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Derrius Guice Released After Being Arrested On Domestic Violence

Washington’s NFL team is once again making rounds in the news. This time, it is due to running back Derius Guice who got arrested on Friday on the account of domestic violence charges. The Washington Football Team was quick to sever ties with the 23-year-old star after the allegations.

Loudoun County Sheriff Office’s spokesperson Kraig Troxell made a statement that Derius Guice surrendered himself on Friday evening after 5 pm. He was snapped being handcuffed in the parking facility before officials took him inside. He was released from custody on a $10000 bond after 7 pm and was seen driving away.

Guice faces three counts of assault, one count of strangulation and one count of destruction of property, considered a violation in Virginia. The charges came from three domestic-related incidents that happened at Guice’s home in Ashburn, Virginia, respectively on Feb 14, March 13, and April 27.

According to the department, the Police were made aware of assaults initially in Montgomery County, Maryland where the victims reside. The incident was later investigated in collaboration with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s office and made aware of the allegations on July 22.


The Washington NFL football team promptly released him from the team in less than two hours after the arrest, at around 5 pm.

The team released the statement on Twitter;

“On Thursday we learned of a potential domestic violence-related incident involving RB Derrius Guice. We immediately alerted the National Football League and have continued to work with them during this process. We subsequently met with Derrius to inform him that he was excused from all team activities pending a review of this matter. This afternoon we learned that there were multiple charges filed against Derrius. Upon review of the nature of these charges and following internal discussions, we have decided to release Derrius immediately.”

team released the statement

Guise’s arrest and release occurred three weeks after the report came out; in which 15 former female employers and 2 female reporters alleged that they were sexually harassed and verbally abused by high-ranking officials in the team.

The team fired two scouting executives following the report. The play-by-play broadcaster Larry Michael also announced his retirement; he was termed in the report. Head coach Ron Rivera made a statement that he is introducing a “revolutionized culture” within the team. He stated;

“We are hoping that people evaluate us in which direction we are and in which way we are going, not on what we have been. We will follow the policies and have an open-door policy with no penalty. My daughters work for the team, and I am sure as hell will not allow any type of misconduct.”

The team was in contact with the NFL throughout the investigation. Derrius Guice would ultimately face discipline under his personal conduct policy. The NFL generally suspends players for six games on domestic violence charges, but it seems like some penalties can be harsh, some can be lighter.


Attorney Peter Greenspun, from Greenspun Shapiro PC law; will fight the Guice’s case. When requested for a comment, he said his client adamantly denies the charges and will defend the charges in the court.

Greenspun officially announced the following statement following the turn of events;

On August 7, 2020, the Loudoun Province Sheriff’s Office acquired capture warrants for Derrius Guice. Shockingly, the specialists didn’t look for an announcement or any contribution from Derrius before the warrants were given. The inability to completely explore charges of occasions, which purportedly occurred months prior, is peculiar. In view of the affirmation of these unconfirmed charges, the Washington Football Crew delivered Derrius, additionally with no request concerning what did or didn’t happen.

Derrius has continued to work exceedingly hard to contribute to the Washington Football Team and was expected to be a top player this season, yet he was released without a single question as to what happened. Derrius will defend these charges in the court now, where a full vetting of the allegations will take place, in contrast to actions by local law enforcement and the Washington Football Team that assumed the worst, directly is contradicting every sense of fairness and due process.”



Darius Guice was selected by Washington in the second round of the 2018 NFL draft after he was dropped out of the first round on the questions of being immature and young. At that time, the team thought they hit a jackpot. But the player struggled throughout his career due to various injuries.

His accomplished career got disturbed when he sustained an anterior cruciate ligament injury of the left knee in the preseason and missed the entire 2018 season. Guice recovered and took part in 2019’s season opener at Philadelphia. He tore the meniscus in his right knee and was forced to miss the next eight games.

He returned again in November and played in a four-week-stretch that included rushing 10 times for 129 yards and two touchdowns in a 29-21 victory at Carolina. Darius Guice injured his medial collateral ligament in his left knee on December 8 and got out of the entire season as a safeguard.

