Esra Bilgic, The Turkish beauty of Drama serial Dirilis Ertugrul looked fabulous in her new photos

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‘Esra Bilgic’ as Halime Sultan in Ertugrul Ghazi! 

All of you must know about “Halime Sultan” the love and wife of Ertugrul Ghazi in the Turkish Drama Serial Dirilis Ertrugul. She had been looked in the Drama so pretty and charming that every person has fallen in love with her. It is not the case only in Turkey, the popularity of this drama and its cast especially the main cast has taken Pakistan by storm. 

Halime Sultan as an ambassador of Pakistani Brands!

The Beauty “Halime Sultan” has her real name as Esra Bilgic and works as a Turkish model and actress. She can also be seen working as an ambassador with many Pakistani Brands. She can recently be seen working for the fastest network of Pakistan “Jazz 4G #Duniya Ko Bata Do”. She looks really excited while working in Pakistan when we look into her posts on Instagram filled with amazement.

Esra Bilgic ruling the hearts of Pakistanis!

The actress “Esra Bilgic” has gotten outburst popularity all over Pakistan. Even we can say that she beats in the hearts of every Pakistani who has watched the serial “Ertugrul Ghazi”. All of her Pakistani fans send their love to her through lovely comments on her posts and she also loves and respects them back. She has shown her intimate relationship with Pakistan and her Pakistani fans by recording video messages on Eid and the 14th of August. 

Esra takes care of her fans’ love by keeping them up-to-date to her life! 

She always keeps her fans at the top of craziness by posting her new and newer photos randomly on her Instagram account. She is totally different in her real-life from the role of “Halime Sultan” in Ertugrul Ghazi. But she looks as pretty as she is while playing the role of Halime Sultan. But in reality, there is a little bit boldness. But it goes with the time as she is not Halime Sultan in reality but just played a role as a professional actor. 

Even the actress, Esra Bilgic has decided to visit Pakistan in response to immense love and affection from Pakistan, in case of improvement in the pandemic situation. 

Esra Bilgic’s Biography!

The Turkish actress Esra Bilgic is 27 now and was born on the 14th of October, 1992 in the city of Ankara, Turkey.  She got her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Istanbul and is currently pursuing her career as a model and actress. 

It should be considered that “Halime Sultan” has not only worked in Dirilis Ertugrul but in many other Turkish Dramas and is doing more.



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