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The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the 49ers and rewarded Patrick Mahomes II and Chris Jones with contract extensions!




Kansas City Chiefs defeated the 49ers and rewarded Patrick Mahomes II

The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl LIV championship against the San Francisco 49ers. The game was held at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens in Florida. Super Bowl LIV is an American Football game between the Kansas City Chiefs of the American football Conference (AFC) and the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football Conference (NFC). 

Both teams came out strong, the Chiefs ahead with the lead of four points in the first quarter but the 49ers were quick to make a bounce back and the game was tied at 10-10 in the first half. In the third quarter, the 49ers made 10 scoring points but the Kansas City Chiefs finally got back with a late touchdown to make it 20-17 in the fourth quarter. 

With just 3 minutes left on the clock, the score was 24-20, followed by a final touchdown that sealed the game with a score of 31-20, and Kansas City Chiefs claimed the title of the Super Bowl LIV (54th Super Bowl) world champions.

The comeback victory was fueled by Patrick Mahomes:

The comeback victory of Kansas City Chiefs was fueled by their quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the son of the former Major League Baseball pitcher Pat Mahomes. Patrick was awarded the title of the Most- Valuable Player of Super Bowl LIV 2020. 

After winning the massive game, Patrick Mahomes shared a short clip on his Instagram account, celebrating his victory with a loving and motivational caption that said, “Kansas City, we’re just getting started. This is Home.”

Patrick agreed to a 10-year Contract Extension:

The sports star debuted in the league in 2017 and now, has ranked amongst the top quarterbacks currently playing in the league. With Patrick’s athleticism, talents, and football skills, he has consistently pulled incredible performance throughout his career.

In 2017, July, he penned a four-year deal worth $16.42 million with the Chiefs. His rookie season was quite impressive but in 2018, he recorded several feats. It was his memorable season as he became the Kansas City Chiefs’ starting quarterback. 

Mahomes has shown his worth in these past three years and according to Celebrity Net Worth has an impressive net worth of approximately $30 Million as of 2020. The player is bound to make an enormous jump as he signed a ten- year contract extension, making him the highest-paid player in the National Football league. According to Forbes, the deal shoots up to $503 million, which is half a billion dollars and is recorded as the highest total value in the history of sport’s contracts.

As the team confirmed on Monday, Mahomes himself signed the deal. It is no surprise why the Kansas City Chiefs would want to lock in Patrick long-term after his back to back success, being the centerpiece of the team’s offensive explosion and also leading their fourth-quarter comeback to win Super Bowl.

Steinberg Sports Instagram Post:

A full-service sports representation and media, SSE congratulated the young player on getting the contract extension and on his massive success saying:

“Congratulations to @patrickmahomes on agreeing to terms on a 10-year extension with $503 Million. He gets $447M in a guarantee mechanism and ability to have outs if guarantee mechanisms aren’t exercised. No trade clause. The first half-billion-dollar player in sports history. First time MLB and NBA concepts are woven into an NFL contract. History made”.

Chris Jones signed the contract:

The Kansas City Chiefs have handed another bag of cash as an insider Ian Rapoport reported Tuesday night that Chiefs’ defensive tackle Chris Jones has agreed to sign a 4-year contract which is worth $85 Million and the deal will include $60 million in total upon signing which is guaranteed. It is evident why the Chiefs would want the brilliant player for a long-time as the player’s strategic performance led the team to victory.

  A game-wrecking inferior defender, Chris Jones shared his gratefulness to his fans and God saying, “Thank You, God! #onRepeat”

View this post on Instagram

Thank You God! #OnRepeat

A post shared by Chris Jones (@stonecoldjones95) on

It was speculated that it would be a struggle for the Chiefs to find salary-cap space with such high-end deals. Despite the offseason due to the global pandemic of Covid-19, Kansas City Chiefs have kept their veteran squad together and continued to do big businesses and making contracts

What can 49ers learn from this? 

This year at the Super Bowl LIV, the Kansas City Chiefs have provided some valuable lessons in the team building. First and foremost, it pays to have people in place and making huge investments. Depending on the contract structure, a huge salary commitment on top of another in any given season can be theoretically balanced.

