Cissie Graham Lynch, appreciated Trump as trump always give importance to have faith in religion

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Cissie Graham Lynch

Cissie Graham Lynch who is the daughter of Franklin Graham and granddaughter of Billy Graham. Cissie has become a very strong and popular woman of the British Government as she has raised in a very supportive family throughout her life.

Cissie has two main personalities who are working currently in the ministries of the British government in her family. Cissie has also served in two major organizations of the British government and she is currently working as a communication advisor in the government.

Cissie is a famous personality who has traveled all around the globe while working to take initiative for the laws of children, women, and other minorities. Her main mission is to speak boldly for all the matters of life including everything related to life

Cissie Graham Lynch appreciated Trump

Cissie as a speaker in National Prayer Service

In 2017, Cissie Graham Lynch remained a speaker in national Prayer Service and also works for the Executive Evangelical Advisory Board of president trump’s Faith Advisory Council. She once said that the main lesson she has learned in her life from his father.

And grandfather is never to compromise on your beliefs and she always remained very determined to provide people several ways so that the people can live their tough phase of life in such a peaceful way. 

Cissie worked in Podcast

Cissie has also worked in the Podcast which is produced by her grandfather named Billy Graham in which she also discussed several major topics related to the main issues of life according to the teachings of the bible in such a great way. She also shares her personal life issues so that people can take several lessons from her life to solve their own issues. 

Cissie gave Speech in Republic National Convention 2020

Last night, Cissie Graham Lynch spoke in the Republic National convention 2020. She spoke everything in favor of President Trump. She said:

As an American, according to the first amendment, this is our right to take our freedom of Religion on first place but sometimes we forget the exact words related to this amendment that is the freedom of religion which is the free exercise of the religion.

This means to live our life according to ourselves even we are in our schools or at jobs or wherever you are. And our founders always take care of these rights while speaking boldly about the freedom of the religion, they never remained silent when talking about this freedom to religion. 

Cissie further said

She further stated that during the administration and government of Obama, our amendment, freedom to religion was under distortion but now in the administration of Our President, everything is in a stable situation and Donald Trump was a very strong advocate for the faith of people during his administration.

But the time came when we elected Donald Trump as a president of America who always put the first amendment in the first place. Trump assigned those judges who are also the main supporters of the first amendment, freedom of religion for all the people in the courts also. He also confirmed that he would never violate the rights of people and never made policies that put our young girls in danger. 

Trump as the first person who talked about the freedom of religion

She also stated that President Donald Trump is the first person who talked about the freedom of religion in front of the United Nations. 

Cissie repeated the words of Grandfather

She repeated the words of her grandfather named Billy Graham and said that we should stand for the political freedom, moral freedom, religious freedom, and all the other rights of Americans and put this thing at risk. 

Tweet of Cissie Graham Lynch

Graham Lynch also tweeted about the speech she gave in Republic National Convention on Tuesday. She said that she is very grateful and thankful to the administration of President Donald Trump that has been standing and working on the freedom of religion throughout his government.

She said I am honored that I am giving a speech in Religion National convention 2020 and get a chance to Thank our President Donald Trump for always giving rights to the people of America.



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