Did Rhea Chakraborty Cease the Sushant Singh Family to Meet Him?

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Rhea Chakraborty is the girlfriend of late Sushant Singh Rajput, who died on June 14, 2020, with a suicide attempt in his apartment. Rhea was seen with him during the last days of Sushant before his death incident. Rhea is also an Indian actress, started her career in acting in 2013. She made her first Bollywood debut in the film named, mere Dad ki Maruti.

According to reporters

According to some Reporters, it is heard that Rhea was continuously playing a negative role in the life of Sushant, made him think about suicide and other stuff like these. It is also heard that Rhea stopped the family members of Sushant to meet him, to communicate with him. It is said that Rhea was taking advantage of Sushant, his fame, his money, and much more. In short, everything has shown that the rhea has played a major role in destroying Sushant’s life.  

Why family of Sushant did not take any action

Also, the other question arises with this update, why did not the family members of Sushant take any step when they know that their son was in some danger or was in someone’s control. Why they also just kept quiet during this situation after knowing all the truth about Rhea. This is the main topic of concern here. 

Claim from the close persons of Rhea

Some close friends of Rhea also claimed that there is nothing uncommon to exchange their things, their debit cards, or much more when two persons are living in life in a relationship. Rather all these things are quite normal in a live-in relationship. There is no need to exaggerate these things in the case of why he took the way to suicide to end his life. All these allegations are just lame towards Rhea. 

Another question arises here: why everyone is thinking that Rhea is the culprit? Just because she was in life in a relationship with the late Sushant Singh Rajput? This is injustice and being an unfair thing with her.



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