US President Donald Trump Tweets “Open The Schools” And Twitter Backfires!

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The United States President Donald Trump tweeted about reopening the schools amid the severe coronavirus crisis. Trump let the people know that the US is “doing very well” as he took to Twitter on August 3rd saying, 

“Cases up because of BIG Testing! Much of our country is doing very well. Open the Schools!”

Twitter was furious after this hypocrite tweet by their President as they reminded him that Trump’s son, Barron Trump’s school, St. Andrew Episcopal which charges $42,190 a year of middle school will remain closed due to safety reasons until October. The twitter folks backfired at the tweet as one person wrote, 

“It’s important that Barron gets the education you think everyone is forced to get. You have to lead by example on this. Make Barron go to a public school.”

“Trump back to school reopening plan: Send Barron to the bunker.” Another Twitter user suggested. 

“Send your kid into a pandemic.”

The risk of transferring Covid-19:

At a press conference on July 22nd, Trump told that he’s not concerned about children’s safety because they “have a very strong immune system.” However, this statement is not necessarily true.

It seems as if the twitter users have a valid point as it’s confirmed that youngsters can spread the virus to their friends and family. Millions of students come from different families so place 40 students and an instructor in a cramped classroom for seven to eight hours a day, and the chances are not nice.

Teachers and families throughout the country are struggling with the decision whether they should continue online education for students or begin in-person learning again. 

Why President Trump is so eager to reopen school?

Donald Trump keeps striving for schools to open up again even in such a serious global pandemic. The leading story to his eagerness is that he thinks parents can’t go back to work if they are saddled with taking care of their children at home all day as he thinks “normal” will boost his approval rating leading in reelections. 

The president is trying hard to ensure everyone that the coronavirus cases are going away claiming that the recent outbreak is because of a “higher number of Covid-19 testing”.

Twitter backfires at the President’s tweet:

It is certain that Donald Trump’s tweets usually don’t have well polices. 

The US tops the list of countries with the highest number of cases of Covid-19 with 158,929 deaths. Amid such critical times, Trump’s ignorant tweet infuriated Twitter users as they wrote.

Another one tweeted, 

 Political host, Brian Tyler Cohen took to Twitter to comment on Trump’s hypocrisy, “If voting in- person is so safe, why Barron Trump isn’t attending school in person in the fall? Why isn’t GOP hosting an in-person convention? Why has Trump canceled the rest of his in-person rallies?”



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