Daisy Coleman: Star of Netflix ‘Audrie and Daisy’ Dead

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Daisy Coleman: Physically attacked victim

Daisy Coleman

Daisy Coleman was a survivor; assault survivor. Daisy Coleman was born on March 30, 1997. And she died at the age of 23 on August 04, 2020. 

Ms. Coleman was a true survivor. She shared her experience of being the rape victim in her documentary at the age of 14. She survived a strong victim after this rape incident happened to her. Daisy Coleman made a documentary on her rape incident that got published on Netflix in 2016 with the title of Audrie and Daisy.

According to her Mother

Ms. Coleman who was a strong assault victim has ended her own life, her mother claimed. She was being the rape victim when she was just 14 years of age. She passed all this incident with much power and strength. She made a documentary on her own life incident that is not an easy task to do. But she made it with no guilt and shame. 

Death of Ms. Colleman

Ms. Colleman died on August 04, 2020, was physically attacked when she was just 14, at the party in Maryville, Missouri in 2012. 

Attention on National Level

Daisy Coleman spoke so loud at the incident done to her at such a small age, that drew all the National attention to her incident. Firstly the FIR had been written against that teenage boy but then this case has been closed and no one gave much attention after this case being closed by higher authorities, that was nothing less than the injustice to daisy Coleman. 

Her mother reported

Ms. Coleman was found dead when her mother called the police to check on her. Her mother was in shock at the news of her death as she wrote on her Facebook status

She was my best friend and an amazing daughter, I thought I could live without her but I can not. I wish that I could draw all the pain that was given to her by the 17 years old boy, Mathew at the house party in 2012, when she was just 14. She was seen laying on the porch in just a t-shirt and sweatpants with such low temperatures. 

Barnett; Criminal of Daisy Coleman

Barnett was charged in the case, filed by Ms. Coleman but because of having some relations of Mathew with the political parties, the case was dropped and that FIR vanished completely. After that Barnett said sorry to all his misbehaving with Ms. Colleman. 

Ms. Coleman’s case arose all over the national assembly as the topic of major discussion, several rallies and laws also became a part of US constituent after her incident. 

Ms. Coleman and her family then moved out to Maryville after all these threats and harassment in school. 

Award-winning Documentary

When Ms. Coleman made a documentary on the incident done to her at such a small age, 14 years. She was featured in award-winning 2016 Netflix documentary Audrie and daisy, which gave the light on the topic of bullying faced by the teenagers. 

Co actress, Audrie

The other co-actress in this documentary named Audrie also took her own life after being assaulted by several boys at a small age also. 

Safebae Foundation

Ms. Coleman helped a lot with the safe base foundation which works to give help and support to these sexually assaulted girls all around. They also grieved on hearing the news of her death. They further claimed that she has been facing and overcoming all the dangers from these heartless people who attacked her physically and bullied her in such a rough way. She has been healing during all her life continuously and you all never even estimate her struggle to cope with everything she went through in her life at such a small age of 14 years. 


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You can also get in touch with the US National Suicide Prevention lifeline by calling on 1-800-273-TALK(8255)  or you can send text TALK to 741741. 

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