Comedian Kapil Sharma Sends Warm Wishes To A fan Who Named His Daughter After Him!

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Kapil Sharma is an Indian stand-up comedian who has rated the most- popular Indian Television personality in 2016. He is an actor, producer and a television presenter who is well-known for hosting the famous comedy show “The Kapil Sharma Show”. Kapil interacts with celebrity guests on his show talking about their new films and projects while keeping the audience laughing with his assorted skits, humorous persona, and witty jokes.

A fan in Sydney named his newborn daughter after him:

The fan following of the comedian is legendary and they never fail to surprise Kapil with their love and dedication for him. One of the examples of their love is that a fan in Sydney, Australia recently has named his daughter after Kapil Sharma. He named his daughter Kopila which is initiated from the comedian’s name. 

The fan’s brother himself shared a tweet on the social media platform Twitter by writing, 

It was the naming ceremony of my brother’s daughter in Sydney, Australia, a day before yesterday, and he said, I want you as Kapil, your name will be “Kopila”, we asked him why this name in Australia? He replied, “I know nobody can take place as real as @KapilSharmaK9.”

The reason behind naming her Kopila:

At the naming ceremony of the fan’s daughter, he wanted her as Kapil so he ended up with the Kopila. All the relatives were surprised as to why he wanted to name his daughter that, especially in such a place as Australia. The man had a heartwarming reply to the questions which made everyone quiet as his brother wrote on twitter, 

But you know what, “I wish she could bring a smile in everyone’s face like @KapilSharmak9 do and I am his big fan” he replied and we shut up ☺!  And he blessed with name Kopila”

The comedian was overwhelmed:

There is no doubt that Sharma has one of the most dedicated fans around. When we think about a celebrity that has taken a special place in everyone’s heart, Kapil Sharma is surely the one that comes to the top of our minds. The comedian is loved by millions in not just India but all over the globe. He has taken the responsibility of bringing a beautiful smile to everyone’s face and is known for easing his fans and loved one’s difficulties and hardships through his remarkable art of comedy. He is a great person who always spreads happiness, good vibes, and laughter on his show and has been the center of attention for many years through his tremendous comedic style and charm. 

Recently, when a die-hard fan of Kapil Sharma named his daughter after him, the heartwarming gesture left the star emotional. The inspiration from Kapil’s name showed immense love which surely left the actor speechless. 

Kapil Sharma’s Response to the event: 

His popularity knows no boundaries yet he still takes the time to interact with his fans. He was surely touched by the fan’s thought and love as he took to twitter to reply to his brother’s tweet by saying,

“Lots of love to little Kopila, God bless her. My best wishes n regards to the family.”

The words he penned down for the little munchkin wishing her goodwill and love and to her entire family by the TKSS star were filled with love. 

Kapil and his wife Ginni Chatrath were also blessed with a beautiful baby girl last year in December but due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, he did not leave the house ever since and remained indoors amid the lockdown to be on the safe side. While talking to Hindustan Times, the comedian stated that, 

I have been home ever since my daughter was born in December. I would step out only to shoot for my show’s episodes. Now, of course, we aren’t shooting, so staying at home hasn’t really been that different. Time passes quickly when you have a child at home.”

He mentioned that how having a baby at home helped him during the lockdown. As the fans are anxiously waiting for the new episodes to air, it seems as the shooting for The Kapil Sharma show has begun. Kapil recently posted a photograph on Instagram in which he was getting ready for the shoot with a lot of precautionary measures in place.

The star has also seen having fun with Bharti Singh on set so his fans can expect new episodes from the massively popular show as he wrote,



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