Donald Trump Net Worth

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Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump is an American politician, author, TV personality, and renowned businessman. Before stepping into the world of politics, he was majorly known for his organization and real estate empire. Nowadays, he occupies a massive net worth of $2 billion.Are you looking for How Much Is Former President Donald Trump net worth? How old is Donald trump? His organization holds commercial and residential properties e.g golf courses, in Scotland, and Ireland. To many people’s surprise, Trump defeated Hilary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States in 2016. After four years, he lost the Presidential election to Joe Biden. Even after the defeat, his actions created a lot of controversy for him. 

Trump’s Apprentice deal with NBC made him earn millions. According to the deal, he owns half of the profit generated by the show. In the year 2005, he earned around $48 million, in the last decade he earned more than $197.3 million. He managed to get hold of most of the profit generated by the NBC show “The Apprentice”. Donald Trump utilized his popularity from this deal into the further investment of $230 million in other deals and advertisements.

Trump was entitled to receive an annual salary of $400,000 during the Presidency. Trump did not receive the salary and donated all to the charity. He will be given a $211,000 annual pension as an ex-president. Trump will also receive up to $1 million per year in terms of travel expenses, secret service for life, and other similar services. 

Donald Trump Biography

Full name Donald John Trump
Date of BirthJune 14, 1946 (74 years old)
Height6 ft 3 inches
ProfessionTV personality, television producer, Writer, Investor, actor, Businessperson, Entrepreneur.
NationalityUnited state of America
Last update2021
EducationThe Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, B.S.
Net Worth$2.4 billion

Early Life & Education

Donald Trump early life

He was born on June 14, 1946. His father Fred Trump was known as a famous real estate tycoon. Fred Trump started a home construction company along with his mother Elizabeth. The company built many houses in Queens. Eventually, the company kept expanding and managed more than 27000 rental homes primarily around New York City. 

He went to Kew Forest school in forest hills and then to New York Military Academy at the age of 13. Further on, he attended the University of Pennsylvania and graduated in Economics in 1968. After his education, he joined his father’s company. In the next decades, they earned an estate of housing in New York neighboring cities like Queens, Brooklyn, etc. His father distributed every child’s share in the company, in that way he was a millionaire at the age of 8 years old. Fred Trump sets up a one million trust fund for every child. That was the huge amount back then, the trust paid yearly payments from the profits gained by the company. 

Trump appeared on the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans along with his father in the 1980s. Trump’s net worth was $200 million then, Fred Trump died in 1999 and left $413 million for each of his children in inheritance. 

Personal Life

Donald Trump wife

He married Ivanka Zelnickova in 1977. They had three children together named Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. The couple parted ways in 1992, he married Marla Maples the next year. Marla gave birth to his daughter Tiffany Trump. Trump and Marla got separated in 1999. He then married supermodel Melania Knauss in 2004. Donald Trump have 3 CHILDS ivanka, Donald Jr., Eric, Tiffany, Barron 

Donald Trump Career 

Donald Trump Net Worth-Career

Trump wanted to expand his family empire to other cities too, he established his trust fund and asked for a loan from his father. In the coming decades, about $60 million was given by Fred Trump in terms of several projects. 

One of his key successes is the 1976 renovation of the Commodore Hotel in New York. In that era, New York was in economic decline. The Trump Organization spent more than $100 million for its renovation in the next four years. It was regarded as an impressive and amazing renovation on such a large scale. He sold off half of his shares for the building to the Pritzker family in 1996 for $142 million.

Donald began construction of a 58-floor building on Fifth Avenue in 1982, today known as Trump Tower. It has 238 residential units, three restaurants, and many retail businesses. The top three floors are his personal residence in the city for decades. In 2006, Forbes termed the worth of Trump Tower as $318 million. 

The value of the building soared up to $600 million due to the store of popular brand Gucci. Nowadays, cutting a $100 million mortgage, the tower is worth about $500 million. 

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Apart from the Trump Tower, Trump also holds Trump Place International, Trump World Tower. Many hotels and restaurants that have the name trump are actually licensing deals. According to the deal, they pay the Trump Organization a fee to use his name for their hotel. 

