Mahira Sharma Comments About Being The Victim Of Favoritism And Nepotism As She Lost Three Shows Consecutively!

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Mahira Sharma is an Indian television actress and model. The actress came into the spotlight after she portrayed the role of “Shilpi” in the hit TV serial “Y.A.R.O ka Tashan”. Mahira Sharma has become a great household name after she participated in the famous game reality show Big Boss 13.

Recently, Mahira Sharma opened up about the issue of nepotism in our society and media industry saying that it really does exist everywhere. Ever since the untimely demise of the Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput took place in June, it opened a can of worms as everyone had their own opinion about the suicide of the late actor and it sparked a debate on whether nepotism is a hot issue in our industry or not.

A magazine stated the possible reason behind the unfortunate event saying it’s due to an act of Nepotism. Celebrities including Karan Johar, Alia Bhatt, and Mahesh Bhatt were accused of being the kings of nepotism. People tried to harm his image just because he was not a star child. Alia even called Arjun Kapoor a better actor than him which clearly meant public shame for the actor. He himself stated once in an interview that he wasn’t invited to events and celebrations anymore even though he was nothing but a humble guy.

Mahira was replaced in three shows:

The diva started her acting and modeling career when she was barely 20 years of age. Before being a part of the reality show aired on Colors TV, she was a part of multiples television shows. Like everyone in the Bollywood industry, the stunning star has been subjected to criticism and has seen a few bumps now and then. While doing an interview with Zoom Digital, the big boss 13 contestants revealed how she was removed from three huge television shows even after she was finalized and was suitable for the role.

Mahira Sharma stated in the interview that, “Nepotism is everywhere. If someone is working at someplace, then that person would want his/her close ones to work there rather than giving someone else a chance. I think I also faced favoritism in 2017 when I was 19. I had just started my career in 2016 with Y.A.R.O ka Tashan and I gave three auditions for the show and suddenly I got it. Then I was very happy about the same. I was young and I was very happy. In 2017 I was offered three shows, they were big shows from the big channel.”

While addressing this serious issue, Mahira further said that “One show I shot the promotion, then I was replaced, in another show, I had just signed the show and I was replaced and in the third show, everything was done perfectly. I went on the show’s set, met with everyone. I was supposed to play the grown-up version of a girl after some time-lapse. I was replaced by that show too as the channel recommended someone else. I faced it all.”

Mahira’s Uncle’s wise words:

The Indian actress admitted in an interview that these upsetting strings of rejections left her utterly heartbroken. However, she talked about one of her uncles who gave her some great pieces of advice and were there to lift up her spirit. She recounted, “One of my uncles, who’s in the army, once told me If people say bad about you even if you haven’t done any wrong remember you’re doing right.’ So I decided to try again.”

How she lost her mother’s favorite show:

Mahira Sharma asserted that the biggest joint of distress was when among these three shows; one was her mother’s favorite. Saying that favoritism exists everywhere, she was very much heartbroken when she heard the news as she wanted to surprise her mother but ended up getting replaced. 

She was quoted by saying, “All these popular shows were on big channels, and so when I cracked them, I thought things from her would be brighter. I had shot a promo for one show, started shooting for another, and had signed the third. Among all the three, there was this one show that was my mother’s favorite, so I thought I’d surprise her but ended up getting surprised myself. They favored the other actor over me.”

Her Instagram post:

On the death of Sushant Singh, Mahira shared this post with a meaningful caption while she herself was going through the subsequent depressive phase saying, “You never know what people are going through” with a heartbroken emoticon.

There’s a controversy that Mahira Sharma is a short-tempered person and she even broke a table on the set of a show while she was in anger. Besides this, her convincing chemistry with Paras Chhabra made headlines as she also mentioned that her mother is fond of Paras. The stunning model has been doing some music videos recently and we shall be expecting new projects from her soon. 



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