Social media has found Mahira Khan’s Perfect Lookalikes and it Has The Internet Talking!

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Mahira Hafeez Khan is a Pakistani actress and is best known for her role of Khirad Ehsan that she portrayed in Hum TV’s drama Humsafar. She is undoubtedly a sweetheart and is one of the very few celebrities of Pakistan that is loved not only in this country but is recognized internationally as well. She is without a question, a beautiful queen, and is an epitome of kindness, grace, and class. She has responded to the nastiest comments and criticism without losing her cool and has proven herself as a woman of class.

People are always browsing about the star’s alleged love life, son, and any new projects that she might be working on so they can just get a hint. She has made her fans smitten with her elegance and poise.

The world is filled with lookalikes and it has taken the media by storm. Mahira khan’s lookalikes have amazed us so much that we have to let you all know! And they are all extremely gorgeous. Here’s a bunch of her doppelgangers:

Scarlett Johnson:

The beautiful American actress Scarlett Johnson is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood since 2018. Her films have grossed over $14.3 billion globally and the star is a stunning lady indeed. If you look hard, you can easily see that this American actress looks a lot like Pakistani Mahira Khan. Take a look!

Here’s Scarlett:

Now back to Mahira:


Amazing isn’t it!

Pakistani fashionista Fatima:

The fashion diva Fatima who has an Instagram account named “featuring Fatima” also happens to look a lot like Mahira Khan and this fashionista is from Pakistan as well.

Let’s give you guys an amazing comparison:

Back to our superstar, Mahira Khan:


Kurasah Anwer Sheikh:

Recently, an Instagram account posted a picture of a girl and it took the internet by storm. More than half of them thought that the beautiful girl resembled our Pakistani queen, Mahira Khan. The internet has been flooded with opinions saying that they both have a lot of similar features and is her doppelganger for sure. But who is this girl?

Her name is Kurash Anwer and she is a lifestyle blogger by profession. As she was started being known as a copy of Mahira, her Instagram followers boasted over 15k just in a few weeks. Some even claimed that they couldn’t find any differences.

Now here’s Mahira:


They both have similarities in their styles including make-up, wardrobe and she has shared multiples photographs on her social media proving the assertions right. The stunning girl may look like she belongs to another country but surprisingly; she belongs to where Mahira is from, Karachi Pakistan.

 The uncanny resemblance has left us all shook. Kurasah Anwer has an understated glam to her and she doesn’t have to go out of her way to mimic the fabulous persona of Mahira as her looks say it all. 

Look at Kurasah:

The most amazing part is that you don’t need to put them side by side every time as it is so easy to spot the resemblance between the two beauties. From her perfect pout to her piercing glare, Kurasah is no doubt a gorgeous girl herself. The woman has her own charm with her eccentric poses and dazzling bold outfits.

Most of Kurasah Anwer’s posts have people commenting about the resemblance between the two and she routinely seems to garner comments ranging from, “I thought she is Mahira Khan!”… “Is this Mahira Khan? OMG, I am so confused!”

We’re sure you can see what thousands of people can see and the refreshing part about it that she isn’t playing hard trying to look like our Pakistani Queen.

Salma Malhas:

Fans have also noted a slight resemblance between Mahira Khan and the Jordanian actress Salma Malhas. She is an actress well-known for starring in the famous Netflix series “Jinn”. The internet was shocked saying that she definitely looks like the Pakistani superstar, Mahira khan. 

Take a look at Salma:

Do you guys see what the other see?

Let’s give you another side by side comparison to make it easier to spot the resemblance:

Monika Gobaira:

The actress and production manager knew for Shut Eye (2018) and Pedestrian (2016) joins the list of Mahira Khan Lookalikes. The stunning beauty has some astonishing resembling features to Mahira Khan and has been called her doppelganger a couple of times. Monika Gobaira shares pictures of herself on her social media and her Instagram and YouTube is known as A little about Monika.

Take a look, guys:


Sana Javed:

The Pakistani actress and model, Sana Javed is an epitome of grace and sophistication. Fans have noted a resemblance between both the Pakistani actresses. See for yourself if you can spot the similarity between Sana Javed and Mahira Khan:

Now let’s take a look at Mahira now:

Mahira Khan has been away from our screens for a lot of time and surely fans would love to see more of the stunning beauty soon. She has made Pakistan proud numerous times by representing her country at International event as she was the first ambassador from Pakistan of L’Oreal at Cannes and during the Paris Fashion week as well. 

What do you think which lookalike resembles Mahira khan the most and are you amazed like us?



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