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Death Valley, California Hits 54.4 C, Setting A New Record For Hottest Temperature On The Planet





In the course of the historic ongoing heatwave; the temperature in Death Valley, California, surged to scorching 130 degrees on a Sunday Afternoon.

It might be the world record for the highest temperature ever being recorded in August. The recording is officially verified by the US national weather service.

If the readings are valid, it is possible that it could make up to the top three highest temperatures ever recorded on earth or maybe the highest. It comes due to the searing heatwave in the US’s west coast. The temperatures are predicted to rise more in the coming week. 

According to the National weather service, the temperature reached 130 degrees in Death Valley at 3:41 pm, on Sunday. The Weather Service tweeted that this recording would surpass the previous August records by 3 degrees.

Randy Cerveny, who is working in the World Meteorological Organization’s weather and climate extreme teams; stated in an email;

“Everything which I have seen so far shows that it is a reliable and valid reading. I am recommending that the World Meteorological Organization initially accepts this observation. We will be examining this observation in the upcoming weeks with the U.S. National Climate extremes Committee, and will use our best international evaluation teams.”


This temperature was recorded in Furnace Creek in Death Valley on Sunday. Death Valley, California, holds the record for the highest temperature ever recorded on the planet, about 134 degrees. This temperature was recorded on July 10, 1913. But the credibility of this observation was questionable. Christopher Burt, an extreme weather specialist, concluded in 2016 that such scorching temperature is not actually possible according to meteorological perspective.”

Previously, the highest temperature ever recorded on the planet which was regarded as valid was also on Death Valley in 2013, 129.2F (54C).

Some weather experts also consider 129-degree recordings in Death Valley, 2013, and in Kuwait and Pakistan, as the highest temperature being recorded on Earth. If we consider the above reading as reliable, then this Sunday’s Death Valley temperature would make the highest temperature ever.

That being stated, if Sunday’s 130-degree temperature reading is confirmed scientifically, it would be the most scorching temperature since 1913, and roughly third-highest since 1873.  

The only measurements which are not much reliable are 1913 Death Valley’s temperature of 134 degrees and a 131 degree reading from Kebiki, Tunisia on July 7, 1931, and some other readings which were recorded in the colonial era. But the Tunisia reading is not credible either according to Burt’s conclusion.


Death Valley is considered the driest, lowest and, the most tropical location in the United States. The temperature is recorded in Furnace Creek that is the place which is situated at 190 feet below the sea level at Mojave Desert, Southeastern California. It is infamous for its ferocious heatwave. In the previous month, the average temperature of 108.1 degrees at this place was regarded as the hottest one on Earth. In July, it rises to 120 degrees in 21 days.

Normally, such extreme records are set in July, which is the Northern Hemisphere’s hottest time. The intense temperature happened due to the scorching heatwave that has been surrounding the Western United States since the last week. It has been forecasted that it will continue in the upcoming week too.

On Friday, Oakland, Calf, the temperature was recorded as 100 degrees for the first time ever in August. In Phoenix, the temperature hits 117 degrees; it’s highest for the month.

The scorching heat gave way to fires that had broken up in recent days. The inferno in Northeastern California, between Redding and Reno, Nevada caused a surge of fire tornados. It looks like it will be the first-ever official warning of fire-tornados by the National Weather service.

Funnel appearing in thick plume of smoke from the Loyalton Fire is seen in Lassen County, California, U.S. August 15, 2020, in this image obtained from social media. Courtesy of Katelynn Hewlett/Social Media via REUTERS. ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. MANDATORY CREDIT KATELYNN HEWLETT. NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVES.

The firenado was seen in the area on Sunday

California’s Independent System Operator (CISO), which is responsible for managing the power of the area, declared a stage 3 Emergency means when demand for electricity surpasses the power supply.

The region’s power is dependent on Solar and wind energy, and people use air conditioners in this blazing heat. The grid station becomes overloaded and is at risk of developing a malfunction.  

The State’s three largest power utilities, Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric turned off the supply to more than 410000 homes and businesses for an hour until the emergency warning ended three and a half hours later.

