have revealed that he has been taken under protective measures no matter where ever he goes. When the president travels to a location where the virus is getting more and more active, every avenue and every room designated for president is inspected for contagion by advance medical and inspection teams. Even the bathrooms appointed for the president are properly sanitized and cleared before the president arrives, people familiar with the arrangements revealed. Who will meet the president or even who will get close to him also receive tests to ensure that they are negative to the virus?

Why these measures are being taken

These all measures are because this week, the virus again contracted members of the staff of the president. Those who were working for president’s campaign rally in Tusla, are affected this time. According to CNN, a White House staffer, who was working close to the president, tested positive. The staffer is an economic official who was with Trump in the rose garden in an event during this month. The director of the US centers for disease control and prevention and the US food and drug administration commissioner and other top assistant acknowledged that it had been weeks since they had last spoken with him.




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