Los Angeles Lakers: Arrive At The First-round Series Of Game 1 In Red Baseball Caps.

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One of the most popular American basketball teams, Los Angeles Lakers was founded in 1947 by Sid Hartman, Ben Berger, and Morris Chalfen. The team plates in the National Basketball Association (NBA), and is one of the best and most successful teams of NBA that won 16 NBA championships, which the second-highest number of wins after Boston Celtics. 

Staples Center is the arena for the team where they play their home games. The team is very popular among basketball fans due to its amazing performance in almost all the matches, and that flawless performance is due to the amazing coaching of Frank Vogel. The Lakers also had a record of winning the highest number of NBA games in a row, which is 33, in 1971-72 season.


Los Angeles Lakers start of their first round of game 1 against Portland Trail Blazers, on Tuesday 2020. Lakers were seen wearing red baseball caps when they appeared in the ground and this was basically in solidarity for Breonna Taylor. She was a 26-year old African-American emergency medical technician, who was shot dead by several police officers including Brett Hankison, Jonathan Mattingly, and Myles Cosgrove of Louisville Metro Police Department, earlier in March 2020.

The cap was worn as a sign of protest to ask justice for the late Breonna Taylor. The cap was similar to the one Donald Trump was seen wearing, on which “Make America Great Again” was stitched with white thread, the one’s Lakers were wearing had “Arrest The Cops Who Killed Breonna Taylor” written, instead of “Great Again” which was written and then cut off from the cap. 


As Lakers wore these caps in Breonna Taylor’s respect, they also posted a picture of the team member wearing the hat and posing in it along with the caption “Justice For Breona Taylor”. The team kept wearing the cap from the time they left their hotel to the point they reached their destination to compete with the Trail Blazers.



The professional American Basketball player, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, made a statement after they lost the game by 100-93. In his statement, James spoke about the late Breonna Taylor saying, ‘It is heartbreaking to see the current condition of our hometown Louisville, Kentucky where lives of innocent people are taken without even giving it a second thought of how it’s going to affect their families and finish the whole bright future of that person. The same happened to the innocent lady, Breonna Taylor who had a very bright future ahead of her and was shot by the LMPD for no obvious reason’. 

He further added ‘We wore these caps in solidarity for that poor soul and to ask justice for her. The policemen who killed that innocent lady should be arrested and punished as soon as possible’.


The young lady, 26-year old, was a black African-American woman with a lot of ambitions. She was an emergency medical technician, who was shot dead by LMPD in a raid without a search warrant. According to the reports, it was a drug search and no drugs were even found at her place.

According to Breonna’s boyfriend, Keneth Walker, both of them were sleeping peacefully in their apartment when they heard someone breaking in. He got scared and fired at them as self-defense.

As per the three police officers Brett Hankinson, John Mattingly, and Myles Crosgrove, they opened the fire after Breonna’s Boyfriend, Walker shot one of the policemen, Brett. The other two officers were under investigation after the incident.


The attorney, Lonita Baker, who was hired by Taylor’s family, contacted and met Daniel Cameron (R) the Kentucky Attorney General last week.

In her interview with the Washington Post, Baker said ‘Late Breonna Taylor will get justice, and we are doing everything in our power to make this happen because we don’t want to wait forever for this to happen. Also, we want the results to be in our favor’.


Since no one was talking about the Taylor case very much lately, the Lakers made a great move by wearing red baseball caps to remind people of Breonna again. In 2018, LeBron made the team wear matching Thom Browne suits in every game. And this year, he made them wear caps to show solidarity.

Lakers’ Guard, Danny Green Said:

The team’s guard, Danny Green made a statement regarding their gesture of wearing caps engraved with a message which was directed towards justice for Breonna Taylor. 

He said ‘Apart from all the games we play, being public figures we have much power than others and can promote messages to the world more easily. so this time our main focus was to work on a greater cause that can benefit us in the future, which was to ask justice for those innocent people who have been killed without a reason, especially Breonna Taylor.’

The team’s gesture was much appreciated by the fans and everyone watching them at that time.



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