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Faisu VS Riyaz Aly VS Awez Darbar; Who is King Personality on Instagram




Faisu VS Riyaz Aly VS Awez Darbar

Instagram is such a platform that provides an avenue for fans and followers of celebrities to remain up-to-date about their lives. Every celebrity wants to have a fascinating fan following. As celebrities get popular, they also interact with their fans through Live Chat, and by posting the most updated videos and photos about daily activities on social media. Fans are always intrigued to know what’s happening in the lives of their favorite celebrities. So, they approach their desire through social media.  

On seeing the pictures and the Posts of the celebrities, fans go crazy over them and show their love and respect by commenting, sharing, and liking it. A large number of actors, either national or international, many TikTok stars and other famous personalities use social media and are extremely popular for their work on these social platforms. The famous and renowned celebrities like Faisu, Riyaz Aly, and Awez Darbar are trending on Instagram now. We will have a little talk about these three Instagram Icons next and will find who is the most influential one on Insta? 

Faisu on Insta!

Faisu is the notable personality being known for his exclusive artistic skills. He is a noteworthy artist, YouTuber, and Style Blogger. Faisu is influencing a substantial ratio of people with his travel video blogs on YouTube.  He is also stunning us on TikTok with his blog videos while being active on Insta and YouTube. 

Faisu has succeeded in attaining 30 million+ followers and Fans on TikTok. He is one of the top trending Indian Influencers on social media. He has put an extensive effort on Insta that has enlivened his Insta profile with an increased fan following. After the restriction implemented on TikTok, he got a significant promotion on Insta! That’s actually happening for an obvious cause!

Riyaz Aly on Insta!

Riyaz ly is the famous TikTok star who has the most elevated number of Supporters. All his fans and followers are really missing him on the front once the TikTok has been restricted. He has a groomed and rakish personality that is standing him out among the Youngster artists. He has ruled over 40 million minds with his TikTok videos and versatile personality. But due to restriction on TikTok, he started to show his talent on Instagram and spreading millions of smiles. He is earning a huge number of followers on Insta and is still being loved above all!

Awez Darbar on Insta!

Awez Darbar is not an ordinary personality. He is a great Dancer and choreographer who is respected and being followed for his significant and unique steps, His dance videos got the massive attraction of not only followers but also other TikTokers on TikTok. He was used to getting followed by different TikTokers. His career has a progressing path that connects him to many Bollywood stars. He has worked with few Bollywood stars and given a spark of inspiration to many youngsters. He has also made a large fan following on Instagram. 

So, let us leave this question to you to decide who is the most trending and Influencing personality on Instagram? Go to your senses and decide after visiting their Insta profiles that who is the King of Insta now?

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Gorgeous in Pink; Hina Khan,Shivangi Joshi and Erica Fernandes Are Slaying The Look In Pink Outfits





The Pink has always been considered as a color representing the universal love for oneself and the others. This color has consistently remained an absolute favorite for girls.

Celebrities are also opting to wear pink; Hina Khan, Erica Fernandes, and Shivangi Joshi are looking more charismatic than ever in their pink attire.


Hina Khan is one of the most alluring celebrities and she is not letting any stone unturned. With her voguish and chic fashion style and acting, she is at present a household name in the Television industry.  Who cannot become a fan of “Akshara” in “Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hy”?

After conquering the small screen, she now sets afoot in Bollywood too. While going through her Instagram handle, we can see her wearing many pink dresses and making us startled over them.


Such a treat for eyes!

On the EID UL FITR, Hina Khan opted to wear a light pink dress with white sleek embroidery on that, and she is absolutely presenting the look gracefully.


Pink seems to be a color made for her, and without a doubt, she is an absolute epitome of beauty in these pink attires.


The next person on our list is Shivangi Joshi. With her splendid and elegant choice of outfits, she is making her fans awestruck.

The most charming actress is the part of “Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hy”, which currently completed 3000 episodes. The serial has been running since 2009. Nothing short of a fashionista, this beautiful and elegant actress seems to cast a spell in her pink outfits.


She shares the picture in a white and pink lehenga and looks dazzling with the sparkling accessories and her million-dollar smile.


Serving the looks in ultimate perfection. Right!


Last but not the least, Erica Fernandes; “Kasuti Zindagi Kay” star. She is one of the most acclaimed and established actresses, and never fails to amaze us with her acting skills. 

She might look lean, but her toned abs and sexy curves are serving the looks perfectly. Taking her looks in pink to her Instagram handle, she is nailing every look in pink outfits.


Erica steals everyone’s heart by her chop acting skills on the Television screen; she never fails to disappoint us by her fashion game either.

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Anita Hassanandani, Surbhi Chandna, Drashti Dhami, Saumya Tandon

Anita Hassanandani, Surbhi Chandna, Drashti Dhami, Saumya Tandon are undeniably the most sensual television actresses.

Whether it’s a fashion trend or outfit style, we are persistently seeking tips from our favorite actresses. And they always give us ideas about recent and trendy styles and fashion. Anita, Surbhi, Dashti, and Munmun always gave some jaw-dropping red carpet looks and parties alike. Be it a classy sequin outfit to satin dress, these beauties flaunt their style in perfection.

Anita, Surbhi, Dashti, and Munmun are assuredly the most enchanting actresses. Their ability to pull off a perfect look in the Satin outfit is on the next level. Satin is considered as a versatile and one of the easiest to go fabric. 

So, if you are thinking of wearing a satin outfit at a party and confused whether or not you will ace the look or not. These TV beauties are giving you some major inspiration on Satin Outfits. 

Feel free to glam up in your favorite satin dress.

Over here are Anita, Surbhi, Drashti, Munmun’s enchanting looks in some satin outfits; they are absolutely striking the magic.

Saumya Tandon Drashti Dhami Anita Hassanandani Surbhi Chandna

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Nayanthara To Shruti Hassan; Chic Holiday Styles You Must’ve Seeking Out





Whenever there is a discussion about the South film industry top actresses, two names emerged in our minds which are undoubtedly the queens over there. These two beauties are none other than Nayanthara and Shruti Haasan. 

Both of them are considered to be an embodiment of beauty and magnificence, and their fans are in love with their acting expertise. Apart from being successful actresses, Nayanthara and Shruti Haasan are evenly acing their fashion game. Their sexy and intriguing styles have ignited the internet on several occasions.

Nayanthara and Shruti Hassan

Nayanthara and Shruti Hassan always take time from their hectic routine for a holiday. Whether it is a long vacation to a foreign country or a small trip locally, both of them love to flaunt their elegant looks. What do these two actresses love to do on a vacation?

Even if they are far from the eyes of paparazzi and hefty work routine. They never forget to ace every other look while they are on vacation.

Both of them prefer western attires, specifically denim and skirts, and they are undeniably slaying the looks. If you are planning to go on a vacation and pondering what to wear and not. Here are some pictures of these two fashionistas to provide you some inspiration;

Nayanthara Nayanthara 2 Shruti Hassan Nayanthara 3

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