Malfunctioning Of The TikTok App Mistaken For A Ban

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Popular application TikTok, owned by ByteDance was introduced in China in September 2016, as ‘Douyin’. A year later, the app was introduced as TikTok, overseas.

A little while ago the app in the U.S. experienced some malfunctioning that was mistaken for a ban by the TikTok community. All the TikTokers started panicking which resulted in chaos.

Later on, it was notified that the app was not functioning properly due to a bug it will be fixed soon enough. Despite all the security risks and the current situation of many TikTokers committing suicide, the app wasn’t banned and will live a little more for now in the U.S. 


The secretary of state, Mike Pompeo said that it was a glitch due to which the app wasn’t functioning but the Federal government is actually in talks to ban the app for real this time. The U.S. government has decided to ban several Chinese applications, along with the famous app TikTok.


The malfunctioning of the app made all the likes and views on the famous TikTok videos disappear completely, in the U.S. and UK. This turned out to be a huge problem for the whole situation and everyone started panicking thinking that the Federal government is banning the app.

TikTok users reported that their personal videos have been removed from the accounts and some random videos are showing. TikTok, later on, confirmed that the app is not shutting down and the malfunctioning is due to a bug in the app. They assured the people of fixing it as soon as possible so they shouldn’t panic at all.


The dysfunction of the app created chaos and the people started tweeting about it back and forth with hashtags like #RIPTikTok, which was trending on twitter.

People started comparing the whole TikTok thing with the Vine being banned tweeting, ‘they’ve already lost Vine…they don’t want to lose TikTok now’.

CREATOR ‘SnarkyMarky’ TWEETED:  

The creator of the TikTok video “the volume in this bus is astronomical”, SnarkyMarky was in disbelief that the app has been banned and shut down permanently.

He tweeted “omg is TikTok gone” with the screenshot of all his viral videos that showed zero likes and comments on them.

Kombucha Girl Brittany Tomlinson’ who’s also a YouTuber who sources at TikTok was personally looking into the case and reported to her afterward that the app is not shutting down. She said that it was just a bug and they are working on it to fix it as soon as possible.


The TikTok management system tweeted addressing all the TikTok community in order to inform them that they are working to fix the app as quickly as possible and that it will get back to its normal shape very soon. Despite this tweet, the people were still shocked and stunned at the fact that they almost lost TikTok which got them going through this pandemic, COVID-19.

The tweet reassured them that TikTok will lie with them forever. The TikTokers started tweeting in relief that the whole thing with the app was just a glitch.


TikTok updated the people that the whole malfunctioning of the app was caused by a person(s) from Virginia. They said that the issue has been resolved and the investigation is on and from now on they will keep a close eye on the TikTok users of NoVa, Richmond, and Virginia beach.



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