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Leganes vs. Real Madrid; La Liga Champions put down Los Pepinneros on Last day of the Season




Leganes vs. Real Madrid; La Liga Champions put down Los Pepinneros

La Liga Champions put down Los Pepinneros on Last day of the Season

Real Madrid VS Leganes:

Real Madrid diverted an enthusiastic fightback from Leganes as the La Liga champions summed up the season with a 2-2 draw, lessening the points for the first time after the renewal. Sergio Ramos, the captain of Real Madrid had given them ahead as early as the ninth minute before Bryan Gil took Leganes to level the terms in the strategic time of the first half. 

Marco Asensio then hit in the 52nd minute with Real repossessing the lead. About 12 minutes before the overtime, substitute Roger Assale withdrew consistency as Leganes relighted their ambitions of revival. But they were left degraded Zinedine Zidane’s men grabbing them at the Butarque, pulling the season to an end. 

Saying of Javier Aguirre:

Leganes manager Javier Aguirre quoted a statement as a result of saying by AFP. According to this saying, it was reported as “The lads are broken. We had it within our grasp.”

A time ago, Barcelona concluded their season with superiority. They usually ended the season up with a high score of 5-0 beating of Alaves. Lionel Messi was making the score in a jerk. He made a hit twice to acquire a record Seventh Pichichi Trophy. He tried to finish as the highest individual scorer of the season. 

What Lionel Messi said? 

As for once, Barcelona had recently surrendered the title to their harsh opponents. Lionel Messi seriously criticized the Barcelona for that surrender. Messi reported once “I am never that bothered about the individual prizes and I have preferred it to have come with a league title like earlier”. 

Messi terminated with 25 goals, four clear of Real’s Karim Benzema who concluded second. 

Both Real and Barcelona are really willing to turn their focus on the Champions league the last 16-stage in the future. 

Elsewhere, Real Sociedad Granda CF arranged Europa league spots. Sociedad grasped Atletico Madrid to a 1-1 draw. It was possibly made by Adnan Januzaj’s 87th-minute hit while Granada demolished Athletic Bilbao 4-0.

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The show is a professional wrestling pay-per-view that was produced by WWE, for Raw and Smackdown, which are their two popular brands. The event took place in Orlando, Florida, at WWE Performance Center because of gathering restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic COVID-19. The event was initially going to happen at the SAP Center in San Jose, California, but was canceled because of the current Coronavirus situation.

The show was pre-recorded on 16-17 July and was broadcasted on 19th July 2020. It was the first out of twelve shows hosted by the Extreme Rules, who’s name was modified and changed. 


The Horror Show at Extreme Rules was planned in accordance to increase the ratings of both, Raw and Smackdown. But like its inauspicious name, the show also failed to gain the viewer’s attention and they didn’t really meet the target they were aiming to achieve in the first place.

According to the previous statistics, Raw’s performance has been lacking in previous events and has affected their viewership to some extent. Raw has failed to impress its viewers in the latest events, due to which the viewers have lost interest and a big number of them have stopped watching their matches.

On the other hand, WWE’s Smackdown also failed to catch viewers’ attention in a recent event due to its unsatisfying performance on FOX. Drew McIntyre and Bayley, once again lived up to the expectations and successfully held on to their titles in the WWE event. Whereas, Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt failed to do so by not having any conclusive outcome at the end of WWE’s latest match.


Following the unfortunate and unsatisfying events, Rey Mysterio ended up losing his eye in his Eye for an Eye battle with Seth Rollins.

The viewers didn’t find this satisfying or eye-catching and were somewhat disappointed by the whole WWE event. The event lacked innovative strategies and movies, with little to no star power. The Summerslam ended with disappointing results.


Though WWE is clearly trying to make an effort to improve their viewership by setting up big matches with star power like Randy Orton vs. Big Show and Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus, their recent event, Extreme Rules still failed to meet the expectations of the viewers. While there were some big hits in the show, the flaws were also pretty much out in the open.

Few hits of the event:

The little viewership the event managed to get was due to the few hits of the show. Let’s look into some of the hits and successes of the WWE’s Extreme Rules event.


