Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom welcome baby daughter: See how she opted to go with UNICEF for the announcement!

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Oh, baby, you’re a firework! The 35-year-old pop-star Katy Perry just gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter with fiancé Orlando Bloom. She is officially a first-time mom with a baby who arrived on Wednesday, 26th August. The celebrity couple even revealed the name of the baby, Daisy Dove Bloom! How cute right, Daisy…Bloom…get it?

The name in fact was featured in a music video of Katy Perry called ‘Daisies’ The ‘Smile’ singer and the Lord of the Rings actor is thrilled to announce the arrival of their firstborn together. However, Orlando Bloom is already a father to a 9-year-old son named Flynn he had with ex-wife Miranda Kerr. 

Their UNICEF announcement: 

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom serve as the Goodwill Ambassadors of UNICEF organization. So, rather than opting for the announcement through her music, or even her own social media page, the couple instead chose to allow the charity organization to announce the exciting news. 

Welcome to the world, Daisy Dove Bloom! We are honored to introduce Goodwill Ambassadors @KatyPerry and @OrlandoBloom’s new bundle of joy.” The organization wrote.

“We are floating with love and wonder from the safe and healthy arrival of our daughter, Katy and Orlando told us” 

“But we know we’re the lucky ones and not everyone can have a birthing experience e as peaceful as ours was. Communities around the world are still experiencing a shortage of healthcare workers and every eleven seconds a pregnant woman or newborn dies, mostly from preventable causes. Since COVID-19, many more newborn lives are at risk because of a greater lack of access to water, soap, vaccines, and medicines that prevent diseases. As parents to a newborn, this breaks our hearts, as we empathize with struggling parents now more than ever. ” 

 “As UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors, we know UNICEF is there, on the ground, doing whatever it takes to make sure every expecting mother has access to trained health care. In celebration of the heart, we know our daughter already has, we have set up a donation page to celebrate DDB’s arrival. By supporting them, you are supporting a safe start to life and reimagining a healthier world for every child. We hope your (heart) can bloom with generosity. Gratefully- Katy and Orlando.” They further wrote.

Katy Perry announced pregnancy through music video:

The famous parents got engaged back in February 2019 after they went through a continuous on and off the relationship. The ‘ROAR’ singer first announced her pregnancy through a Music Video for the song ‘Never Worn White’ in early march by cradling her growing baby bump in the video.

Immediately after when the music video dropped, Katy went Life in Instagram and told everyone, “I’m excited; we’re excited and happy. It’s probably been the longest secret I’ve ever had to keep. I thought I would tell you guys in the best way through a piece of music.”

Later in April, she announced on Instagram that “it’s a girl”. 

The singer shared her mix of emotions:

During a radio interview, the ‘unconditionally’ singer talked about how she is experiencing a mix of emotions due to the ongoing coronavirus Pandemic.

 “I’ve been overwhelmed, I’ve been anxious. I’ve been happy. I’ve been overjoyed. I’ve been depressed. I’ve been all of it.” She told the interviewer. “The world is just a wild time and it’s a wild time to bring life into this world. I mean, people were already having those kinds of conversations years ago where it’s like, ‘Man, the world feels a little uncertain’ and now, it really feels shaky boots.”

Katy talked about how her daughter will steal her heart:

The famous pop singer has been keeping her fans updated on her journey of pregnancy and birth. Most recently, Katy made an appearance on E! Daily Pop show on August 24th and told how she thinks that her baby girl is going to steal her heart. 

They do say that when you meet your wife or your soulmate or your partner, whatever you want to say, that you think that they’re perfect and they’re everything….and that quickly fades right? When you meet your daughter that’s when you’ve met the love of your life.” She said to Host Justin Slyvester.

Katy Perry further talked about what kind of a mom she would be, “I’m definitely parenting style 3Fs: I’m fun, firm but fair. Yes, I like to get things done and I like to, you know create a peaceful scene and it takes a matriarchy to do that.”

I definitely think she’s gonna be a daddy’s girl, for sure,” Katy explained how she thinks their daughter will have Orlando Bloom wrapped around her tiny finger. 


Orlando Bloom told Good Morning America:

Talking about the father of the baby girl, Orlando to has some things to say about the newborn. The actor raved about the special time he would spend with his little princess while talking to Good Morning America. It’s those very nights where I’ll probably be getting up and doing a bottle, breastfeed- bottle thing because I won’t be obviously breastfeeding, but I’m sure there will be bottles…I’m looking forward to that because I love those quiet times at night when the world feels like it’s asleep and you’ve got a baby sleeping.”



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