Larry king lost his two children, Andy and Chaia in a week

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Larry King

Larry King is a very famous and popular TV host in American Industry. Larry also worked as the FM talk show host in America. He got fame due to his constant hard work throughout his career. He won many awards for his work including Emmy awards, two Peabodys, and 10 cable ACE Awards. He is among the very successful persons at that time.  

King’s Family

Larry king has a big family of five children, and they all are very old and recently he lost his two children within a week and he is now in a tragic state of mind. For a father, this is not a digestible thing that he has lost his two children with such a small gap. Larry King had a daughter named Chaia, who died 51 years old with the disease of lung cancer. And his other son named Andy, died at the age of 65, with a heart attack in July. 

Andy, Adopted child of Larry

Andy was not the real child of King, he adopted Andy in 1962 when he married to his ex-wife named Alena Akins. And Chaia was born to the same year when Larry king adopted the Andy. Besides these two children, Larry king has 3 other sons named Larry King Jr. from his ex-wife Annette Kaye. Kanon and Chance King with other ex-wife named Shawn King according to the people of their surroundings. 

Larry tweeted on the death of his Ex-wife

Alene Akins, his ex-wife when died in 2017, Larry king tweeted about his death of his ex-wife and said that it is indeed very sad news as Alene Akins died peacefully with our two children named Chaia and Andy along her side. She was such a graceful lady.

Larry and his remaining Children

Larry and his three other children are very disturbed with the death incidence of three family members while Larry King is still recovering from his own health issues from last year according to the reporters. 

Larry king faced a very dangerous stoke last year. The main cause of death of his son named Andy King is still ambiguous and no one talked about how Andy died yet. 

Larry recent work

Larry king continued his career while hosting the Ora TV show named Larry King Now. Apart from this he also did two live shoes of Hulu’s Politicking with Larry King according to some reporters.



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