Both players make an unbeatable due and are very famous among the fans. But both the players have been underutilized. The New Day has always influenced the WWE’s Smackdown tag teams and the duo has always been dominated by the very popular trio of Xavier Wood, Kofi Kingston, and Big E. Despite their popularity, their title picture has become a little dull.

Seeing this, WWE has committed to the Smackdown tag teams and are devoted to building tag teams outside of the New Day. This step can have the New Day award the titles to the compatible and talented duo this time but the time will prove if their decision was right or wrong.


Another source of fame for the event was Bayley’s cheap win over the famous player Nikki Cross. Bayley was considered the John Cena of women’s community who had become one of the best players of WWE.

She became even more famous when she defeated the very well-liked, Nikki Cross with the help and guidance of Sasha banks. This proved to be a hit for the show as Bayley retained her title and Nikki cross, who is very much loved by the people, gained all the sympathy.

The title hasn’t been taken away from Bayley yet because she helped to make the show more interesting. On the other hand, Nikki believes that she belongs in the title picture.


Though the match between McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler isn’t the most eye-catching event of Extreme Rules, McIntyre’s victory can still work in favor of the event by increasing their bookings and viewership.

With not the most popular position and title, Drew McIntyre managed to gain the viewer’s attention by his amazing performance. The way he defeated Ziggler by just one more Claymore Kick, increased his popularity. His long term presence in WWE can help them a lot in getting their viewers back. While this great win can get him to compete with a bigger and better rival for SummerSlam.

Misses of the WWE’s Extreme Rules event:

Contrary to the hits the event had, there were a number of misses and setbacks noticed in the whole game.


After the success of two famous events, Boneyard and Firefly Fun House, that took place in April at WrestleMania 36, McMahon said that he’s excited to bring more successful matches like these.

Because of the high expectations set by the WWE after WrestleMania 36, the viewers were disappointed by the Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman swamp fight, which ended with no conclusion. This was a major drawback for the viewers. The team showed no remarkable moves which finished the fan’s interest in it.


Falling behind schedule and canceling the promised matches has apparently become a habit of WWE’s Raw and Smackdown.

This was a major setback for people as they were anxiously waiting for this fight to happen but it was canceled because allegedly, Crews was medically unfit to compete which led people to rule out conspiracies. They think that it’s just an excuse to put the US title on Lashley, rather than Crews. On the other hand, MVP has announced that he is the champion but it hasn’t been made official by the WWE itself.

The viewers who were paying $10 per match to watch the whole event were seriously disappointed by the WWE’s commitment issues.


The matches between Banks and Asuka have always been interesting as they are a treat to watch, and the viewers love to watch them. Despite their ability to deliver good performance every single time, their recent match in Extreme Rules had a very unsatisfying ending.

Due to the few unfair decisions made by the referee, the viewers were left confused but Bayley and Banks knew what they were dealing with. Banks left the match as Raw Women’s Champion, which was very confusing for people because it made no sense at all. It seemed like the match was set up but this was not the first time that an undeserving person won the title. The viewers were still unsure if Banks was the real champion or not. WWE has used this cheap tactic several times to increase their bookings.


The eye for an eye battle is the one where one of the opponents has to lose one eye in order to finish the match and declare the winner. The match was conducted between Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio, which succeeded to gain viewers attention until Mysterio ended up losing his eye and vomited at the end of the match.

This was a completely unpleasant sight for the viewers and was one of the reasons why the event lost half of the viewers by the end of the match.

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Arsenal’s David Luiz Praised for His Remarkable Turnouts Against Manchester City and is the FA Cup Hero!




Arsenal’s David Luiz

David Luiz is a Brazilian professional football player who plays for the Arsenal team and the Brazil National team. He is a defensive midfielder for the Arsenal team while he was also primarily a center back.

When football returned on our screens and stadiums last month in June, after the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, David Luiz did not quite get the memo as he trudged off the pitch, last time he played against Manchester City. The Brazilians had a nightmare match in June, at the Etihad Stadium as the game ended after only 26 minutes of action. 

Luiz was brought as a substitute for the injured footballer Pablo Mari during the game. He messed up the opening goal before later conceding a penalty which resulted in him getting a red card.