The authorities are considering the scheduled load shedding to conserve energy and prevent the complete shutdown and grid station’s malfunction.

According to the scientists, the heatwave is taking a surge now because of human-induced climate change. A 2019 study revealed that Earth had entered a new climate era with exceptional heat waves, indicating Global warming is going at its worst.

The wildfire activity in West and Southwest is also impacted by the evolving climate. The fourth National Climate Assessment that was published in 2018 concluded that rapid climate change has already burned the areas more by wildfires because forests are dying out and there is more availability of wildlife fuel.

The report also warned that the areas burned by wildfire in the last ten years were twice as likely as if there would have been no disastrous climate change. This presents us with a picture of what the future would be like in this area.

The heat warnings and heat advisories cover about 50 million Americans and an area of 1700 miles from Southern California’s desert to beaches in Panama City, Florida. Temperatures may soar out over 120 in California and Arizona Desert and almost 110 in Texas. 


According to the officials, extreme heat is a time period of two to three days of intense heat and humidity, with the temperature soaring above 90F (32 C).

CDC, the organization for Disease Control and Prevention in America, said that heat waves killed more people than any other blazing weather event. 

The heatwave is putting a strain on Power grids and causing power blackouts. It can also damage planes and melt roads, the inside of cars can also overheat to a devastating level, and it can be the cause of many road accidents.

The extreme heatwave can also impact the fields, either by causing the vegetables to die out or by causing the increase in pathogens to damage the plant.

It also overburdened the health sector and other emergency services and put a huge strain on water and energy, causing power shortage and even it’s cut. People’s lives are affected in every way due to blistering temperature. 


A Heatwave can cause dehydration, heat exhaustion, and stroke. The elderly populations, people suffering from chronic diseases, and residing in hot areas are more prone to the effects of overheating. You can cope with the hot weather and can prevent many adverse effects if you keep the following points in your mind;

  • Always have an eye on people who look dehydrated or elder people who might be suffering from any chronic disease and people who live alone.
  • Keep your home cool so that you can avoid harsh climate effects.
  • Drop the curtains on windows that face the sun to prevent sunlight from coming indoor and it gets colder than outside.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and avoid alcohol.
  • Never leave anyone in a packed and closed vehicle whether it is an infant, children, or your pets.
  • Try to avoid going outside from 11 am to 3 pm.
  • Prevent exercise in the hottest times of the day.
  • If you have to go outside, walk in the shade, wear a hat, and apply sunscreen every time.
  • Always take a water bottle with you, in case you are traveling or even if going out for shopping.
  • Look out for the signs of heatstroke in the vulnerable population and get help accordingly.

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A White professor declares she has been hiding her Black identity for her entire professional career





A White professor declares she has been hiding her Black identity

What an intimate shock for everyone when it was revealed that Jessica A. Krug, for her entire career life, has portrayed herself as a black person. Jessica is an affiliated professor at George Washington College who has written about Africa, Latin America, the diaspora, and identification. She presented herself from Black and Latina heritage.

The Thursday article released on revealed the true identity of Jessica A. Krug, being a White and Jewish native. She wrote that she experienced her life living as a white Jewish child in suburban Kansas City.

Another main point by Jessica

Another point was cleared on the post made by Jessica that she had no right to claim these identities of Black and Latin heritage. Jessica being a White woman has made unjustness to the Black community and has demoralized the identities and cultures of the Black.

Jessica apologized for the appropriation of Black Caribbean identity and accepted that she was unethical, anti-Black, immoral, and colonial. She is very epitome of violence, of thievery, and appropriation that non-Black people continue to use for abusing the Black people.

A student is shocked by the revelation 

It was a piece of quite shocking news for a junior student studying international affairs at George Washington named Anmol Goraya. The former student, Anmol had Jessica as her introductory history class professor in the spring session of 2019. 

At that time, the student said that Jessica used to dress up in the leopard print with huge hoop earrings & classic heels for the class. Krug has always been Anmol’s one of the favorite professors because of her energetic and colorful style to live. Anmol said that she was always curious to know more and more about her.