Apart from a player, people were fascinated by his play and his twitter feed; on which he provided details about his comeback amid injuries and also offered his fans to play video games with him. Derrius Guice deleted his Instagram, and Twitter account after he was accused of domestic violence, reportedly on Friday.

Guice has also been in a troubled and hard Childhood, which includes the tragedy of his father, Derrick Keith Guice’s murder in 2013; who was shot to death in a restaurant after an argument with another man. Though he was destined to return to the game this year and appeared fit at Washington’s training camps, he was having clashes with the playing time.

Apart from  Adrian Peterson, who was signed by the team after Guice’s injury in 2018, Guice was also set to battle with newcomers Peyton Barber, J.D. McKissic, and Antonio Gibson as well as Bryce Love, who is a 2019 draft pick; he missed last season because of a torn ACL.

The story is still developing, and it is timid at this time how these allegations would affect Derrius Guice’s football career who predicted to have a breakout in the 2020 season.

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Lionel Messi decided to leave the football Club





Lionel Messi decided to leave the football Club

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is a worldwide famous international soccer player. He remained the captain and main player of Argentina’s national team and FC Barcelona. Messi made the best record to score in football matches and also won many awards individually for giving such an amazing performance in the world of soccer. 

Lionel Messi decided to leave the club

The Argentine star Lionel Messi tells Barcelona that he has decided to leave the club this summer. Lionel Messi has sent a letter to Barcelona informing the club that he wants to leave the team and will ultimately terminate his contract.

According to Catalin radio station RAC1, Lionel Messi told new coach Ronald Koeman that he sees his future away from the Camp Nou. Messi told new coach Ronald Koeman that he sees himself more likely to leave than stay at the Camp Nou.

According to Catalin Radio station

According to Catalin radio station RAC1. Lionel Messi, who interrupted his holidays to meet with Ronald Koeman, told the new coach that literally he is “more out of the club than in it. Lionel Messi, no doubt the greatest player.

In theory, the clause had to be activated before June 10,20 days before the end of the usual footballing year, but the unusual circumstances of the coronavirus-enforced pause in the season mean that he faiths to accomplish a canceling of his contact now during the deferred off-season.

The disagreement is that the essence of the division was for a decision to be finished in the few weeks following the end of a season and there are documents that are signed by Barcelona and by FIFA that express the belief that a season finishes when the match is played.

In the champions league, Messi has spent the days since Barcelona’s humiliation by Bayern Munich, quarter-finals a week ago.

Major threat after Messi decision to leave

A threat that was suggested that also made up the Argentine’s mind was that Messi will not receive any special treatment. Lionel Messi has reportedly spoken to Pep Guardiola over the prospect of joining Manchester United and has started negotiations with the Argentine’s agent.

It was revealed on Tuesday that Barca legend Messi, who has expanded his entire career at the Camp Nou, has told the club he wants to move on to meadows now. That has started the rumor on where his next destination will be and according to Spanish outlet radio Catalunya, Messi has already contracted former boss Guardiola about a move to the Etihad.

Messi and Guardiola won two Champions League trophies and the three La Liga titles in a period where the argentine forward became the best player in the world.

Earning of Messi, Approximation 

There are no more clubs who would give a satisfactory salary to Messi according to his standard. When Messi decided to leave his club, so many other club owners were in search of a way to make a contract with Messi. Landing Messi would be a dream of any president, coach, or fan. However, there are no clubs who could give Messi his salary according to his level.

According to reports

 According to a report published by L’Equipe a few months ago, Messi is the highest-paid player in the world, with a gross salary of $8.3 million per month. That amounts to a staggering $99.6 million a year – an undoubtedly exorbitant figure for any club, no matter how big the potential financial benefits of signing Messi could seem.


As agreed in the last contract signed by Messi, the conclusion clause for the Argentine international is set to $700 million – a figure that is practically unreachable for any club in the world. It must be remembered that the most expensive transfer in history was that of Neymar, for whom PSG paid Barcelona $222 million back in 2017.