David Luiz faced a lot of criticism: 

After his massive errors during the last games, it left the Arsenal fans wondering if they would even see him in the red shirt again. It was no wrong to say that the team lost the match by 3-0 because David Luiz was at fault. 

The former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher said in an interview that, “I don’t think there’s any future for David Luiz at Arsenal next season, that probably just puts paid to that.”

“David Luiz is not good enough for Arsenal.”

The Brazilian defender was at rock bottom then, with being subject to so much criticism from pundits and fans. However, he proved everyone wrong at the next match.

Luiz’s incredible comeback:

The Manchester City VS Arsenal match this week at Wembley Stadium left all shocked as David Luiz demonstrated his skills. He hits off critics with an immense display of talent on the field.  After some costly and high-profile mistakes, the Brazilian’s defensive qualities have been questioned but he proved everyone wrong with his fantastic comeback as he led the team to success with a win of 2-0, a shocking victory indeed. 

It was an evening of redemption, starting the match for the Gunners and imposing him from the opening minute. His appearance was calm said that he looked like a completely different person from the last game at Etihad.

Despite all the doubters, David showed his confidence levels by sticking to the Arsenal’s game plan as well as playing defensive football out from the defensive line, leading the Arsenal team to win the semi-finals of the FA Cup. He threw himself into blocks and tackles sending the ball flying over the net after which he was hugged by his teammates as if he scored a goal.

David’s interview with BT Sport:

After all the excruciating criticism the footballer received last month, David Luiz spoke to Bt sports owning his mistakes and proudly declaring his success after he booked the team’s place in the FA Cup final following a 2-0 victory over Manchester City at Wembley Stadium. He said,

“There was a lot of criticism of me; I think you can say that. That’s a part of football. I understood during my career that part of football is about surviving.”

The humble Brazilian player further remarked that “Every day you’re going to defend your team, and the other people are going to support different teams. It’s about surviving. So that’s what I did.”

“I was working hard every single day after my mistakes. I took the blame; I was mature enough to understand that. I was also humble enough to work more for the team.”

“It was a great result against one of the best teams in the world. We were humble, we understood the way we had to play and we took the opportunities to score. We have to be mature to understand what level we are in the process. We have an amazing coach but we can’t go from 0 to 100.” 

Opposition manager, Pep Guardiola pre-match conference:

Prior to the starting of the game, Guardiola told everyone that David Luiz should not be judged just on the basis of one calamitous evening in June. He told that he was confident that Luiz would shine tonight, He stated in his pre-match press conference that:

“I have incredible respect for him and for what he has done in his career. He is an exceptional player and has an incredible mentality and especially personality.”

“I laugh out loud when I hear the pundits. A lot of them were defenders and they didn’t make one mistake in their career even though they played for 15 to 20 years.”

He further added that “ I like that Luiz still plays football and I’m pretty sure he’s going to make a lot of good actions, some more mistakes as that’s part of the game. But he does it with dignity. I have a lot of respect for him.”

Arsenal’s Instagram post:

The Arsenal team showed their love and appreciation for David Luiz by sharing a post on their social media account with a short yet meaningful caption “Redemption” indicating his remarkable performance on Saturday despite all the criticism being thrown at him.

The fans replied to the post by saying, “This guy proved himself last night. Let’s see if he can carry this for the rest of the season and on to the next #coyg”

Another fan wrote, “Hope he keeps proving himself every game. I was one of the ones who doubted him. Glad he proved me wrong.”

Arsenal’s coach, Mickel Arteta hails the FA Cup hero:

A man learns from his mistakes indeed. The 33-year old footballer has a great picture of the club’s situation. He deserves all the praise that came his way as he made 11 clearances, four interceptions, and a crucial block to deny Raheem Sterling in the second half of the game.

Coach Mickel Arteta praised David Luiz by saying in an interview that, 

“We all make mistakes. The way he has been training, helping each other, and performing, it’s been phenomenal. I am delighted that people can now see this side of him as well, and praise him because he deserves that.” 

“What he needs is that we trust him, that we have no doubt in what he can do. The best way to do that is to make him play,” he added. 

“I want him to perform on the pitch. He’s doing that again now ina really good way. I’m really happy for him today.”

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