Los Angeles Lakers’ Player, Lebron James Missed 7 Out Of 11 Shots In Game-2: Anthony Davis Leads The Team To Victory.

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LeBron James, a professional American basketball player who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers that competes in NBA, was seen performing poorly in Game-2 of Lakers vs Trail Blazers. Despite his outstanding performance throughout his career, James failed to score much in today’s game. The player only scored four shots he made out of 11 and missed seven of them which affected the whole team’s performance.

LeBron is one of the best players Lakers have and have given a lot of outstanding performances in other 241 games he played. But he failed to do so in game-2 and was said to be LeBron’s worst performance so far out of all the games he has played in his career. LeBron was titled as one of the most outstanding players in the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 


Anthony Davis, a 27-year old American professional basketball player. Davis plays power forward and center positions for Los Angeles Lakers. He is also one of the best players in the team that plays for the NBA. After LeBron’s unexpected performance in game-2, Davis showed off his skills to save the day. It was for sure because of his performance that the team ended up winning the game by 111-88 against Portland Trail Blazers.

In the first round of game-2, Davis scores 31 points by successfully shooting 13 out of 21 shots he attempted, with 11 rebounds and 3 assists. His outstanding performance changed the whole game in 29 minutes and was the reason for leading the team to victory. Davis’ was the first person after Kareem Abdul Jabbar to score 30 points in just less than 30 minutes.


After not being able to perform the way, James usually performs, Davis leads the team to victory and saved the day. After winning the game, James praised Davis’ outstanding performance saying that ‘Davis is one of the best players in his team and he has proved it many times by his outstanding performance and he proved himself one more time in today’s game’. He further added, ‘There are many good players in the team but no one is as good as Davis’.

While praising Davis, James didn’t forget to mention his mate, Dwyane Wade, with whom he competed in won two championships. But this day was clearly a day for Davis and he earned all the compliments he was getting after his brilliant performance in game-2. James didn’t hold back in praising Davis because clearly he was the reason they won today’s game.


Lakers’ coach, Vogel decided to use the same line-up pattern in game-2 as the one he used in game-1 of the series where Davis made 8 shots out of 24. In game-2, Vogel’s decision of keeping Davis in the center as it had a great impact on the whole team. At this point, the Los Angeles Lakers were by 15 points in 15 minutes. Davis scored 22 points out of overall 31 points he scored, by playing the 5 shot, according to the ESPN.

According to the viewers, the benefit of keeping Davis in the middle was at the point when he manhandled Portland in a 5-for-22 shooting. After LeBron’s poor performance, Davis took over to save the team and he played well enough to do so and lead the team to victory.

Vogel’s Statement After The Game:

After winning the game with such outstanding scores due to teams brilliant performance, especially Davis’ without a shadow of a doubt, the coach of the Lakers was very happy and praised Davis’ and the team after the game saying ‘We were playing on an international level and we had to give our best and the boys did that, especially Davis. He took the game to another level by scoring so much in such little time’.

He further said ‘I’m very happy on the team’s performance today and they made me proud by playing so well. I have a lot of respect for all of them for taking this so seriously and performing so well in the game. Also, the opposing team, Portland Trail Blazers also gave there best and we all respect them for that, and they should be appreciated for it, but I guess today was our day to seal the deal, and we did it’.  


In an interview with the ESPN, James said that ‘Davis respects him a lot and he always has. We both get along really well and I always saw some great potential in him, the reason why back in 2018, I wanted him to be a part of the team because back then I thought it would be amazing and would really work out in the favor of the team. Looks like, I wasn’t wrong at all’. 

6 months later, Davis and James paired up to work on the trade between the Los Angeles Lakers and New Orleans Pelicans. And on Thursday’s game, James had total faith in his partner, Davis, that he would kill it and lead the team towards victory through his outstanding performance.

James further added, ‘We are capable of so much because as a team, we have been through a lot in the last 4 seasons. A lot of tragedies have happened as the death of Kobe Bryant, people in that helicopter passing, and our players getting injured, not having our brother Avery Bradley with us, and many more things that I cannot even list right now because there are so many’. 


After winning the game-2, Davis talked about his performance in game-1 and how James stood by him. He said ‘I was really disappointed with how I played in game-1 and felt like I didn’t do enough to get us through the match but James was kind enough to not let me down and told me that I did fine and let me have my moment. He was the reason that I felt a little better and performed so well in game-2’.

He further said ‘James is the man who has won so many championships till now and is still the most down to earth person we have ever come across. He was aware of how his teammates are going to play because of his experience, but even after losing he lifted us up rather than letting us down and told us to get ourselves together as it was just one game and we can work harder to do better in the next game’. 

Lakers haven’t won a playoff in eight years and this was the most awaited win for them. Davis was in college when Lakers last won the championship and now James and Davis are working as a team to bring the champions trophy to home and they are confident that they will succeed in that.

Davis Talks About His Relationship With James Throughout The Season:

Davis said in his statement that ‘James has been a great support for him since the beginning of this season and I have been relying on him since day one to learn all the tips and tricks from the amazing player like him so that I know how to play with the player like James himself and this amazing team, and James has been a great support and has thought me everything humbly and patiently I have asked from him’.

He further added, ‘James knew from the beginning of the game that I am gonna give my best in this one. He saw that look and passion on my face and he knew that I was going to give my best today’.

The Lakers are celebrating their victory and are planning to work even harder to win the championship. What is your take on Davis’ performance in ‘Game-2’?



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