Chicken Wings Shipped in China from Brazil Tests Positive for COVID-19

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Recently, frozen chicken wings that were prepared in Brazil, the very well organized country in South America, were sent to China, the Chinese love to eat the chicken wings, made up in Brazil. But this time when Brazil imported the chicken wings to china as Chinese love to eat chicken wings, were first tested as china is very frightened till now because of all these virus things, they did not take any risk to eat anything coming from another place.

Import food from Brazil to China

So when the frozen chicken wings were shipped into China from Brazil, they tested the piece of that frozen chicken wing surface and they came to the conclusion that these frozen chicken wings were tested positive for the coronavirus. It is all said by the local authorities of China on Thursday. That frozen chicken wings are included in one of the most latest foods that is imported to China from Brazil, the country of South America. 

The outer packaging of frozen shrimp is also tested positive 

In addition to the surface of that frozen chicken wings, that was tested positive for the coronavirus, the outer packaging of that frozen Ecuadorian shrimp sold in Xian that was shipped into the Shenzhen, also resulted in positive when the test of coronavirus was done. It was all said and reportedly by the Reuters, the local authorities on Thursday.

Traces of coronavirus confirmed on Wednesday 

While on Wednesday, there were also traces of coronavirus on the outer covering or packaging of the frozen shrimp in Anhui Province. That shrimp also came from Ecuador, also the country of South America. 

Reporting of CDCs

CDCs reported that there is no confirmation that the outer covering or packaging has the traces of coronavirus, or present the cause of coronavirus on that packaging as China is now very doing very actively the screening, especially the imported food from the other countries to China. 

Transmission of CoronaVirus

CDCs also says that the germs of coronavirus are also transmitted from person to person via the respiratory droplets, CDCs further says that coronavirus is thought to spread by touching, handling the metal surface and also the packaging of that food either imported from some other country having the germs of that coronavirus and then touching his own mouth, cheeks or even eyes. 

But the thought of food having the traces of coronavirus is considered very random because the virus is not able to grow on the food but bacteria have some abilities to start growing on the food material. While the virus needs a living host such as a person to start proper growth. Therefore there are very few chances to have the germs of coronavirus on either the surface of the food or on the packaging of that food. 

CDCs recommendations 

The CDC strictly gives the order to all people out there, to wash their hands thoroughly with the soups or with the sanitizers to stop the spreading and growth of further coronavirus that transmit from hands to the mouth or inside the body making our body the living host when the virus can grow continuously, before eating and cooking the food at any time. 

Reuters Reported

Now, all meet and see food coming to the chine is being screened to make sure that food is all clean from that coronavirus. Back in June, the Chinese government strictly stopped all the imports of any kind of food coming from Brazil, so that the chine would remain safe from that harmful virus. 

For safety measures

 For the precautionary measures, all the food present in the Shenzhen was first traced and screened. So that the food remains safe from all the germs of that coronavirus. As this coronavirus already took many lives with it and now, no one is ready to take the risk for this. Therefore everyone in China is showing great concern to remain safe from the coronavirus. All the results in Shenzhen were negative, according to Reuters. 

Tests and screening are also being done for the people who might have come in contact with the contaminated and infected shrimps, as well as in the local surrounding and markets of Xian.



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