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Chester Bennington was a known American singer. And musician, songwriter, and actor. Chester Bennington’s net worth of $30 million when he committed suicide in 2017. He gains fame as the best vocalist and also the songwriter of acclaimed rock band Linkin Park.   



Chester Bennington was born in Pheonix, Arizona, on March 20, 1976. His father was a detective in the police department and her mother worked as a nurse. His interest in music started when he was just a child, he took the bands Depeche Mode and Stone Temple Pilots as music inspiration. Bennington suffered sexual abuse from a male friend when he was seven years old and lasted for years.

His parents separated their ways when was eleven years old, his father was granted his custody. The physical abuse and agony of their parents’ divorce had a huge impact on him. He started to write down his feelings in poetry and songs. During high school,  he was bullied a lot and started to use drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and heroin, etc. When he was in his mid-teens, he moved in with his mother who gets to know about his drug consumption habit.


Bennington initiated his career by singing a song with the band called Sean Dowdell. He and his friends released a three-track cassette in 1993. Then Dowdell and Bennington decided to have their band and named it Grey Daze. Grey Daze released two albums in that decade, “Wake Me” (1994) and “No Sun Today” (1997). He left the band in 1998, he was losing interest then and even at one point decided to leave the music industry behind. But his real music was waiting for him when he was approached by Jeff Blue ( vice president at Zomba music) in Los Angeles.

He wanted to give him the chance to audition with other members of Linkin Park. Bennington seized the opportunity and moved with his family to California. His audition was although successful but the band did not get huge fame. When Jeff Blue moved to Warner Bros, he takes the initiative to sign the band with Warner Bros. Records. The audition to join the band was successful, but the band struggled to find a record deal. 

The band “Linkin Park” then released their debut album “ Hybrid Theory” on October 24, 2000. Bennington also wrote the lyrics with the brand’s vocalist. The album got immense popularity and got into the diamond category by RIAA in 2005. Their second and third album in 2003 and 2007 also get appraisal and popularity. Both the albums secured the number one spot on Billboard 200 album chart. Their other albums like “A Thousand Suns” in 2010, “Living Things” in 2012, “The Hunting Party” in 2014, and “One More Light” in 2017


Highest-selling musical groups

Linkin Park was able to sell more than 70 million albums all around the globe and one of the highest-selling musical groups of the 2000s. 

Some of the awards the band got were two Grammy awards, six American Music Awards, and four MTV Video Music Awards. When Bennington left this world, the band went quiet till April 2020 when they announced the work on a new music album. 

Apart from his career with Linkin Park, he was involved in other projects like the creation of his band “Dead by Sunrise” in 2005. His band released their album in May 2008 in Tempe, Arizona, and released their debut album on October 13, 2009. Bennington performed with Stone Temple Pilots, his childhood favorites.

When Scott Weiland left the band, Bennington replaces him in May 2013. Bennington Worked as lead vocalist in the song “Out of Time”, released on May 19, 2013. As he was committed with Linkin Park, Chester had to leave Stone Temple Pilots in 2015. 



Bennington got married to Samantha Marie Olit in 1996. Their relationship was not great earlier and ultimately got separated in 2005. He later married Playboy model Talinda Ann Bentley in 2006. Bennington and Bentley suffered harassment by a stalker for over a year until he was found and sentenced to two years in prison. Bennington was involved in drugs since his teen years, he announced to quit drinking in 2011. He was going through rough mental health particularly while working for Linkin Park’s album “Meteora”. He inflicted self-harm by cutting his wrist many times during music shows. 


Apart from their passion for music, he was also a tattoo lover and promoted Club Tattoo, a tattoo parlor in Tempe Arizona. That tattoo parlor was owned by his musical collaborator and friend since his high school, Sean Dowdell. He was also interested in sports teams like Arizona Cardinals (NFL), Pheonix Suns (NBA), Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB), and Arizona Coyotes (NHL).

Unfortunately, he committed suicide on July 20, 2017, at just the age of 41. Bennington hung himself at a private house in Palos Verdes Estates in Los Angeles. He had six children at that time, the court gives a verdict as the case was filed by the surviving wife and announces Charles Bennington net worth to be $8.1 million. In that sum, $5 million was estimated to be from his investments in the stock market, bank account, and other assets.



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