However, the same contract signed by Messi also stipulated that he could leave Barcelona freely at the end of this season. Under stipulated, although he still has one season left on the contract (until June 2021), Messi would have the option of leaving Barcelona without his new club having to pay for his arrival.

However, in this case, Messi had to give information about his decision to leave the Club before June. But considering the typical season that has taken place due to the coronavirus pandemic, which ended just a few days ago, a legal dispute on this matter would be a certainty.

WHAT is the main reason, Messi decided to leave the show

There are many occasions in the past when Argentina has been frustrating over the performance of Lionel Messi in several matches. And all those incidents confirmed the news that they would not be able to compete in further matches in Europe. 

There have been several situations in the last year, including the humiliation of football players for not giving a good performance during many matches in January. The players do not trust that Barcelona directors are capable of taking the club forward.

Could he be back with the U-turn?

It seems very unlikely that Messi will change his mind after having taken such a long time to consider the decision. The fact that he has gone so far as sending a burpo to the club informing them that he wishes to leave the club while not continuing to remain in the club in another year.

It seems highly unlikely that his stance will change. The club will now fight tooth and nail to argue that this clause expired on June 10 and therefore can not be activated, but the player and his lawyers will argue that they have legal grounds.

 Messi expected to leave the house

It was known earlier that Messi has been deciding to leave the football club and the owners of the club have been in search of finding another better play to play for their football club. Journalist Marcelo Bechler claimed on Monday that he has decided to leave, which was followed by the conversion with Ronald Koeman where he said that he saw himself more out of Barcelona than in.

CAN HE leave the club with no Cost?

This is the big question and it could see a tug of war between the club and the player’s lawyers. which may finally end up in court. Messi’s argument is that the clause in his contract could be activated at the end of the season, which is a normal year would be on June 10, like it is started in the deal.

Due to this pandemic situation all around the world, Messi was not able to make time to confirm his decision of leaving the club properly. The players reported that the contract has already been signed to continue playing in the club until the final match occurred, which would make the original June 10 invalid. The club, however, argues that the June 10 still stands, and he is still legally under contract.


It is not sure that he will be going to resign after all this situation that has already created all around Messi. He has weathered many storms in his time in charge at the club and plans to fulfill the plans set out last week and guide the club until the presidential elections, which are scheduled for March.

Which club would be assumed to make deal with Messi

Lionel Messi has decided to leave Barcelona but what do you think would be the best place for Messi to Land on, to continue his career in football?

The announcement on Tuesday Night

On Tuesday night, an announcement was made to be in front of all people including Fans that Messi has decided to leave the club, Barcelona. The cost, of course, would be enormous – even if there is no transfer fee involved – but the rewards could also be huge. And all the other clubs are just here to see another mega news which would be unexpected in anyways. 

Messi obsessions 

Messi’s obsessed by winning the Champions League again,” Spanish football expert Graham Hunter told Sky Sports News, and that is an obsession shared by City and Guardiola. Messi has included another victory to his records since Guardiola left Barcelona in 2012.

It’s a title of success that they are both uncontrolled to retrieve – and they would get better opportunities for giving better performance together. After spending his major part of his career in Barcelona, would Messi actually decide to leave his club for real?

He wouldn’t be the only one who decided to leave the club – Luis Figo and Ronaldo Nazario are among the most high-profile – but it would be a great shock to make a deal and contract with his all-time rival team.

Reaction to Messi Resignation 

Lionel Messi has made such a huge disaster while spreading the news of his resignation from his own team, Barcelona. That also raises the question of which another club would afford him in this situation.

Since long ago, Messi has been the high scorer and achiever in the world of football clubs that have given a shock to four champion league titles, 10 La Liga titles, and six Copa del Rey trophies.

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Oskar Lindblom’s Return Helped Philadelphia Flyers Hold Off Their Elimination One More Time: Flyers Succeed In Maintaining Their Position In Game 7!





