Dwayne Johnson’s Wife, Lauren Hashian Celebrates First Wedding Anniversary With A New Song: ‘Step Into A Love Like This’

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The pop-star, Lauren Hashian is celebrating her first wedding anniversary with hubby Dwayne Johnson aka ‘The Rock’ with a very special and magical music gift. On Tuesday, the singer released the track publically on all streaming platforms, commemorating the milestone with Johnson. 

The song ‘Step into a love like this’ is a romantic song, a love letter to Johnson and their life together which she presented for the first time privately to hubby Dwayne Johnson during their intimate wedding ceremony last year in Hawaii. Hashian, 35, explained the song in a very special way saying that it is “a reflection of experiencing our family, our love, and our life together.”


The Rock’s Instagram post:

Dwayne Johnson who is also known by his ring name “The Rock” is an American- Canadian actor, producer, businessman, and retired wrestler. On Tuesday, Johnson shared a very special video featuring memorable moments from their stunning wedding in Hawaii and shared his thoughts on the meaningful song about their long-term relationship.

Rock wrote in the caption, 

The mate to my soul. One year ago today, On August 18th, 2019- I had the honor of marrying @laurenhashianofficial. Later that night she surprised me with this beautiful song ‘Step into a love like this’ that she wrote and sand herself in honor of our marriage.”

He told his 194 Million followers how he got emotional by saying, 

From the moment I heard the song’s opening line, of “…every angel in heaven is singing for us today…” as a tribute to our loved ones who’ve passed away and no longer with us- I got very emotional. As I still get emotional today when I hear those words and watch this video footage.”

“Lauren is a gifted and soulful songwriter who wrote every single word of this song (and her vows) to reflect our life and blessings on our wedding day.” He wrote.


Dwayne Johnson also gave a cute shout-out to their two daughters by writing, 

Special shout to my extremely loving daughters, Jazzy and Tia for accompanying daddy as I got down on my knee to do the honors of asking for Lauren’s hand in marriage. Technically, she never said YES! As she just burst out laughing and then ugly crying. BUT I’ll take that responsibility on the Hawaiin cliffs any day”.

The actor ended the note by saying, “We hope that you will enjoy ‘Step into a love like this’ and our wedding day moments- as much as we are privileged to share it with you all on our anniversary.”

Lauren talked about the new song in a press release:

Johnson, 48, and Lauren Hashian first met back in 2006 while the American actor was filming The Game Plan and starting dating in 2007. The two share daughters named Jazzy and Tia and Johnson also has a 19-year-old daughter Simone from his previous marriage.

The singer recalled some of the greatest moments of her life as she released the heartfelt song on Tuesday. 

This has been the most personal and rewarding song I’ve ever written. Personal because every word is from the heart, and rewarding because one year ago today on our wedding day August 18, 2019, I was able to share this song with the man I now call my husband in front of our little girls and our family and friends.” She told.

She further told thatI am so proud to share this song now. ‘Step into a love like this’ was written with the help of some of my closest friends and colleagues. Thank you to everyone who helped it come true, and to my husband and our family.”

Hashian also reflected on some special moments by saying, 

It was emotional for me to reflect on the amazing years we’ve spent together with so much gratitude and to also think about our future together.”


Their Wedding Vows:

Dwayne Johnson is one of the biggest film stars in America who had a small intimate beach wedding with some close family and friends. 

During their vows, Dwayne took the time to thank Lauren for all she has done for him as he said, 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for lessons beyond my imagination, my thought.”

“Two of them are right there. The other one, I’m holding.” He added nodding to their beautiful daughters. 

Lauren also shared some meaningful words to their vows by saying

The day you came to my town, I didn’t know you’d stay there in my life. Over a decade, later, finally, we get to call each other husband and wife…you are the mate to my soul. I’ve never felt so good before. You’re my protector, guardian angel, and always protect our space and beautiful energy.”



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