Mangal Pandey: The Revolutionary Man

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When the British officers tried to stop him, Mangal Pandey killed fearlessly Sergeant major Hiveson and adjutant lieutenant Banpade bagh. 

The day of July 19

July 19, is considered to be one of the most memorable days in the history of the Hindu community. Because it was the day when the revolutionary person, Mangal Panday was born. He was born with such a powerful personality, he was fearless throughout his life. Mangal Panday initiated the revolt 1857 against the British Rule. Mangal Pandey was born on July 19, 1827, and he was born with such an enthusiastic heart that no one had an ability to stop him from his slogan against the British government. Mangal Pandey was born in brahmin Family in Nagwa Village, in Ballia district, Uttar Pradesh. Mangal Pande was born in the house of Diwakar Panday and her mother’s name was Abhay Rani.

Mangal Pandey joined East India Company at 22 age,

Mangal Pandey was the only soul who worked hard for his Indian community. He had not only raised his voice against the whole British government but he disturbed the whole British rule. When mangal Panday came to know that the people of his community had been harassed by British rule, he started to shout his slogan against the British government, and everyone was astonished by his bravery. Mangal Pandey was just 22 when he entered the East India company. After admitted, mangal Panday was the 1446 soldier of 34th Bengal native infantry in the military cantonment of barrackpore near Kolkata.

Soldier Mangal Panday refused to accept Cartridge

When he was the soldier in military cantonment, there was a time when the government decided to distribute cartridge in all soldier communities. It was decided so that soldiers could take care of themselves in the hour of need. But this cartridge had to open up from the mouth of the soldier to put it into the gun but there spread the rumor about a cartridge that contained the mixture of the cow and pig in the cartridge. The military had the members of both the Indian and Muslim community in it. For Hindus, the cow is considered as their mother, while the pig is forbidden in the Muslim community therefore Mangal Panday decided to not receive any of the cartridges from the government.

False News spread around 

It was decided by the government to disown those soldiers who refused to obey their decisions while not taking up that cartridge. During all this, Mangal Panday started to raise his voice against the whole British government as he had loads of anger in himself but he did not get any chance to raise his voice. When he observed this complex situation, he decided to take advantage of the situation and raised his voice against the British raj. It is said that there was the rumor behind the 1857 revolt, in which it was heard that the European soldiers are coming to destroy Indian soldiers. 

Words of Kim, A writer

Kim, A Wagner has written in detail about the rumor in the book named the great fear of 1857-Rumors, conspiracy, and Making of India uprising- Wagner writes. 

“There was fear in the mind of soldiers, knowing their fear, major general JB Hiercey called the rumors of European soldiers attacking the Indian soldiers, nut it is possible that Hiercei has confirmed the rumors by reaching the soldiers and spoiled the situation. The soldiers who were terrorized by this speech of major general were mangal Pandey of 34th Bengal native infantry.”

Mangal Pandey started his freedom Struggle

On March 29, 1857, it was the same day when mangal Panday raised his voice for the freedom of the Indian community during the British government, the writer said in her book, 

It was 4 o’clock in the morning. Mangal Pandey was cleaning the gun in his tent. After a while, he came to know about the European soldiers. Mangal Pandey who was affected by restlessness and intoxication of cannabis was gripped by panic among the soldiers. Wearing his official jacket, cap, and dhoti, mangal Panday ran toward the parade ground near the quarter guard building with his sword and gun. 

When the government tried to grip mangal Panday, he fought and killed the officers of the British government mainly attacked Sergeant Major Hvisan and Adjudant Lieutenant Banpade Bagh. After this incident, the British government ordered soldiers to arrest him but one soldier named Sheikh Patlu did not act according to the orders. Then Mangal Panday raised his voice and said Mare Firangi ko as his Slogan. This was the first-ever slogan, raised against the British government by Mangal Panday. 

Killer refuses to hang Mangal

In April 1857 when the executioner called from the Barrackpore jail to hang the Mangal Panday, he refused to color his hand from the blood of the Mangal. After this, they called another executioner from the Kolkata, to hang him on his death rope. He did this horrible act. He killed the Mangal in real but he was not able to kill mangal that was present inside the people of Hindu community as a result of which Hindus were able to take their separate homeland and British rule had to leave India.



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