Despite Demonstrations in Some Cities, There Was No Widespread Election Unrest

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The demonstrators supporting Trump in Michigan chanted harshly “Stop the count” and the armed supporters of President Trump in Arizona shouted, “Count the Votes”!

Election Week in the USA is going on!

All know that nowadays is the situation of the election in the U.S.A. Despite many powerful rivals, Ex-president Trump is still very confident and has no doubt that he would be the president once again. 

All of his supporters are showing demonstrations in some cities but these couldn’t lead to that much Election Unrest. 

Whole America waiting for a new President!

As the whole American nation waited for the officials to finish the counting and announcing the results on Wednesday. But while this wait, some sort of scattered clashes and demonstrations tended to emerge in some cities across the country. However, the streets were mostly free of widespread unrest while others had feared.

In Oregon, Gov. Kate Brown took some precautionary measures. She activated the National Guard across the city after a march through downtown Portland resulted in unwanted destruction and violence. 

Several clashes and demonstrations broke out! 

For this, the Humvees and Soldiers wearing military uniforms hurried through streets strewn with broken glasses from the crushed shop windows. According to officials, at least 10 people were arrested at the spot. One of these men was a person who was suspected of throwing a Molotov Cocktail at Police officers. The suspected man was also carrying a rifle, knife, and an explosive device with him along with a tactical vest – Police spokesperson reported. 

In one other incident in downtown Phoenix, there was a crowd of about 200 people who were demonstrating and supporting President Trump. All the demonstrators gathered outside the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center for demonstration. At the election center, workers were furiously counting the ballots. The Sheriff’s Deputies blocked off the entrance to the Election Center and stood guards there. 

Trump’s supporters became furious about the ballots’ counting!

The crowd demonstrating there shouted loudly “Count the votes”… they also said, “We want Trump”. 

The crowd was not literally without any leader. In-fact the whole crowd was rallied to the County building by Pro-Trump Media Personality Mike Cernovich and Republican Rep. Paul Gosar. These two public figures urged Trump’s followers on social media to head towards the County to make sure the counting of ballots. 

Arizona became a final battleground for elections!

After all this mess, Arizona also became one of the final battlegrounds in the Presidential Election. In Arizona, the results were still doubtful as just a handful of outstanding ballots were left to be counted.  

All the media across the whole USA remained active while this and captured some protestors carrying rifles. Because of security concerns, law enforcement began to form a line to prevent any extremist or anybody else from entering the center. 

The crowd of the protestors remained peaceful for sometimes but additional Sherriff’s Deputies were brought into the building. However, the journalists residing inside were brought outside through another exit because of the crowd’s size. 

What’s the indifference convey – “Count the Votes” and “Stop the count”?

The statements of Trump’s supporters didn’t match in two different places of Michigan and Arizona. If they were shouting, “count the votes” in Arizona then in Michigan they were chanting the completely opposite thing, yelling as “Stop the Count”. 

The whole crowd of Trump’s demonstrators said that it’s not the way of maintaining Elections integrity. They said, under state rules, Republicans, Democratic, and Non-partisan election challengers are each allowed to have 134 inside the room where ballots are counted. 

However, in ongoing elections, according to Trump supporters, there were not enough Republican Monitors in the ballot processing room. Contrary to it, some 400 challengers including about 134 Republicans were at the center. 

Wrapping up;

In the light of the above discussion and as a matter of fact, this all conveys that Trump’s supporters are not in any mood or willing to accept defeat. They are determined to win the President’s Seat and wanna see Trump President once again.



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