Google Adds DuckDuckGo As A Search Option

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Google is always found in inventing more advanced engines. Google has just enlarged the list of default search engines in an update to the chromium engine. Chromium engine powers the popular Chrome Browser of Google.  It gives its users more choice and approach when deciding how they want to search the things and explore the world. 

Google, the search giant has just multiplied its list of search engines to include more appealing options to its users such as increased privacy-focused search engines such as DuckDuckGo in over 60 global markets. 

Google has introduced DuckDuckGo for privacy seekers!

The changes that have done are the parts of the Chromium 73 stable release. It could help Google counter backlash over escalating privacy and antitrust scrutiny from governmental agencies. DuckDuckGo’s location services were handled and powered by Apple Maps later on. 

Through DuckDuckGo you can search anonymously and can access the required information and search instantly. It is the best option for people who are privacy seekers. 

A significant number of governments have started questioning many companies. They have been asking them that how these companies and other tech giants make it difficult and hard for smaller and developing businesses to compete at a larger scale on the ground by adding rival search products to its browser. On the other hand, Google being the largest search engine is showing its willingness to foster the competition in the space. 

Privacy-Focused Search Engines:

 Google is paying the utmost attention to the development and the advancement of the privacy-focused engines. It is because there are hackers and malware all around to destroy the public’s privacy and access. That’s why Google has added support for a substantial number of search engines e.g. DuckDuckGo. 

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DuckDuckGo is likely the most popular and renowned new addition as the privacy-focused search engine. It has gained a huge concentration and attention in recent months. Flow towards the popularity and increased usage of DuckDuckGo is the result of its increased privacy options. That’s the reason, why the people have started to use it more than ever as they have begun to value their privacy more.

Moreover, the French Search Engine “Qwant” has also been added as a new option to the search engine but only in its home country. 

Many changes have been made in the default Chromium engine just to enhance the privacy of the users. According to note about the changes made to the default chromium search engine lists on GitHub. 

The list of Search Engines was updated as a result of newly collected data and statistics!

Orin Jaworksi, who is Google Software engineer, explained that the list of the search engines was updated as a result of “recently collected data” and the “newly gathered usage statistics”. 

Google is struggling to advocate a more private search for its users. By providing the users with more comprehensive choices over which search engine they use, Google is shielding itself from the grown regulation while simultaneously helping to provide more and improved privacy. 



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