Goraya also talked about Jessica

Goraya exclaimed that Jessica often marked the Blacks and sometimes shared the struggles of Black champions and indigenous artists. She also lectured on topics like the role of rice in the African diaspora and the Indigenous populations in Chile. Goraya was really inspired by the professor, but it all turns out to be a great lie.

Jessica told the class that she was proud to be a Bronx native. Her speech included lots of Spanish wordings as she would rather prefer to say “plátanos” than the “plantains.” It was always quite uncertain from where she actually belonged. One student told me that her family lived in the Dominican Republic, while another student told me that she was from Puerto Rico.

Krug would also say the N-word when it was in texts the class was reading, Goraya told CNN.

The university is investigating

Crystal Nosal, a spokesperson on behalf of George Washington University told CNN that the university is looking into circumstances that have formed up after Jessica’s posting. Moreover, the university cannot further discuss their staff’s personal information. CNN also tried to reach out to Jessica herself, but they didn’t have an immediate response.  

Jessica’s case took us back to a glimpse in 2015 where Rachel Dozel who taught Africana studies at Eastern Washington University and headed her local chapter of the NAACP. She is another White woman who passed her career as a Black woman.

Headline on twitter

It became headline news on twitter as people started talking about that White woman like Jessica taking away job opportunities from the black. Everyone on twitter is protesting that non-black people are doing unjustness to the Black community.

Organizer Leslie Mac wrote in her article that she can’t undo the harm at any cost, which was caused to the black community. Jessica kept hiding her identity and she was even rewarded for her efforts.  Leslie complained that her sole objective was to get attention and access by pretending as a Black Woman.

She referred to her ancestors in one piece 

According to her staff page on George Washington University’s website, it is clearly mentioned that Jessica A. Krug in 2012 received her Ph.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Jessica as a History Professor

Jessica is a history professor who takes a deep interest in ideas, cultural practices, and politics of Africa and the African Diaspora. Her main interest resides in Black transnational cultural studies and West Central Africa and maroon societies in the early modern period.

Jessica in her book Fugitive Modernities: Politics and Identity outside the State in Kisama, Angola, and the Americas, interrogated the political practices and discussions upon slavery and the violence of the slave trade in Angola. She began the book by referencing it to those who came before her, her grandparents, and her ancestors. The book is now placed as evidence that Jessica has always lied about her identity.

Jessica searched the communities of Brazil and Colombia for the use of seventeenth-century maroon (fugitive) and later ended the book by explaining the relationship between resistance, non-state politics, and colonial and post-colonial politics.

Book of Jessica named Fathers of No Nation

Another book of Jessica named Fathers of No Nation compares the relationship from the sixteenth century through the present about resistance leaders and the gendered politics of authority in the states of São Tomé, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica.

Most recently on August 27, she wrote Essence’s Magazine named that article with “On Puerto Rico, Blackness, and Being When Nations Aren’t Enough.” The piece has been removed from the Essence’s site since she revealed her identity.

Her areas of expertise include Africa, Latin America, African American History, Early Modern World, Imperialism, and Colonialism. Prof. Krug has also written on hip hop, politics, and gender in both Angola and New York City. She is deeply interested in studying intellectual histories who never wrote about the use of embodied knowledge for both research and teaching.

Classes taught:

  • HIST 1011: World History, 1500-Present
  • HIST 3501: Topics in African History
  • HIST 3510: African History to 1880
  • HIST 3520: Africans in the Making of the Atlantic World
  • The Caribbean on the Move: The Politics of Immigration and Popular Dance in the Caribbean and Its Diasporas
  • Africa and the African Diaspora: (Trans)Nationalism and the Politics of Modernity

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Portland Protest Shooting Death: Here’s What We Know





Portland protest shooting death

CNN reported – that few information and details have been skimmed out of the incident that took place in downtown Portland Saturday night.  A clash between the supporters of Donald Trump and the protestors against police resulted in a blood bathe. But the Portland Police has not disclosed any information yet about the victim who was killed in this incident.  

Police didn’t suspect anyone just after the shooting but they are inquiring anyone who has witnessed the incident or have any proof against it, soon contact them. 