In the 80s, he expanded his empire to Atlantic City and built a number of Casino properties. His store Taj Mahal Casino opened in 1990, the casinos later fell into bankruptcy between 1991 and 2009. Fred Trump has to bail out several times due to losses in casinos. 

Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump-Trump tower

He announced that he was running for the US presidency in 2015. After the announcement, Donald Trump Net Worth declared his net worth to be estimated at $8-10 billion. His net worth is based on how he thinks of his assets. In his own perspective, he valued his net worth to be $3.3 billion. Others value it to be around $100 million. He was a millionaire at a very young age and included in 400 richest Americans along with his father in 1982. After the decline of real estate, he was out of the 400 richest lists for most of the 90s decade.

Donald Trump Instagram:

As of now, $2-3 billion net worth makes him the 720th richest person in the globe and 260th person in the United States. For years, His net worth was declared by Forbes and other such outlets. In 2009, Timothy O’Brien wrote a book “Trump Nation: The Art of Being The Donald”. He claimed that Trump’s actual net worth is less and just $150-250 million. Trump sued the author for $5 billion for malice and citing his net worth lower than usual. His lawyers said that their client’s net worth is more than $7 billion.

Trump himself gets confused at times about how much net worth he actually holds. Trump said about his net worth at the deposition address, ‘My net worth never remains the same, it goes up and goes down with market value and with my own feelings. I see the world changing day by day and yes my own feelings also determine my worth”.

According to Forbes, Donald Trump net worth is approximately $4.5 billion in 2017. They lowered the estimate to $3 billion in 2019. His controversies during the presidency put a negative impact on his wealth and it declined. Many other resources claimed different values of his net worth. Donald Trump net worth 2021 is about USD 2.4 billion.

Books & TV Shows

Donald wrote a number of books, the most popular and best-sellers are “Trump 101: The Way of Success”, “The America We Deserve” and “The Art of Deal”. 

He created a show named “The Apprentice” for NBC with Mark Bunnett in 2004. The show got many spin-offs, later on, he was awarded two Emmy Awards. He earned roughly about $60 million per season of the Apprentice. Trump was included in the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007 due to his work in the Showbiz industry. He keeps on appearing on and off on many shows. 

Trump Real Estate Assets

Some important assets of Trump are Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia that acts as a boutique hotel. Trump Doral is a golf club in Miami Trump Chicago, which is one of many luxury golf clubs owned by Trump in Scotland, New Jersey, Dubai, Ferry point, and many more. 

Donald Trump net worth in 2016 was at least $1.4 billion in assets, $300 million in income from resorts and golf clubs, $100 million in terms of rental income, and many hundred thousand in the mortgage. 

Donald Trump’s Personal Real Estate Properties


Before he became president and moved to the White House, Trump was living at his three-floor residency at Trump tower. His apartment is embellished with gold, marble, and diamonds. The whole of his triplex residence is worth more than $100 million. He also owned Trump Park Avenue, aside from Trump Tower.  

A 213-acre estate (Seven Springs) is located in Westchester County, New York. He bought this property for $7.5 million in 1995. In the late 80s, Trump bought a 17-acre estate in Florida (Mar-a-Lago), he referred to it as )”The Winter White House”. Mar-a-Lago was built by Marjorie Merriweather Post from 1924-1927. She spent $7 million in its construction, making $101 million in today’s net worth of Donald Trump. When she died in 1973, she gave the estate to the Government that it would be used as the Winter White House.

The Government came to know that it is not possible to take care of such property, the Post foundation tried to sell the property in 1981. When Trump was buying properties near buy, his friends told him about Mar-a-Lago. He first offered $15 million to buy it but the offer declined. Eventually, he bought the property for $7 million in 1985. He renovated the property at the expense of millions of dollars. A waterfront pool, a ballroom, and tennis courts were added to the residence.

When he was in financial turmoil and going through his divorce, the bankers told him to divide the property and sell it off to raise the money. Palm Beach Residents got furious and asked the City Council to cancel the idea. Trump turns the property into a private club later on. Now, the residence is a members-only club with high-class facilities including a spa and guest rooms. On average, this property is worth around millions.



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