Faisu VS Riyaz Aly VS Awez Darbar; Who is King Personality on Instagram

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Instagram is such a platform that provides an avenue for fans and followers of celebrities to remain up-to-date about their lives. Every celebrity wants to have a fascinating fan following. As celebrities get popular, they also interact with their fans through Live Chat, and by posting the most updated videos and photos about daily activities on social media. Fans are always intrigued to know what’s happening in the lives of their favorite celebrities. So, they approach their desire through social media.  

On seeing the pictures and the Posts of the celebrities, fans go crazy over them and show their love and respect by commenting, sharing, and liking it. A large number of actors, either national or international, many TikTok stars and other famous personalities use social media and are extremely popular for their work on these social platforms. The famous and renowned celebrities like Faisu, Riyaz Aly, and Awez Darbar are trending on Instagram now. We will have a little talk about these three Instagram Icons next and will find who is the most influential one on Insta? 

Faisu on Insta!

Faisu is the notable personality being known for his exclusive artistic skills. He is a noteworthy artist, YouTuber, and Style Blogger. Faisu is influencing a substantial ratio of people with his travel video blogs on YouTube.  He is also stunning us on TikTok with his blog videos while being active on Insta and YouTube. 

Faisu has succeeded in attaining 30 million+ followers and Fans on TikTok. He is one of the top trending Indian Influencers on social media. He has put an extensive effort on Insta that has enlivened his Insta profile with an increased fan following. After the restriction implemented on TikTok, he got a significant promotion on Insta! That’s actually happening for an obvious cause!

Riyaz Aly on Insta!

Riyaz ly is the famous TikTok star who has the most elevated number of Supporters. All his fans and followers are really missing him on the front once the TikTok has been restricted. He has a groomed and rakish personality that is standing him out among the Youngster artists. He has ruled over 40 million minds with his TikTok videos and versatile personality. But due to restriction on TikTok, he started to show his talent on Instagram and spreading millions of smiles. He is earning a huge number of followers on Insta and is still being loved above all!

Awez Darbar on Insta!

Awez Darbar is not an ordinary personality. He is a great Dancer and choreographer who is respected and being followed for his significant and unique steps, His dance videos got the massive attraction of not only followers but also other TikTokers on TikTok. He was used to getting followed by different TikTokers. His career has a progressing path that connects him to many Bollywood stars. He has worked with few Bollywood stars and given a spark of inspiration to many youngsters. He has also made a large fan following on Instagram. 

So, let us leave this question to you to decide who is the most trending and Influencing personality on Instagram? Go to your senses and decide after visiting their Insta profiles that who is the King of Insta now?



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