Police Chief Chuck Lovell requested people not to draw out any conclusions about the incident without knowing the truth. 

What occurred in Portland, on Saturday night?

The protest was taking place against the racial injustice and police brutality since after the death of George Floyd in May. Even though there have been already 90 consecutive nights for them to protest. Whilst, the protest was ignited again the last weekend by the shooting of a person named Jacob Blake in Wisconsin. 

A “Trump 2020 Cruise Rally in Portland” started just before in nearby Clackamas, Oregon. In Clackamas, a large group of Trump supporters and cars gathered. 

Behind the Rally, cars made a long line of cars, motorcycles, and trucks and headed towards the route that appeared to include the downtown Portland area (according to the image on FB advertisement on the event). 

Portland Police knew about the Rally and struggled to keep the caravan away from the way of downtown to prevent any mishap. But one group of the vehicles was able to get into the “downtown core” as reported by Police Chief at a news conference on Sunday. 

What Happened in the Portland Shooting - The New York Times

There’s been news from Police on Twitter that there had been “some instances of violence between demonstrators and counterdemonstrators (on Saturday)”.  According to the New York Times’ videos, a fight broke out between the Trump supporters and the Protestors. 

Trumps’ supporters could be seen attacking the protestors from the trucks. A man riding in the black pickup holding a blue “Oregon for Trump” flag and an American flag could be seen firing a paintball gun at the protestors in the corner. Men in the black truck were seen releasing some type of spray on the protestors. 

Who was the victim then???

Patriot Prayer founder: Dead man in Portland was a supporter

The men who fell a victim to this violation and dispute was wearing a hat with the insignia of Patriot Prayer, a far-right group that has disputed with the protestors in the past, according to New York Times reporter Mike Baker. 

What did Trump say about the Victim?

Trump said about the dead man on twitter that “Rest in Peace”.   

What did one of the witnesses say?

Justin Dunlap, who witnessed the shooting and recorded some of the incidents on his Facebook live stream said, “He didn’t hear much lead up to it”. 

Dunlap informed CNN that “I heard like three seconds of yelling and saw a guy spray bear mace. The victim sprayed mace and launched it right into the other guy”. 

But CNN has not confirmed if the victim is the person who attempted to spray mace.   

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Storm Forecast: Tropical Storm Marco Made Landfall, While Tropical Storm Laura Is Predicted To Be The Strongest Hurricane After Hurricane Rita.





Storm Forecast; Tropical Storm Marco Made Landfall


Mississipi river had a landfall when the Tropical Storm Marco hit the area. Though the storm was very strong in the beginning, it is now losing the severity and intensity it had at the start. According to current weather forecasters, the storm is not dangerous any more as it is becoming weak with each passing day.

National Hurricane Center’s Update on Marco:

The National Hurricane Center, one of the biggest weather forecasting forums recently gave an update on the storm Marco, saying that the storm is losing its speed and intensity of the wind as it is moving towards Southern Louisiana and is no more a tropical storm. They also reported that Marco is not dangerous any more as it has lost its organization and wind speed. 


Meanwhile, storm Marco is losing its severity and intensity, Tropical Storm Laura is getting powerful with each passing day. According to the forecasters, this storm can turn into one of the biggest hurricanes ever, after Hurricane Rita, which happened in 2005, in the Gulf of Mexico and resulted in a lot of destruction and casualties.

Till now, Laura has attained about 35mph worth of wind speed which could be very destructive in so many ways. Laura’s nature is changing with each passing day like Storm Marco, the only difference is that Marco is losing its intensity and is becoming weaker with every day and is not dangerous anymore, while Tropical storm Laura is getting stronger and stronger every day.

It is predicted to create landfall in or near Southern Louisiana or at the East Texas Coastline. According to the weather forecast reporters, the storm could be of category two and would be one of the biggest hurricanes. It is suspected to hit these areas on Wednesday.


As Tropical Storm Laura continues to gain strength and travels towards the East Coastline, the NWS New Orleans alerts the residents all around the area to be ready for a very strong hurricane. And also that they should be prepared for the strongest storm to hit them.

