Graduate Of John Jay Highschool, Fahim Saleh, Found Dead In His Luxury Manhattan Condo On Wednesday

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Fahim Saleh, 33, (September 23, 1986 – July 13, 2020) was born in Saudi Arabia. His parents were Bengali who moved to Rochester, New York due to their work. Fahim became a famous web programmer at a very young age and gained a lot of success in his field of expertise. He was a self-taught businessman.

Fahim had a dream of creating something big and due to his passion, he formed his first company when he was in high school. 1n 2015, he became the co-founder of a famous Nepali and Bangladeshi riding company, ‘Pathao’.

Another one of his biggest achievements was working with a successful company called ‘Gokada’, which was a very famous motorbike Nigerian company.


Fahim Saleh, the young and intelligent web programmer was found dead at 3:30 pm in his luxury apartment on 13 July 2020.

According to the sources, earlier that night, Saleh’s neighbor heard him screaming and they called his sister right away. His sister immediately came to his apartment to check up on him. She entered the most dreadful scene she had ever witnessed.

She found Saleh brutally murdered in his condo and called the police. Police found his torso next to an electrical saw and the rest of his body parts were put in garbage bags that were also inside the apartment.


Fahim’s business partner who was also his close friend was very saddened and shocked by the news of his beloved friend’s murder. Ahmed wrote that he lost a friend who was unbeatable and fearless. He also said that Saleh was a gem of a person and he is still in a state of shock and disbelief on hearing this heartrending news.

Saleh was a graduate of John Jay high school and became an internet royalty when he was very young. He was a hardworking person who gained a lot of success but unfortunately was murdered and found dead by his family this Wednesday.


According to the investigators who were investigating Saleh’s murder, the victim was seen leaving the elevator and heading towards his apartment on Tuesday. They said that a suspicious man wearing all black was found following him to the apartment, in the CCTV. Police suspect that the neighbor interrupted the murderer before he escaped from the back exit.

The body was sent for autopsy after it was found. Medical examiners announced the death of Saleh, a homicide.


The company, Gokada in which Saleh used to work paid their respects, and later on posted, ‘Fahim’s death is a huge loss for us as he was very intelligent and was very passionate about Nigerians. He had a firm belief that Nigerian kids are very bright and are capable of doing something big. The company further said that they will continue their work to fulfill his dreams and wishes for the betterment of the company and Nigerian youth’.


At the young age of 20, Fahim created an app for teens which helped them customize social media and provided messenger services. This was when he was living in his parents’ Hopewell Junction Home. 

According to Fahim’s statement, ‘In the beginning, the app got a little fame and was just making a few bucks out of it. But later on, when he partnered with a young developer, Kylie Kapper, it became very popular among teenagers and he started earning a heavy amount out of it. And this is when it became a six-figure business’.

They kept on working together and created websites from which they earned $200,000 per annum. This was the time when he graduated from Bentley University. Their most recent project together was Pathao, which was like food or other stuff delivery service in Bangladesh.


Investigators are still looking for more clues. They also checked the camera outside to check where the murderer went after fleeing the apartment. They are also linking Saleh’s murder to his big business deals and think that it could be an act of business rival.



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