Oskar Lindblom’s Return Helped Philadelphia Flyers


Philadelphia Flyers, a professional ice hockey team was founded by Ed Snider, in 1967. Snider was a very successful and wealthy American businessman, who was the Comcast Spectacor’s chairman and also the owner and founder of Philadelphia Flyers. The head coach of the Flyers is Alain Vigneault, who’s behind all their brilliant performances. And the captaincy is in the hands of Claude Giroux 

The Flyers are located and based in Philadelphia and have been playing for the National Hockey team since 1967. They have seen many achievements in the entirety of their career including the Stanley Cup twice in 1973-74 and 1974-75, back to back. Due to their outstanding performances, they have been listed as the third-best ice hockey team of all time.

Flyers are considered as very strong opponents among the ice hockey community as they are one of the teams to be able to appear in the finale most times and also succeeded in winning a few of them. Also, because of this reason, they have a big number of fans following and they try the most to not let their fans down by their flawless performances.


Oskar Lindblom, 24, is an international ice hockey player who plays for Philadelphia Flyers as an ice hockey forward. Lindblom is of Swedish descent and was born on August 15, 1996, in Gavle, Sweden. Lindblom is a very outstanding player from the very beginning, who played in the junior leagues of Brynas IF, and later on, due to his promising performance, he earned a spot in the professional team, Swedish Hockey League, of Brynas IF.

After giving years to this field and becoming a trained player, he was selected by the Philadelphia Flyers on May 30, 2017, signing up a three-year contract. 

Lindblom Diagnosed With Bone Cancer- Ewing’s Sarcoma:

Sadly, this didn’t happen for long as Lindblom was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, bone cancer in December 2019, due to which he had to press pause on his ice hockey career to get his chemotherapy done. 

He got his treatment done at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia and got done with it on 2nd July 2020 and was given a three-year extension. He returned to compete in the recent match, on September 3, 2020.   


Lindblom’s return almost after a year proved to be a good sign for the Flyers. Having him back in the team boosted their morale ten times and they performed really well, along with Oskar who played the frontline after a long time. 

As he is one of the strongest players of the team, his performance helped the Flyers to stay in the competition one more time in game 7. Even after being diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma and fighting it for months, he stayed positive and came back with the same power and energy. He has scored a total of 30 goals and overall 27 assists in the 134 games he has played with the Philadelphia Flyers.


Oskar talks about his emotions of him being able to play after months of non-stop treatment and going through so much. In his recent statement, Lindblom said, ‘I’ve been through a lot in the past 6-7 months, and it is fair to say that this has been the toughest period of my life as I had to press pause on everything, my passion for ice hockey too. But I still managed to stay positive during this hard time, and probably this is the reason why I am back today’.

He further added ‘Though I had to say goodbye to ice hockey for some time I was positive that I was going to play again one day. What day and when? That I didn’t know myself but I was certain that it would happen one day. And sure enough, I got the opportunity to play with my team once again because today was the day I was waiting for’.  

Lindblom played his part in game 7 on 17:30 and managed to get a 5-4 double-overtime win because of his brilliant performance, and helped the Flyers get victory over the Islanders, on Saturday.


After Lindblom’s amazing performance in game 7, Flyers’ captain, Claude Giroux shows his gratitude for Oskar for being such a strong person and an amazing player as well. In an interview after the game, Giroux said ‘I have so much gratitude for this boy. He is the most strong person I’ve ever come across. I mean, after going through so much, he played like nothing even happened or changed’.

He further said ‘His performance in game 7 left me speechless. Even after a long break, he played so well and I feel immense respect for this brave boy’.


Alain talks about how he’s been in close contact with the medical staff and other assistant coaches to keep updating him about Lindblom’s health and whether he is physically fit to play or not, Vigneault said that he desperately wanted Lindblom back because the team’s performance was going down and down.

Moreover, he added ‘Due to our weak performance today, I was certain that two of my best players, Sean Couturier and Joel, were not going to play so my strategy at that point was to put another strong player, Lindblom, to the frontline. I told him how he has to play and how I will use him today’s game and he was very excited about it’. 

He also said that, although Lindblom hasn’t played in months, like for 271 days, he still performed way better than he expected him to. Lindblom said ‘I wanted to step in again, but coming back directly in a playoff was a little challenging for me because the main goal is to win in these games’.


