Popular Communication App, Discord, Faced Widespread Server Outages Today Due To Cloudflare Issues:

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Famous chatting and communicating application, Discord was invented by Jason Citron who is also the founder of OpenFeint, a social gaming platform for mobile games. It is a proprietary freeware telecommunication app that was designed to make groups and communities for different purposes like education, business, and gaming.

It is available in 27 different languages and is successfully running on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and Web browsers. Discord gained a lot of fame in all communities and successfully gained the trust of over 250 Million followers. The followers love to use it because of its diverse features and services it provides that includes texting, video calling, communication by sharing images and audio sharing facilities.


Due to Cloudflare issues, Discord’s server was down for over an hour today. The app started facing issues around 5 PM ET, and along with Discord many other apps and sites like Deliveroo, Zendesk, Gitlab, Patreon, and Medium also faced the same issues. 

The whole issue was as a result of the fault in the functioning of Cloudflare, that is an American website-security company, that takes care of the server issues and internet security and has a major role in controlling the functioning of many popular apps and sites. 

The company noticed the issues and reported that they are to fix the problems as soon as possible.



Many websites and apps faced problems and stopped working for an hour today due to Cloudflare issues. The team quickly worked to remove the issue in order to present people from all the inconvenience.

Earlier today, after the whole issue, the spokesperson of Cloudflare clarified in his statement to The Verge, quoting, “This afternoon we saw an outage across some parts of our network,” he further explained, “It was not as a result of an attack. It appears a router on our global backbone announced bad routes and caused some portions of the network to not be available”.

The spokesperson made it clear in his statement that it is not an act of hacking or any other such reason, but is solely due to bad routing issues of the company.


After the malfunctioning of several apps that were managed by the website-security company, Cloudflare, the company took drastic measures to solve the issues and solved them within 2 hours to save their users from more inconvenience. The company also apologized for all the problems and said that they have never faced such a problem before and hopefully this won’t happen in the future as well.

CTO of Cloudflare, John Graham-Cumming’s apology statement:

The CTO of the company, John apologized to the customers in his statement. He said, “We are sorry for the disruption to our customers and to all the users who were unable to access internet properties while the outage was happening”.


According to the previous records, Discord has faced the same issue back in March, along with some other sites and apps. The increasing traffic on these sites is due to ongoing pandemic COVID-19. Since people are staying at home so more people are using these apps to communicate with their loved ones and malfunctioning of the app created a lot of problems for consumers to communicate.

Discord also faced the same issue due to another wireless communication company, Verizon, that also affected Cloudflare, who later on criticized Verizon on their poor strategies of controlling internet trafficking.



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