Frank Ocean’s younger brother, Ryan Breaux, 18, died in a car accident

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Frank Ocean, the American singer and songwriter’s younger brother, Ryan Breaux died at the young age of 18 in a car crash in Thousand Oaks. According to the authorities present at the scene, the car “appeared to leave the roadway and collided with a tree in the center median.”

The devastating accident took place over the weekend at about 1:30 am on Sunday, August 2. The Thousand Oaks Police Department and the Ventura County Fire Department responded to the single-vehicle traffic collision by saying that the vehicle was “engulfed in flames” when they arrived. 

“The two occupants of the vehicle were pronounced deceased at the scene by the Ventura County Fire Department.”

Frank Ocean’s Instagram Tribute:

The American singer is recognized for his idiosyncratic musical style and wide vocal range. He is among the most acclaimed artists of his generation. His birth name is Christopher Edwin Breaux. Both Ryan and Frank Ocean shared a very special bond. 

Yesterday, Frank shared a poignant post on his social media profile with some adoring photographs with his late brother, Ryan. Take a look:

Ryan was also featured in Frank’s 2016 album “Blond” closing track “Future Free.” It is also believed that Ocean’s song “ORION” is about his younger brother as the lyrics go “I remember the day you were born/ohhh, how happy I was.”

The other victim, Ezekial Bishop:


The other victim of the car crash was identified as the 20-year-old Ezekial Bishop who was a field and track student-athlete enrolled in the university for the spring 2020 semester. 

“We are deeply saddened to hear of Ezekial’s passing. Any loss of life is tragic, and to lose someone so young is absolutely heartbreaking. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ezekial’s family at this extremely difficult time.” Athletic director, Mike Izzi wrote on the school’s website.

The cause of the death and who was driving the car has not been determined yet but according to the authorities, the car was “severely damaged” and “cut in half on impact”. The Sheriff Deputy Wendell Campbell said that the crash might be due to “over-speeding” as “the speed limit is north of 45mph” and “a nice big stretch of road, so sometimes people do pick up speed.”

Paris Bronsnan’s heartfelt message:

The actor Pierce Brosnan’s son, Paris Brosnan was Ryan’s close friend and he took to Instagram to pay a tribute to the late soul by saying,

“You were just getting started and ready to show the world who you were. You were a leader and you had a whole army of loyal soldiers behind you…”

“Thank you for blessing us ALL with your presence on this Earth. I will carry you in my heart always.”

He ended the note, “Until I see you again brother. Ryan Breaux and Zeek Bishop Forever.”



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