They also reported that Marco has gotten weal while Laura is going to approach Gulf by the night and will become strong after that and will turn into a hurricane on Tuesday before reaching East Texas Coastline or Mississipi river on Wednesday. Meanwhile, many forecasts have alerted of landfall near the Florida panhandle.


In a recent interview, the Governor of Louisiana, Bel Edwards requested residents to be prepared and do as much as they can to stay safe in a day that is left because the next day a very strong hurricane is coming their way. He also alerted residents that they should expect the storm to bring heavy rain, coastal floods, and dangerous tornadoes along with it.

He further said that these instructions are not only for the people who live in that area but also for those who live outside or around that area. He is just doing his utmost to alert people of the climatic disaster beforehand.

Edwards’ Statement:

In his interview with WWNO, Edwards made a statement saying ‘I just want everyone to be prepared of the strongest storm that is coming their way and all of you should understand this critical situation and take advantage of the day you are left with to prepare for your safety’.


Storm Marco hit Louisiana’s Mississipi river around 6 p.m. with 40 mph wind speed and intensity while people were already fearing the Laura storm that is about to hit them. But it is now getting weaker, reported by NBC affiliate, WDSU.


New Orleans, NWS gave an update on the latest condition and situation of the storm Marco, in which they said that the storm is more likely to hit small towns with more intensity but when it will pass from there to make its way to the coast of Louisiana, it will lose its severity and intensity and intensity and will not be dangerous anymore.

They also reported that heavy resin is expected in the areas of the North-Central Gulf on Monday night so people should be prepared for any type of situation and should try to protect themselves.


Earlier today, the director of National Hurricane Center, Ken Graham told in a press briefing that Storm expected to become stronger after passing the waters of Gulf because it is suspected to pick power from the gulf water which will make it even stronger than before.

Furthermore, he said that Laura will bring flood in many areas of Louisiana, according to the new forecast, as Marco did in the previous week but it wasn’t on a large scale.

Most of the area of Florida panhandle, Georgia, and Southern Alabama is already drenched by the Marco. Storm Marco brought about 8-9 inches of rain in these areas and is expected to follow the same pattern on reaching Louisiana and Texas. While the Storm laura is expected to bring 4-8 inches of rain across the West-Central U.S. Gulf Coast, near the Texas and Louisiana border.


According to the latest forecast reports, Laura is entering Cuba and is about to hit the hottest waters of Cuba, which will make it more powerful. The storm already had 65 mph wind speed, and according to the findings, it will hit Texas and Louisiana as a hurricane of 110 mph.

Federal Forecasters’ Update:

Federal forecasters released a new update saying that storm Laura is suspected to be the strongest and show its true colors starting from Wednesday till Friday, and due to its powerful nature, it can result in flooding many areas as well as streams and rivers. The areas, Laura is expected to pass through include Florida keys, Cuba, Craig Key to Key West, Cayman Islands, and will spread to the west in the Dry Tortugas National Park.


According to all the reports released earlier on Sunday, Hurricane Center said that Marco is approaching and there is big a threat due to the heavy rainfall it can bring with it which will result in 2-4 inches of accumulations in areas of northeast and North-Central Gulf Coast, on Tuesday.

But later on, on Monday, the Hurricane Center rejected all the previous news about the storm Marco saying that it is becoming weak with every passing day and is not dangerous anymore. This news was a big relief for the residents who were in fear because they were told that Marco can bring 2-4 feet of the coastal flood, in Louisiana and Mississipi.

Another downside of this situation is that that country is already going through a pandemic, Coronavirus, so there are not enough resources and space to deal with another disastrous situation like this.


The Governor of Louisiana, Edwards spoke to the residents saying that ‘they are on their own for the first 72-hours, because this storm came right after the other one and they do not have enough helicopter and resources, for now, to rescue that much people so just try to help yourself and look out for others as much as you can until we arrange the stuff to rescue people. It would be of great help to you and us as well’.

These severe climate changes are predicted to be the result of an increasing number of hurricanes in the Atlantic and are creating more destruction every day.

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