Google doodle appreciates the famous International artist, Barbara Hepworth

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Barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth is the famous female artist who has gained recognition all over the world just because of her talent, her unique Sculpture Technique. And now she has gained and appreciated all over the world including Google Doodle. And today on August 25, 2020, google doodle celebrates the day as a day of Barbara Hepworth not as a birth date on 25 August, but because she arrived in St.

Ives on August 20, 1939. This St. Ives became a safe place during the war where the talented British Artist named Barbara Hepworth took refuge with her partner named Ben Nicholson. There they both found the safest artist community to live in safe and sound. 

Barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth with her Partner 

After this, Barbara Hepworth with her partner found another artistic community named the Penwith Society of Arts. This artistic society contained also 19 other artists with them who were living in the area famous as the seaside area. 

Skills of Barbara Hepworth

In the start, Barbara Hepworth was famous for her amazing artistic skills especially in the art of sculpture. She found another amazing skill of Direct Carving and she also improved these skills in her other artistic partners. She always used to make a sculpture with the raw material with her own artistic skills rather than to work on ready-made sculptures.

Barbara Hepworth was famous to use stones and several carving methods in her work that made its work more appreciable. The usage of stones made her sculptures more attractive to Barbara Hepworth. Barbara also loved to carve in the wood for making her sculptures. 

Schooling of Barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth was not an amazing artist or had no information about any sculpture techniques rather she worked on her appreciable skills from the art school in London named Leeds School of arts and the Royal College of Art in London. There she went to sharpen her skills and then transform herself into an amazing international artist. 

Work of Barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth had made many memorable monuments while using her amazing skills. The most famous work of Barbara Hepworth was in the form of her monumental work as an example of her Sculpture technique. 

Most famous and memorable sculpture of Barbara Hepworth

One of the most memorable sculptures by the famous international British Artist named Barbara is famous for Making the Single Form. This sculpture of a single form is made up of Bronze material completely, is almost 21 feet in height. And this is among her largest work during her artistic career.

The sculpture made for the Secretary-General of the United Nation

 This amazing sculpture by Barbara is present in the United Nation Plaza, in New York. The secretary-general of the United Nation named Dag Hammarskjold was the very close friend of Barbara Hepworth. He always admired and appreciated her amazing artwork of Barbara Hepworth. And this largest monument of Single form was made by Barbara Hepworth after the tragic death incidence of her very close friend Dag Hammarskjold. 

Barbara made a hole in the figure

Barbara Hepworth made a big hole in the upper front of the Figure so that it would seem to be watching everything from all around the world.



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