Coach’s decision of putting Lindblom back in the team didn’t make the Flyers second guess his decision because they already had complete faith in their team play. As a token of respect, Philadelphia Flyers awarded Lindblom with a three-year, $9 million extension right after he was discharged from the hospital. They got to him a few weeks after he was done with his chemotherapy and was discharged.


Because of the strength, Lindblom showed in today’s game and also during the days of him fighting with cancer, the Flyers have a lot of respect for him. Team’s goalie, Carter Hart said ‘we are beyond proud of this man and we can’t put it into words how much respect we have for this strong boy. He is and always will be the strongest players of Flyers’. 

He further added ‘We are not just proud of him or respect him because of his performance in tonight’s game, but we are super proud of the strength and positivity he showed during his battle with cancer and how he fought it with such a big and brave heart. Seeing him back again gave us a lot of energy and hope and because of him being there, boosting up our morale and because of his performance, we won again’.

He also said that one of the team member’s said to him that ‘it feels like he was with them all along and never left and today he came back stronger than before even after going through so much and we are proud of him and thankful to him for coming back’. 


Due to Lindblom’s courageous journey and his dedication to his profession, National Hockey League (NHL) nominated him for the Masterton Trophy, which is like an annual award that is given every year to the player who sets up the example of best sportsmanship, tenacity, and their loyalty towards the ice hockey. The winner will be announced by the NHL this summer. 

Are you excited to see Oskar Lindblom in more games and for him to win the NHL Masterton Trophy? Stay put to watch him give his best performances in future games and to find out the winner of the Masterton Trophy.

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Zinedine Zidane; The elimination of Real Madrid against Manchester City was deserved





Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane, coach of Real Madrid was experiencing a mixie of joy and grief at the end of the match. Real Madrid had lost two matches against Manchester City and Zinedine Zidane said; “That exit was deserved” because “it has been two games and we lose both”. 

Zinedine Zidane wanted it to close ranks after the defeat of Real Madrid against Manchester City by 2-1 at the Etihad stadium. Real Madrid has admitted their defeat as it was in their fate. 

Raphael Varane led the match towards the exit!

The match faced two major failures by Raphael Varane in both of Manchester City’s goals. Regarding this, the coach had no doubt. 

Zidane uttered at the press conference that “I haven’t told him anything, I just told him to keep his head held high and nothing more because 95% of what the players did has been spectacular. It’s what I just all the players”.

Zinedine Zidane congratulated City at the press conference in a sub-critical way!

After the match ended, the trainer of Real Madrid ‘Zinedine Zidane’ attended a press conference and expressed his feelings as;

“When it loses, we cannot be happy, but it is essential to be proud of what have done. It is also needed to congratulate the opponent team (Manchester City). They have played very well and at all more. It doesn’t be that necessary to look for excuses, lost the two parties, the most important above all is that I am very proud of the team. We have done our best in the field but sometimes it doesn’t go out you. It is deserved for the city”. 

Zidane mourned over their performance “At the beginning, we had to go through a decline for about 20 minutes, afterward we conducted quite well. In the second part, we were good until the second goal”. 

Besides all the failure of the Madrids against City in the Champions League, Zinedine Zidane appreciated the good work of the team during the League, in which it won the LaLiga Santander and the Supercopa. Zidane stated “Our note has been very good, do not finish with a good result but the Temporada has been very good by everything throughout. It is necessary to be very happy about what did”. 

Through all game, the exit of the team was already determined in the first part of the game with the success in the pressure of the City’s team and the technical errors behind Real Madrid.  

Zidane was asked about his future in Real Madrid!

Zidane was asked about the continuity of his coaching in Real Madrid by next season but he was not dead sure about that. Zinedine Zidane, Madrid’s coach uttered that “We will consider it later on what to do ahead in the next season.

But now it is time to rest. I am here as the trainer of Madrid until something happens. It is not that necessary to think at all. I am Madrid’s coach. Even more, we will go back to be here”. 

The Quarter Final will be between City and Lyon! 

After surpassing the Real Madrid, the City’s team will encounter now Lyon in the quarter-final after the Ligue-1 side drew out a shocking upset against Juventus.

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