Jerry Lewis Net worth-2021, Early life, Achievements and Awards

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Jerry Lewis Net Worth

Who is Jerry Lewis? What is Jerry Lewis Net Worth and how did he make all of this money? How did he become one of the greatest comedian actors of all time? Is he alive or dead? Where exactly is his family from and where are all of them now? If you have all these queries inside your head regarding this superstar, then, worry not because this article holds the answers to all your questions and facts related to this celebrity personality, Jerry Lewis. 

Real Name/ Birth NameJoseph Levitch
DATE OF BIRTH16th March, 1926
Age at the time of death91 years
Height1.83 m
OccupationComedian, Actor, Singer, filmmaker, and Humanitarian
BIRTHPLACENewark, New Jersey, United States
NET WORTH$50Million
COUNTRY OF ORIGINUnited States of America


Jerry Lewis AKA Joseph Levitch was a well-known American Actor, Comedian who is very popular for his humor. He performed comedy roles in television shows, films, stage shows, and radio throughout his career. His stage name was Jerry Lewis. One of the most prominent highlights of his remarkable career is that he served as the chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. 

This superstar is also well-known as a director, producer, and screenwriter who is worth millions of dollars. In the late 50s and the late 60s, Jerry Lewis was one of those highest-paid entertainers that were watched all over the planet. Do you want to know Jerry Lewis Net Worth and how old was he when he passed away? If you don’t already know this then this article is for you!

Early Life: 

Jerry Lewis was born as Joseph Levitch on the 16th of March, 1926, in Newark, New Jersey. He is a United States national by birth. Jerry’s father’s real name was Daniel Levitch, who was also a great performer of his time. He went by the stage name of Danny Lewis. Jerry’s mother’s name was Rachael Levitch who used to play the piano. 

When Lewis was just a young boy, he started to attend Irvington High School. However, he only made it to 10th grade as he dropped out of high school later on. He was rejected from the military due to having a heart murmur. 

After he dropped out of school, he started to develop an interest in miming lyrics to songs while a phonograph played in the background. Jerry Lewis then got an actual gig to perform his act but it did not capture the audience’s attention at that time. 


His career took a great leap when he started to perform with Dean Martin. They both used to perform their acts and in them, Dean played the ‘Straight Man’ while Jerry used to play something wacky to entertain the crowd. They both ended up making a great comedy duo. At that time, Jerry was only 20 years old, in 1946. The duo kept on performing in small shows and their popularity began to increase every day. This got them a show on NBC radio, which was titled ‘The Martin and Lewis Show. 

Not long after gaining success in the radio industry, both of them started their acting careers as well. The first movie they played in was an adaptation of the first radio show they did together. The first film was called’ My friend Irma’ and later got a sequel ‘My Friend Irma Goes West. Post these films, they did several more movies together, ‘At War With the Army, Sailor Beware, The Stooge, 3 Ring Circus and You’re Never too Young’ and others. 

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After almost ten years of performing and acting together, their relationship fell out and they both ended their business as well as personal relationships with one another and started their amazing solo careers. 

When Jerry Lewis went solo, he was a bit unsure of how we would sing alone without Martin. However, after his successful performances of the songs ‘Rock- a – bye- Your Baby with a Dixie Melody’ and ‘Come Rain or Come, Shine, the crowd exploded with excitement and cheers for the solo artist. This made him sure of the fact that he could make it on his own too. He persuaded his singing career and went on to release his first album titled ‘ferry Lewis Just Sings’ which sold over 1.5 million copies. 


Awards and Achievements of Jerry Lewis: 

The awards and achievements of the late superstar, Jerry Lewis is plenty; some of them are listed down below: 

  • Prime Time Emmy Award Nomination For Best Comedian or Comedienne- in 1952
  • Most Cooperative Actor- Golden Globe Award- in 1954
  • Golden Laurel, Special Award- Family Comedy King- in 1965
  • American Comedy Awards Lifetime Achievement Award- in 1997
  • Golden Lion Honorary Award- in 1999
  • Primetime Emmy Governor’s Award- in 2005
  • Satellite Award for Outstanding Guest Star on Law and Order SVU- in 2006
  • Induction into New Jersey Hall of Fame- in 2009
  • Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the 81st Academy Awards- in 2009
  • Ellis Island Medal of Honor- in 2011

Jerry Lewis Net Worth- 2021: 

As of 2021, Jerry Lewis Net Worth is estimated to be around $50 million. The multitalented star passed away in 2017, leaving all of his fans in the world saddened and left us with his fond memories. All of his money was made through his hard work and determination over the years, with his comedy acts, radio show, singing, and acting career. Jerry Lewis even made millions while producing, directing, and screenwriting films. 

It is also exceptional to note that Jerry Lewis wrote 3 different books that were sold in impressive numbers. This made him gain recognition and fame as a versatile writer as well. Most of the acts he performed and acts he did in his career were so brilliant that they led to the growth of his fruitful career and in turn contributing to his salary augmentation. 

Jerry Lewis was married two times and has six sons and one daughter. He died on the 27th of August in 2017. 

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Jerry Lewis was a brilliant American personality who had an estimated Net Worth of $50 million at the time of this death. His bank account was mostly augmented through his collective earning as a comedian, actor, singer, filmmaker, Film producer, and director, and humanitarian. This late star had gained much recognition all across the globe because of his comedic persona. His humor and funny mimicries still have a place in people’s hearts, even after his departure at the age of 91 years old. This is truly the real success of any human being, being remembered after their passing away. 

Besides being a fantastic comedian and an actor, he was also considered as a fabulous human being who received an Award from the Academy of Motion Pictures of Arts and Science for the same. 

Despite being subjected to some mild controversies over the years, Jerry Lewis’swork was purely out of his passion and determination. 



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